Open Borders France: 12-Year-Old Sexually Assaulted, Tortured, and Murdered by Algerian, Illegals Commit Half the Country's Crimes (Videos)

” Murders almost as gruesome as Lola’s — most of which are committed by illegal immigrants — are committed nearly every day.”

October 15. The corpse of a 12-year-old girl hidden in a big plastic box is discovered on a sidewalk in the eastern part of Paris. The victim’s name was Lola. She was the daughter of the caretakers of the building where the murder took place.

Witnesses, fingerprints, and images from surveillance cameras quickly lead police to arrest a woman. She confessed but said she had absolutely no remorse. The details she gave, confirmed by the autopsy, are that she gagged Lola with tape, undressed her, tied her to a chair, raped her with objects, partially cut her throat, put the blood in a bottle and drank it, smoked a cigarette, then finished slitting Lola’s throat and beheaded her. The woman stabbed the corpse multiple times before placing it in a plastic box, and took it down to the street.

The woman, a 24-year-old Algerian named Dahbia B., came to France on a student visa but did not leave after it expired in 2018. She had already been arrested by the police this August, ordered to leave France — and then released. She should not have been in France in the first place. Had she been deported, and if the French police and department of justice had done their job, Lola would still be with us.

“The suspect in this barbaric act should not have been on our territory,” said Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Rally Party. “Too many crimes and offenses are committed by illegal immigrants whom we have not been willing or able to send back home.”

“When will we defend our children against attacks committed by the same people, always at the expense of the same people,” asked former journalist Éric Zemmour, president of the Reconquest Party.

“When will we defend our children against attacks committed by the same people, always at the expense of the same people,” asked former journalist Éric Zemmour, president of the Reconquest Party.

“This criminal immigration laxity revolts me,” said Eric Ciotti, one of the leaders of the Republicans Party.

Instead of acknowledging flaws in police procedures and promising to improve security, the French government offered Lola’s parents condolences.

President Emmanuel Macron waited two days to receive the victim’s parents briefly. He did not say a word in public. No political decisions regarding illegal immigration and its links to increased crime in France were announced, no political decisions will be taken.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne told the political leaders that they had shown no respect for the pain of the victim’s family. She accused them of “indecency” and asked them to be quiet.

“Using a 12-year-old kid’s coffin like a stepping stool to indulge in diatribes is shameful,” Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti added.

A lawyer, Gilles-William Goldnadel, suggested that the government preferred silence so that no one would talk about how extremely lax its immigration policy is, as well as the consequences. It was indispensable to face the situation urgently without looking away, he said.

The borders between France and other European countries are open and, like all the borders of Europe, porous. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants enter Europe illegally each year. Many head for France and stay there. They have been benefiting, since 2000, from financial aid and free medical care to which even poor French citizens do not have access. If they are arrested, like Lola’s murderer, they are ordered to leave the country, but are not placed in a detention center so the order, never enforced, is not an order at all. In 2020, 107,500 orders to leave France were issued; fewer than 7% took place.

Illegal immigrants in France are the perpetrators of nearly half of crimes committed in the country, according to the recently published L’ordre nécessaire (“The Necessary Order”), by Didier Lallement, former chief of the Paris Police. Approximately 48% of all crimes committed in Paris in 2021, he notes, were committed by illegal immigrants. Murders almost as gruesome as Lola’s — most of which are committed by illegal immigrants — are committed nearly every day. No one even mentions them. The victims often have their throats slit. When the mainstream media report on the murders, they do not talk about slit throats. They say the victim was “stabbed in the neck.”

The French now live in a climate of generalized violence. Maurice Berger, a psychiatrist, speaks of “gratuitous violence“: violence for no other reason than the pleasure of committing it. He reports that in France, gratuitous violence resulting in injury or death happens, on average, every two minutes. France reports more than two hundred rapes a day. Berger, in Sur la violence gratuite en France (“On Gratuitous Violence in France”), notes that usually, the assaults have a racist dimension: the victims are always white people, the aggressors are almost always Arabs or Africans — details omitted by the commentators. Polls show that the French population are seeing violence rising sharply: 68% of French people say they feel their lives are increasingly insecure, and 75% say that the record of Macron and the government fighting crime is poor. 70% believe that illegal immigration is a serious problem. Nevertheless, in May 2022, a majority of voters re-elected Macron and rejected candidates who promised to fight crime and illegal immigration.


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Amy Mek

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