Pandemic Numbers Faked to Blame Trump: The WHO changes Guidelines on COVID Tests an Hour After Biden Inauguration

Joe Biden’s administration will likely attribute the drop in positive cases to his new executive orders which he claims are to combat the coronavirus.

On the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration, The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that a positive test result alone is no longer sufficient to determine a Chinese coronavirus infection. Now the communist-tied organization states that a second test is required along with a clinical diagnosis. Under Biden’s new administration, the sudden changes in the WHO’s guidelines will most likely lead to a significant decrease in the number of positive cases.

Not surprisingly, in one of his first acts as president, Biden resumed funding for the WHO and joined its “consortium aimed at sharing” the controversial gene-altering coronavirus vaccines “fairly around the globe”.

The new WHO guideline dated January 13th was updated and published an hour after Joe Biden’s contested inauguration coinciding with his executive order mandating masks on all federal properties.

For months, many scientists and doctors have criticized and warned that PCR test (polymerase chain reaction) practices are flawed and lead to an excessive number of coronavirus cases. Despite their warnings, governments around the world still implemented harsh lockdown policies based on large numbers of potentially false positive tests.

Joe Biden’s administration will likely attribute the drop in positive cases to his new executive orders which he claims are to combat the coronavirus. However, in effect the drop appears to have been a kind of planned “accounting error” up till now.

As reported at RAIR Foundation USA, a collaboration of media outlets and big tech companies called the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) led an effort to discredit President Trump’s coronavirus response. Furthermore, Hillary Clinton’s Accountable Tech organization is leading an effort to pressure Joe Biden to use the resources of the federal government to squash dissent on the approved coronavirus narrative.

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Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • This is and Was predictable.Ive been telling anyone and everyone the pcr test is bogus,inappropriate and the #s are b.s.Foia the u.s. Healthdepts and get data.Ive requested detailed and specific data and gotten no response.Some humans need to step up and photo/video the empty hospitals covertly.Video the hospital parkinglots to match up with crisis b.s. Lies.Get the Goods on these puppets.Follow the$,disperse quickly useful links or info.stay off corp.sites,dont help traitors,oppressors,liars,deepstaters.Observe,record,report and Shame the harassers.

  • O Socialistas aqui do Brasil também já fizeram uso dessa artimanha, mudavam o método de cálculo para alterar dados do mecanismo de mensura o número de pessoas que vivem abaixo do índice de pobreza, para passar a ideia que de na gestão deles, tudo é diferente e melhor, tudo maquiagem para enganar a população e se perpetuarem no poder. Mais com socialista não considera a moral e os valores cristãos, “caíram” por que roubaram extravagantemente os cofres públicos, onde só na Petrobrás foram quase 1Trilhão em desvios diretos.

  • The party of Satan has evil friends in China, Ukraine, WHO, Russia, who by blaming Trump so he would lose, knew Biden would be in their pocket. He is as crooked as they come! Anyi-American POS!

  • Expect after 100 days that Biden and WHO will say Covid19 not a threat any longer as deaths are way down. its a sham people.

  • No Surprise… It has always been a Political Disease… It was Made political by the Left, A Tool to use. Dummy Crat Motto… Never let any disaster or emergency go to Waste!

  • They have been lying for 4 years about Trump and he still kicked JB’s butt in the election by at least 10M votes. So after all this BS and loss of life and massive hits to the economy just to get Trump and they still had to cheat at a level never seen before. Trump should have arrested everyone.

  • According to the CDC, the average daily death rate in the US, in 2017 was about 7800 per day, from all causes.

    Now, if you add 4,000 per day from Covid, that 55% daily increase, to almost 12,000 per day. Or, about 85,000 per week. Wouldn’t you notice a lot more funerals?

    I believe these 4,000 deaths per day is grossly exaggerated.

  • For a year we’ve been trying to get the labs to publish the CT (count threshold, i.e. number of amplifications) with each test done. They stonewalled. The CDC itself said that anything over 33 amps and you are guaranteed to get a false positive and some of the labs have been found to be amping over 40 times!!

    The lady who invented the procedure came out at the beginning and said it was inappropriate to use PCR for diagnosis, particularly if it is the ONLY test done. A week or two back a European/Chinese group released a study of 10 million Chinese in the Wuhan area regarding asymptomatic spread of the virus. Well, there is zero data to back up that claim. So all these positives without symptoms are meaningless. Except… to put whole states under house arrest and force the people to wear slave masks. The scamdemic as a political tool. *spit*

  • The informed, smart,realistic,political educated about the world issues, new all along. Fought among friends to cure them from the fear which was lunched to the world.
    We, as little people looks like are not able to fight the globalist.Should be a way!! Shouldn’t it????


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