RAIR Exclusive Video: Over 150 migrants storm through Spain’s Ceuta enclave fence!

Over 150 migrants storm through Spain’s Ceuta enclave fence!

Hat Tip to Gary Fouse for his translation and dedication to exposing news the mainstream media ignores.

On Friday more than 150 African immigrants succeeded in entering into the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in the north of Morocco. Taking advantage of the fog in the zone, they crossed the fence, which is equipped with thick barbed wire. According to a spokesman for government authorities, two officers of the Guardia Civil who tried to intercept them were lightly injured, while numerous immigrants were treated for cuts suffered in the crossing.

Constantly criticized by non governmental organizations for its treatment of the immigrants, the socialist Spanish government promised to take down the thick barbed wire of the border fences, Which nevertheless will be made higher.

It is the first time in a year that such a large group of immigrants has succeeded in jumping the fence that separates the city from Morocco. Ceuta and Melilla, the other Spanish enclave in the northern part of the African country, are the only land borders between the European Union and Africa.

According to the latest numbers from the Spanish Interior Ministry, more than 3,400 immigrants succeeded in entering in these two cities by land so far this year, Eighteen per cent less than in 2018. The decrease of [unintelligible] immigrants to Spain is also noted in the arrivals by sea, which have decreased by 42.5% relative to last year.

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