Opinion: Michigan School Shooting Parents Charged Because They Are Trump Supporters

There should be one question regarding Ethan Crumbley’s parents: Did they commit a crime?

Ethan Crumbley, 15, is in custody for a high school shooting that claimed the lives of four people. Ethan’s parents James and Jennifer Crumbley are in custody for supporting President Donald Trump and the Second Amendment.

This past week, Ethan Crumbley was charged with murdering Madisyn Baldwin, 17; Justin Shilling, 17; Hana St. Juliana, 14; and Tate Myre, 16 at Oxford High School in Oakland County, Michigan. Seven other innocent souls, including a teacher, were injured in the horrific attack.

Instead of mourning with the families and the communities touched by this senseless crime, the left has lost their collective minds – making this about gun control and working very hard to make an example of the parents, whose support of the former president has been repeated ad nauseum on social media as evidence of criminal intent.

This author asserts that the charges against the parents are political, as all but admitted by the highly partisan Oakland County prosecutor Karen D. McDonald. The progressive prosecutor was endorsed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, and ran for office on “ending cash bail and no longer prosecuting marijuana possession.”

Bizarre Terrorism Charge

The teenager was taken into custody. He was charged as an adult with four counts of first-degree murder, seven counts of assault with intent to murder, 12 counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and – oddly – 1 count of terrorism causing death.

In justifying the bizarre terrorism charge (see Michigan definition of Terrorism), Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald cited “a lot of digital evidence in the case — video and things on social media” and said in part:

But you probably don’t even need to see that to know how terrifying it is to be in close proximity of another student shooting and killing fellow students. I mean, it’s terror.

With that rationale, wouldn’t all violent crime be a terror attack?

Predictable Focus on Gun Control

The massacre took place in a gun free zone, and Ethan Crumbley broke numerous laws – like murdering people, for example. But Governor Whitmer came out immediately calling for gun control.

Unprecedented Manhunt

The Michigan school shooter’s parents James and Jennifer Crumbley were hunted by local police, United States Marshals, border patrol helicopters and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after McDonald charged them with involuntary manslaughter.

It has been widely reported that the Crumbleys purchased the weapon used by Ethan Crumbley days before the massacre. It was also reported that Ethan exhibited behavior that prompted the school to contact his parents, who arrived at school to discuss their son, but did not take their child out of school.

It is not known what was said during the school meeting. If the school believed that Ethan Crumbley posed an imminent threat, did they tell that to the parents? If the school really believed that Ethan Crumbley posed an imminent threat, why did they allow him to go back to class?

Once an alert went to parents about a possible active shooter, Ethan’s dad James Crumbley went home to see if his gun was in his bedroom drawer. It wasn’t. He called 911. Ethan’s mother Jennifer texted Ethan: “Ethan, don’t do it.”

See comments on charging the parents by Alan Dershowitz on Newsmax:

“I want to be really clear that these charges are intended to hold individuals who contributed to this tragedy accountable and also send a message that gun owners have a responsibility,” Karen McDonald said.

Attorney General Dana Nessel, who famously sparred with President Trump about the 2020 election, tweeted her support of the charges:

“We need to do better in this country. We need to say enough is enough, for our kids, our teachers, parents and all of us in this community and the communities across this nation,” McDonald said, as if this horrific crime somehow reflects on society at large rather then the perpetrator.

McDonald’s comments bring to mind an important quote by the late President Ronald Reagan:

We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.

A warrant was issued for the parents and the U.S. Marshals issued “Wanted” posters and offered rewards of up to $10,000 for information leading to their arrest. This, despite the fact that their attorney called a detective and said they would turn themselves in, as was revealed during Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard’s press conference.

At the time, attorneys Shannon Smith and Mariell Lehman said “despite reports, the couple is not on the run and will be returning to the area to be arraigned.” But the dog and pony show was already underway and the mob cannot be ignored.

“As you know, we activated a manhunt when charges were issued to locate them immediately,” the Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said on Saturday. The sheriff continued to say that even though the attorney for the couple stated that they would be turning themselves in, the manhunt was activated anyway.

When we were informed we had an active warrant for them, there was some communication that came in from one of our detectives that said that they were going to arrange for their arrest and turn themselves in and you know that’s fine – we don’t wait for that. When we have serious charges like felonies, you can turn yourself in, you can go to court, you can come to any one of our substations, but we’re gonna go look for you immediately. So we triggered – once the warrant was in hand – a full activation of looking for them because there’s a lot more tools at our disposal once we have a warrant.”

Watch the Sheriff discuss the “manhunt” for James and Jennifer Crumbley:

MAGA Parents

It is clear that the left is most certainly making an example of the parents. In the wake of the massacre, the vile behavior began.

The Daily Beast attacked the parents immediately as Trump supporters who support the Second Amendment. Left wing loon Keith Olbermann used the article to smear Barstool Sports, who posted a tribute to Tate Myre, who was killed as he fought to save his own classmates.

The left is out for blood.

There should be one question regarding the parents: Did they commit a crime? Citizens should be asking the question: If justice was truly blind, would these parents be in custody?

It is this author’s opinion that if James and Jennifer Crumbley supported Joe Biden, or Black Lives Matter, or Socialism, or Antifa, they would not be in prison today. Oakland County prosecutor Karen D. McDonald is playing to her base.

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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • So, when are the prosecutors going after all the black kids’ parents? Black kids do mass killings and the prosecutors don’t go after their parents. The no bail laws let criminals out on the street to kill again; are we going to start making “prosecutors” responsible for maniacs they put out on the street?

  • Where in the 2A does it state a 15yo can’t own a gun?

    Mind you, if you disagree, go read SCOTUS Marburry vs Madison decision before replying.

    • Various State Laws govern who may legally buy a gun and age does make a difference. Most State rules say a person must 21 other’s indicate 18 the Constitutional amendment is silent on the subject because it deals with the Right for anyone to own a firearm…but State law is the Governing Factor as to age note: (Drivers License, Buying Liquor and Voting) all have age requirement’s….Conversely, Registering for the Draft at 18 1/2 required……State Laws do not prohibit owning a gun they do restrict as to the age of the Buyer….Back in the Day in Missouri, I was given a .22 single shot rifle at 15 yrs. old and was taught….”Open the bolt and put the cartridge in here, close the bolt and aim then pull the trigger….Bang” (actually a “Crack”) I was taught in more detail how to shoot in the Army a few years later !!!!!

  • And the black guy who ran all of those people down with his SUV, why aren’t the alt-far-left going after his parents?!

  • What the left is attempting to do here is redefine the standards upon which crime is prosecuted. Specifically, what they are trying to do is set a legal precident to re-label crimes committed with guns as terrorism so the anti-terrorism apparatus put in place to “safeguard” US citizens is turned around and used against us. By re-labelling weapons ownership, lawful use or weapons advocacy as terrorism – the Patriot Act removes all due process Americans are guaranteed under the Constitution and Bill of rights.

  • The shooter’s parents were charged because they were irresponsible with the storage of the weapon and negligent with it’s use. They knew the kid was being bullied, so in order to boost his self esteem they “bought” him the weapon. They probably didn’t expect him to immediately exact revenge.

  • Sorry, I disagree. Michigan resident here, who has had a troubled child. What these people did in buying a pistol for their known to be troubled child, and then laughing it off when he went to buy ammo is incomprehensible to me. When our child – now fine and a productive member of society – was going through that very bad period we got rid of all the guns and locked up the knives. Yes it was bad, and you have to protect yourself and society against what they can do. From my viewpoint, these people are stupid. Should they be charged? Show me the law.

    Be careful whom you vote for, and be sure to get out and vote every single time. If you don’t like the results, get involved in politics at the local level. Don’t just sit on your hands and complain, DO SOMETHING!

    Please stop deflecting to how others are treated by the media and now law enforcement. We already know that the law is not dealt out fairly to all, the elites and their cronies are teflon. Still, doesn’t make it either right or excusable.

  • In this case the parents KNEW their kid was nuts.

    They’re culpable. They put the firearm in the kids hands as a gift. Insane


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