Open Borders Sweden: Two Iraqis Arrested for Kidnapping and Raping Three Teenage Girls

The repeat offenders were arrested after one of the girls managed to escape and raise the alarm.

Two Iraqi men were detained on Monday on probable cause, suspected of kidnapping and aggravated rape. The Muslims held three teenage girls captive in an apartment in Falkenberg on the night between Thursday and Friday last week. The repeat offenders were arrested after one of the girls managed to escape and raise the alarm. One of the girls is reportedly 15-year-olds, and the other two are 16-year-olds, reports Swedish news site Samnytt.

The two Islamic migrants arrested were 30-year-old Zayar Kamaran Mahmod and 29-year-old Sarmad Hazim Barto Blasini. As in most migrant crimes, both were already known to the police. Both men also needed an interpreter appointed to them by the court.

Marries to Sweden

Zayar Kamaran Mahmod came to Sweden from Kirkuk in Iraq during the migrant crisis in 2015, together with his then-wife.

He started committing crimes almost immediately and has since been convicted of theft, illegal driving, violent resistance, and minor drug offenses. He was also sentenced to prison for abusing his ex-wife. Mahmod appears to have nineteen charges in the police register.

Today, Mahmod is divorced, and his ex-wife and their two common children have personal data protected today.

Sarmad Hazim Barto Blasini came to Sweden from Ninava in Iraq in 2012 after he married an 18-year-old woman in Sweden who also originally came from Iraq. After several applications, he was granted a permanent residence permit in 2017.

Blasini is now divorced from the woman he married in 2012 and remarried to another woman who still lives in his home country. He appears in two sections in the police charge register. Both cases concern minor drug offenses. In 2018, he applied for Swedish citizenship but was denied.

Rapes teenage girls

Sometime from Thursday last week until Friday, the two men allegedly kept three teenage girls locked in an apartment on Strandvägen in Falkenberg.

In the apartment, at least one of the girls is brutally raped. One of them inexplicably manages to get out of the house and raises the alarm. The men were arrested on Friday in a major police operation.

The state has been tight-lipped about how the girls ended up in the apartment and the possible relationship between them and the men.

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