Opinion: Evidence Vindicates Police of Murder in George Floyd Case

Opinion: Evidence Vindicates Police of Murder in George Floyd Case

  • Posted by Renee Nal
  • On September 13, 2020
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Any person of good will who watched the infamous video of Officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd’s neck cringed and rightfully so. But as in virtually all cases of police-involved arrests where the accused does not follow officer orders, there is a context to the video hidden from Americans. In the case of George Floyd, there is much more to the story.

It is already known George Floyd likely died from a drug overdose. The autopsy report reveals that as cringe-worthy as it was to watch the kneeling officer, there were “[N]o injuries of anterior muscles of neck or laryngeal structures” found during the postmortem examination.

Additionally, key court documents reveal that just last year in May 2019, Mr. Floyd swallowed drugs “in an attempt to avoid arrest.” In the arrest last year, George Floyd was transferred to Hennepin County Medical Center for “accidental drug ingestion.” During his hospital stay, George Floyd revealed that he “snorts oxycodone daily”.

George Floyd told police officers he could not breathe while he was standing before he was pinned to the ground, as noted in this excellent compilation of Floyd documents at Information Liberation.

During last year’s arrest, Mr. Floyd swallowed the drugs, then “engaged in diversionary behavior such as crying and acted irrationally.” With this in mind, watch the May 25, 2020 raw footage of the arrest of George Floyd from the body cams of since-fired Minneapolis police officers Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng, where Floyd acts exactly as described in the arrest from the year prior:

Since-fired Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin “leaves the Family Justice Center in Minneapolis following the George Floyd pretrial hearing”:

As with the cases of Trayvon Martin, Ahmaud Arbery, Robert Fuller, Michael Brown, Rayshard Brooks and others, the irresponsible, agenda driven media is happy to run with a narrative that suits their purposes before the facts are known.

Read more about the riots that took place in George Floyd’s name:

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