Ottawa School Board Endangers Young Girls with Forced Trans Agenda (Videos)

Left-wing activists without children in the school came to intimidate parents who wanted to protect their children against sexualization and gender ideology in schools.

On Tuesday, hundreds of people lined up in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) headquarters parking lot due to public hearings about transgender students using school bathrooms.

According to the radicalized left-wing board’s website, “All students have the right to use the washrooms and other facilities they feel most comfortable with. This includes ‘boys,’ ‘girls,’ and all-inclusive facilities.”

It and other local boards facing similar criticism have pointed to the Ontario Human Rights Commission and Code to back up these rights.

Left-wing activist mobilize

Many left-wing activists without children in the school came to intimidate parents who wanted to protect their children against sexualization and gender ideology in schools. Parents speaking at the event had to fight through the crowd of trans-activists who pushed and shoved them and screamed obscenities at them.

Left-wing controlled Police stand down

Meanwhile, ahead of Tuesday’s meeting, four police cars were parked outside the building. A statement issued by the public board explained that officers were on-site to “monitor the situation and provide assistance as required.” General visitors would have to sign in to attend meetings. But, despite their being police present, they did very little to protect the parents or their supporters who disagreed with the left’s attack on school children:

Only 75 people were admitted to the meeting, per new safety measures announced by the school board on Monday. The school board, which adorned the building with LGBTQ propaganda, stacked the room with leftists supporting their trans agenda.

This latest meeting and security comes after the last board meeting on March 7.

Nick Morabito, a parent of four children, spoke then about concerns for his 12-year-old daughter’s safety while sharing a washroom with someone who is transgender. 

Only a minute into his speech, left-wing activist and school board trustee Nili Kaplan-Myrth cut him off.  Below is the video of when the father of four was silenced by Kaplan-Myrth, who is shown on the video monitor wearing a face mask:

“On the grounds that this creates an unsafe environment for people who identify as gender diverse, I’m going to have to ask you to end your delegation,” she said.

That’s when a small group of attendees began disrupting the meeting, prompting the board to call the police. 

Kaplan-Myrth made defamatory remarks about Morabito to the Ottawa Citizen the next day: “There is no way to frame it other than transphobia.”

To give a sense of who Kaplan-Myrth is, Woke Watch Canada posted the following video compilation of some of her public rantings:

At Tuesday’s meeting, Morabito was permitted to speak despite Nili Kaplan-Myrth’s best efforts to silence him.

The concerned father insisted he did not come from a place of “hostility, bigotry, transphobia” and that his daughter and other students feel unsafe and their personal space is violated by the school board’s inclusive washroom policy. 

Shannon Boschy, a candidate for school board trustee last fall, demanded a written apology from the board for “silencing” Morabito. 

The left has endlessly attacked Boschy for comparing non-binary genders to a disorder. Furthermore, they are angry that he blames Ontario’s sex-education curriculum for the rise in transgender and non-binary-identifying students. Boschy received fewer votes in his zone than winning trustee Lyra Evans, who is transgender.

RAIR Foundation USA spoke with Boschy before his presentation about the school board’s attack on Morabito and other parents concerned for their children’s well-being:

After the meeting ended, trans radicals still gathered outside, threatening and assaulting parents as they left the meeting. Josh Alexander (see RAIR’s exclusive interview), a 16-year-old Catholic school student suspended from school for speaking out against trans males in female bathrooms, was assaulted:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


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