Pastor Questions if the Vaccine is a Precursor to the Mark of the Beast (Video)

True believers in Jesus Christ will neither accept the Mark nor worship the Beast, even if it means martyrdom.

In Germany, the Pastor of the Evangelical Free Church, Jakob Tscharntke, is one of the few Christian leaders opposing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s push to have her population vaccinated. In the following sermon, Pastor Tscharntke preaches that the Mark of the Beast will be more readily received by those who have already been deceived into taking the experimental coronavirus “vaccine” (gene therapy).

The Mark of the Beast is referred to in the Book of Revelation 13:16-18. There are actually two Beasts mentioned in Revelation 13. The first has been typically associated with the Anti-Christ, who many believe will be some type of political figure or businessman who will rise to power and persecute the Christian Church.

The second Beast is often associated with some type of religious/cult figure who will come in the same demonic spirit as the first beast but will deceive the people through miraculous signs and wonders to worship the first beast.

It is the second Beast who will institute the Mark of the Beast. However, true believers in Jesus Christ will neither accept the Mark nor worship the Beast, even if it means martyrdom.

Holy Scripture says that the Mark of the Beast is to be put on a person’s hand or forehead, signifying the Beast’s authority over his subjects’ thoughts and deeds. Without the Mark, no one can buy or sell anything. If the “vaccine” is a precursor to the Mark of the Beast, we see that today there are vaccine mandates which force people to take the shot in their arm if they want to go to their jobs and earn a living or go into stores to buy food, clothes, medicine, and other necessities.

Three types of people will accept the Mark of the Beast

The pastor continues by saying three types of people will accept the Mark of the Beast. The first is the one who is completely deluded. These are the double-maskers who walk around outside with two masks on in 90° heat, even though they themselves have been vaccinated, and are careful not to come within 6 feet of any human being. They are the ones who watch MSNBC religiously, view NPR as the most sophisticated news outlet, and believe Trump to be a Russian operative.

The second type that the pastor believes will take the Mark of the Beast is the one who really doesn’t want to know the truth or deal with it. Their common refrain is, “I just want to do whatever to get on with ‘normal life already.” He or she does not want to offend anyone or put up any resistance. These types of people, the pastor says, just want to live a comfortable life, a life like how it used to be, not wanting to recognize the radical change in life that has already taken place. The pastor notes that they may wander for a time, apparently trying not to take the Mark, but they will succumb when the pressure is too great.

The last type of person whom the pastor believes will take the Mark of the Beast knows exactly that it is wrong but doesn’t have the strength to withstand the pressure indefinitely. So the pastor proposes that “These people will become systematically psychologically ruined to break all resistance so that the unspeakable satanic evil can spread unhindered as possible,” destroying the people of the world.
Surprisingly, what the pastor fails to mention, however, is that there are a number of people who are given a seal on their foreheads which is the sign of the Lord our God (Rev. 7:2-3). This is reminiscent of Ezekiel’s prophecy, where God’s people, the Jews, were sealed on their foreheads with a mark to escape the wrath of God (Ezek.9:5-6). Those sealed with the sign of the Lord will by no means receive the Mark of the Beast.

But how are we to discern which Mark is which?

The Mark of our Lord, which is called a “seal” upon our foreheads, is not a physical mark. Instead, it is a spiritual mark. This seal is the Holy Spirit, which burns like a flame upon our foreheads and dwells within our hearts, confessing that only Jesus Christ is Lord, that He is one with God the Father, and God the Holy Spirit, and that He is the savior of the world. For as St. Paul says, “In Him [Jesus] you also, when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation, and believed in Him, were sealed with the promise of the Holy Spirit, who is the guarantee of our inheritance until we acquire possession of it, to the praise of his glory” (Ephesians 1:13-14).

Though many shall perish under the Beast, in the end, God wins. Some of His people will be martyred, but some will be spared until they witness the glory of heaven come down to earth and the reign of Jesus for a thousand years (Rev.20:6).

Watch a portion of Pastor Jakob Tscharntke’s sermon:

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  • It may not be a physical mark. Remember that Daniel had no physical mark but he and his three compatriots refused to acknowledge the supremacy of the king or bow to his image. The mark indicates compliance and a state of mind that is willing to worship the image of the beast.

  • I don’t think it’s a precursor. I think it is the mark of the beast. If you look up the original Greek in a concordance, the word translated as forehead could be translated as “about the face” (like a mask). The right hand could be translated as the right side. So I believe what John is describing in what he saw, was people getting the jab, and/or wearing a mask in order to work (sell) or shop (buy).

    • WRONG! The “vaccine” is not the Mark of the Beast. Nowhere near being the Mark of the Beast. You’ll KNOW IT when it does eventually come – it won’t be pretty to see people being beheaded for refusing the true Mark of the Beast. Horror of it all.

    • The mark results in spiritual damnation. Though this grisly (non) vaccine is repellant in every way I doubt God will call your salvation into question in the hereafter if you take it.

  • The vaccine per se isn’t a mark of the beast–but the social pressures and coercion to accept the mark of the beast will be similar. My thoughts on the mark of the beast is that things will get MUCH worse than now, with starvation (yes, even in the US), disease, earthquakes, a third of the water undrinkable, oceans turned red from a huge meteor strike–everything described in Revelations, and worse than anyone has ever experienced; it will be a complete infrastructure breakdown of everything from electricity to food delivered to stores to water coming out of your tap. Then some international leader will emerge, becoming famous by stepping forward to get things back to normal, and because he succeeds, literally performing miracles, he is the most-admired, best-liked man in history. In organizing his efforts, he will ask that each of us get a tracking number on our right hand or forehead, “just to see who has gotten help and who still needs help.” That number must be permanently engraved on you (so will say our Leftist Media) because black marketeers are forging the documents that are initially issued. Without that tracking number, you won’t get the food, medicine, clothes and housing you need–but once you accept that number, you are doomed. It will be hard to turn down food and medicine when your children are starving and dying at home; that is a future true test of our faith. Only later, too late, do we learn that that wonderful guy, who has done so much good for everyone in the world, is the Anti-Christ.

  • We’re only seeing the first Beast rise to power, Biden is his sock puppet. So I doubt the vaccine itself is more than a camel’s nose in the tent for conditioning people to obeying the Beast’s government. The one I’m watching is this push to remove all cash and force use of digital currency, mixed with the banking blacklisting of political dissidents, ergo any who will not swear their souls to the Beast is blacklisted from having any money.

    • Personal “chips” are already being tested in parts of Europe by volunteers to conduct all transactions and access with the guise of being “convenient” forgoing the need to carry currency, ID, passports etc. Banks/governments have been wanting for this for years and will seize this opportunity of “crisis” to control all transactions that “they” deem fit or acceptable “for your good” for as we all know, they are here to help and make our lives better. And if you try to donate your digital dollars to charity (be it family or not), it can only go to those to those in the “system” as any form of cash will no longer be accepted. Woe to those who try to give to them that are regarded as nonconformists or enemies of the state. Landrew is here.

  • The vaccine is not the mark of the beast. The vaccine passport will become the mark of the beast. Eventually the dark powers of this world will push the narrative that since people can fake their vaccine passports, the only way to be certain will be to force identification onto the physical bodies of the compliant.

    • Because it hasn’t gotten to that point yet. The more people don’t take it the more they will push the narrative.

  • Before The Flood, daughters of men bore children of the Nephilin thus corrupting mankind (or in modern terms, the gene pool). Was this a significant reason for The Flood? Could corrupting the human gene pool via genetically modified DNA components likewise be a significant part of the coming End Times?

  • This Mrna “vaccine” will change the human DNA for all generations to come. This is the second time in human history that it is corrupted on a planetary scale.

    The first time was the flood when the offspring of fallen angels had to be destroyed.

  • Totally agree, well put, people are in a state of apathy and used to believing everything gov. does and says incl mainstream gov. news. Few will rise up and resist and eventually hide out from the police/military enforcers. We must fight for our family’s portection.

  • I wonder if when vaccination for smallpox was mandatory did he think it was also the mark of the beast?

    • Shots were always tested and appr by FDA, covid shots are experimental and untested and those getting them are the lab rats, you are one of the 95% adults that trusts gov 100% and reads mainstream gov news sites (CNN, FOX, ABC,NBC, CNN etc) and pro Biden.

    • Dr. Salk’s polio vaccine used a killed virus, nothing that programs your mRNA cells to produce an unnatural spike protein.

  • One must look to the parable about the binding of the tares. This binding takes place when some sort of digital device is affixed to most of humanity, resulting in them all being bound together, or centrally connected to, or controlled by a central entity, probably some sort of A.I., though one accessible by those that put it in place.

    Those that refuse will be eliminated by the powers that be. One can think of this event as the final removal of Christian’s prior to God exacting his destruction on those now considered sinful beyond return. Jesus says the day will come when he says “I never knew you”. That will be that time.

    You also need to understand that the Narrow Gate is related to all of this, for only by refusing digital tracking can one find the Narrow Gate.

    Well, too much to explain for this post but, through form, it can be easily shown that the ‘piercing’ of Christ as his Crucifixion symbolizes that the death of Christianity is tied directly to the injection. You could expand that out to medical tyranny, but either way it symbolizes that the injection signals the death of Christianity.

    Have zero fear. Rejoice. Repent. Pray. And, never forget that this life is a blip, a test, one that determines your eternity.

    Never wear a mask. Never get injected, and never submit to digital tracking.

  • I actually would say the vaccine is the early stages of the mark of the beast. A good reason why is because of it’s horrible timing.

    In the book of Hosea there is a prophecy that predicted that Israel would serve a long term top level Leviticus 26 curse. And in verse 6-2 there is a timeline for the prophecy. 2 days in the presence of the Lord or 2000 years on the Earth. Followed by the thousand year “day of Jezreel”.

    Secondly, the rebirth of Israel happened in 1948. If you consider that the creation of the current nation of Israel was an end time event according to the fig leaf parables of Matthew 24 then you can draw only one conclusion there. The Apocalypse of Matthew 24 has been running for 73 years now. Reinforced by the day of Jezreel prophecy.

    Put simply the Apocalypse came as a thief in the night and no one noticed.

  • Jared Kushner, Trump’s son in law who was charged with creating peace in the middle ease, has coordinated the many “peace treaties” between Arab countries and Israel He owns the high rise in NYC on 5th Ave. It just so happens that this building houses Lucent Technologies, who is making the chips that can be implanted under the skin. Coincidence? Well guess what the address of this building is? 666 5th ave NYC. You don’t believe it? Look it up! Prove it wrong!

  • Jared Kushner, Trump’s son in law who was charged with creating peace in the Middle East, has coordinated the many “peace treaties” between Arab countries and Israel He owns the high rise in NYC on 5th Ave. It just so happens that this building houses Lucent Technologies, who is making the chips that can be implanted under the skin. Coincidence? Well guess what the address of this building is? 666 5th ave NYC. You don’t believe it? Look it up! Prove it wrong!

  • Original manuscripts states mark of the beast is arm.
    There is graphene oxide nano particles that not only is vax patient being tracked but all vitals are being tracked,gps through 5G.

  • The Virus variants will continue. We will need to be vaccinated regularly in order to “get back to normal”. We will be subject to more lockdowns, more rules, etc. It will not be fun. Alas, help is on the way….

    We will have the opportunity to receive our implanted vaccine chip. No more jabs. No more hassle. But wait that’s not all! Businesses can scan you to ensure you have the chip and have been vaccinated… oh.. with the chip you can also pay bills, exchange money, buy meals. Very cool. Then… the “Mark” will come. If you refuse the Mark… You can be tracked anywhere on the globe. Global internet access is becoming a human right. With 5G and new technologies we can access the internet from anywhere. The internet can also access you. No mark? The buying and selling option will be turned off on your chip. You will be scanned everywhere you go… and the information on your chip will not look good. You are an unvaccinated virus spreading criminal. People WILL turn you in. Friends will turn you in.

    So…as the pastor says. It will be very difficult for most people to refuse, Life will not be fun. But.. We know that God stands by his word.

  • I have a feeling that people who already have taken the shot out of fear deny it’s the mark.Seems to me there is a lot of hidden technology in the shot, so we don’t have a full picture but if it can change our DNA, connect us to the cloud that is AI, we don’t need more proof it is beast system. For the undecided, pray to God ,seek the Truth, as it says in the scripture those who will lose life for Christ’s sake will save it. God bless you.


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