Open Borders Politician and Wife Attacked, Tied Up, and Beaten by Refugees (Video)

The horrific incident is fraught with irony since the victims are well-known refugee activists who slammed conservative leaders opposing mass illegal migration.

An elderly retired French businessman-politician, Bernard Tapie, and his wife, Dominique, were brutally beaten, tied up, and robbed in their home by four refugees.

The horrific incident is fraught with irony since the victims are well-known refugee activists who slammed conservative leaders opposing mass illegal migration.

Open borders French President Emmanuel Macron called Tapie, who is seriously ill with cancer, to offer his condolences and promise him a full investigation.

Watch the following short news report:

The following article is by JournalistenWatch:

Ex-Adidas Manager Attacked and Beaten up by his “Favorite People”?

“Four hooded “men” have attacked and beaten up former Adidas manager Bernard Tapie and his wife in their home. The four alleged perpetrators are said to be three Africans and one North African, police sources said. Piquant, because Tapie is an outspoken “refugee friend”.

The 78-year-old French ex-minister and entrepreneur had in the past always positioned himself on the side of the “refugees welcome” crowd. Pointing out that he had always been on the side of migrants did little to help him in the situation: “ You, those days are over!” was reportedly the curt response of his attackers, according to Free West Media. They had entered the couple’s bedroom through a window and not only tied up their victims with electric cables but also beat them with a baton before robbing them. Bernard Tapie and his 70-year-old wife Dominique, who had also been dragged through the house by her hair and punched several times in the face, suffered bruises and contusions, especially in the head area.

The brutal act in the former mill in Combs-la-Ville near Fontainebleau on the night of Easter Sunday shocked all of France. President Emmanuel Macron himself picked up the phone to express his condolences to Tapie, who is seriously ill with cancer, and to promise him a full investigation. Tapie’s son Stéphane described the attack on his elderly parents on BFM-TV, saying that footage from surveillance cameras showing the perpetrators should help in the investigation.

From the side of the hated “right,” Jean Messiha, an Egyptian-born French economist and former senior official in the Ministry of Defense, spoke out. He is a member of the Marine Le Pen-led Rassemblement National and heads the newly-formed right-wing think tank the Apollo Institute. He tweeted:

“The same Bernard Tapie who once accused Jean-Marie Le Pen of lying about the link between declining security and rising migration has today been caught up with reality, adding a dry “Get well soon!” afterward.

Jean Messiha has faced a fierce backlash for his tweet. The left-wing Twitter bubble accused him of sweepingly denigrating other immigrants, even though he is an immigrant himself. So far, however, the 50-year-old has refused to apologize for his comment.”

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