Pathologist Sends Covid 'Vaccine' Warning: 'Cancers Are Taking Off Like Wildfire' (Video)

“We have lost our collective medical minds for money.” – Dr. Ryan Cole

The corona vaccines are ineffective and responsible for the increased number of cancer cases, warns pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole. Data from his vaccinated patients and data sent to him by oncologists show that the vaccines disrupt the immune system. Cole also said that the all-cause mortality rate is higher in vaccinated people.

When the vaccine was rolled out, the pathologist began to see “this virus that causes this little bump in kids, starting to appear in adults.” In addition, he noticed that cancer rates among women were starting to rise. For example, the number of endometrial and cervical cancer cases was higher than usual.

‘Shot Have Completely Failed’

“It’s a pattern,” Dr. Cole told reporter Veronika Kyrylenko. “People need to know that there are risks involved. The benefits have to be higher than the risks. We know that these shots are not working – they are failed now. Now that Omikron is here, the shots have completely failed.”

“The shot they still are telling people to get a booster [of] is a spike protein that is toxic to the human body. It causes the same disease as the virus and predisposes people to autoimmune attacks and potentially short-term cancer risks,” the pathologist warned.

‘Taking Off Like Wildfire’

After Dr. Cole spoke out about the risks of the covid vaccine, ‘numerous’ oncologists contacted him. The doctors reported they are “seeing the weirdest cancers, and cancers that we have been able to keep in check and treat, taking off like wildfire – going stage 2, stage 3, stage 4, just like that.”

“That’s because of the immune dysregulation that these shots cause,” emphasized Dr. Cole. An immune system that becomes compromised cannot keep in check cancer growth.

Watch the following interview with Dr. Cole, who gives a much more detailed explanation of the mechanism by which these mRNA shots increase your chances of cancer, as well as other health issues:

Dr. Cole Targeted

Dr. Cole is a Board-Certified Pathologist who was trained at the Mayo Clinic and a CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics, one of the largest independent labs in the State of Idaho. However, the doctor has been targeted and maligned for offering patients struggling with Covid life-saving medicines such as hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. As Dr. Cole reports, “we have lost our collective medical minds for money.”

In most countries, any measures to combat Covid other than the failed and dangerous “vaccination” are systematically suppressed. Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, monoclonal antibodies, quercetin, NAC, zinc, vitamins D3 and C are all are being condemned, ridiculed, and banned by the state. Doctors like Cole who prescribe Ivermectin or alternative treatments are fired, deemed medically and psychologically unfit, or persecuted.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • To all Demonrats: This is not, I repeat NOT because of the jab. You are safe to continue to keep getting your bimonthly boosters. This has been a public service announcement to Make America Great Again.

  • What other doctors are giving out hydroxychloroquine and zinc to covid patients? How can we unite to save lives? Which politicians are behind banning hydroxychloroquine? How can we get it back?

  • Thank you Dr. Cole for treating patients – whereas the insanity in the medical establishments have completely lost their collective mind!

    Thank you Amy Mek for reporting and tracking what is happening with covid, vaccines and more.

  • I am home now from the hospital. I have been double vaccinated with the Phizer vaccine but had not yet been boostered. I tested positive for Covid and admitted to the hospital because Covid had caused pulmonary embolisms … several of them. I am in blood thinners and was given the monoclonal antibodies Infusion. The very next day, Biden removed that treatment from the approved list. Why!! It has saved lives and is the reason I did not need to stay in the hospital. It had definitely helped me. I’m feeling that anything that treats Covid has been banned except the vaccine. I will not get the booster now.

    • Leigh
      Good decision. There is a correlation with the Pfizer vax and your pulmonary embolism….File a VAERS report.

    • You did not get embolisms from covid lady. The vaccine did that to you. And if the doctors are telling you it is covid they are lying because they are paid puppets. You need to wake up to full truth. They want us dead and vaccines are their bio-weapon and covid is anything the doctors diagnosis it to be but usually it is the flu or pneumonia or sometimes radiation poisoning from the new 5G towers. Doctors are the legal mafia gang meme bets from worlds worst biggest pharmaceutical cartel.. they all lie for money. Every covid case in each hospital $13K plus another $20K covid with remdisver plus $30 on ventilator plus $40K for death. Think your doctors care!? My small town hospital has received over $53 million dollars in dirty Murder covid relief money for every patient they diagnosed & murdered. Let that sink in. Look up your hospitals blood money on StatNews

      • Thats the truth. They want 2 depopulate, their r 2 many people on earth, they say. Dont believe their lies, say NO 2 THE JAB

  • That the Biden administration took a medical procedure off the approved list that was
    working to save peoples’ lives comes as no great surprise. The Administration and nearly every Democrat at the federal and state level, as well as the “mainstream” press and the medical establishment have been working assiduously to suppress information about medicines and procedures that have proved effective while vigorously trying to force people to undergo treatments that have increasingly been shown to have limited or no value and actually harm people. You might think that they don’t want people to stay and/or get well. And you might be right.

  • The Illuminati members, are The Global Elites’s who genetically engineered and modified a strain of the Corona Virus which was created and modified into infected Bat Cells with The United States Government’s Agencies’ Taxpayers Funds that Anthony Fauci applied for, as “Medical Experimental Gain of Function” funding in a Chinese Communist Government’ Bioweapon Laboratory, in Wuhan, China. Fauci lied about receiving any funding for The Gain of Function. Emails from a FOYA Lawsuit were released by the courts and confirmed that Fauci applied for numerous “Grants” from United States Government’s Taxpayers’ Funds, and Fauci used a third-party medical company to forward over $3,000,000 to the CCP Government’s Bioweapon Laboratory in Wuhan, China.
    This is an intentionally created Strain of The Coronavirus SARS. It was genetically engineered to make it possible to transfer Covid-19 from Bats’ cells into Human cells. This is Worldwide Genocide. They know that they are murdering people with their Jabs that all contain Graphene Oxide.

  • I do not know ONE person who died from or with covid, but I do know:
    – someone who went blind for three days after their first shot.
    – someone who got their first shot and died a few days later on a flight to India.
    – a retired Navy aviator who flew over 300 missions in Vietnam and was deemed fit to fly for decades with United Airlines who “developed” a “congenital heart defect” after his shots and received surgery (yeah right).
    – my sister in law who had a heart attack a week after her booster.
    – a neighbor who was incontinent starting immediately after her shot and for three weeks after.
    – someone who developed colitis for weeks after her shot.
    – my daughter who is a professional health nut and who’s suffered debilitating back pain and numbness in her hands since her shots.

    It’s ALL BAD. Stop this madness!

  • It seems like the 67 blood relatives I have, have not HAD CANCER and they all had their shots including the booster………….Neither have they had the chinese virus….But then they adhere to the requirements of avoiding crowds & wearing masks……..To those that seem to invite the chinese virus………You will not live long………..

    • There are multiple studies proving the mask stopped nothing. If the mask had been effective, we would not still be having this discussion. As to the vaccine, the reason there continues to be boosters is because the vaccines are so ineffective, the virus continues to mutate and reinfect the population with a variant of the virus. Herd immunity would have occurred already, if NOTHING had been done. Studies of communities with extremely low or no vaccines have confirmed this.

  • Dr. Cole is an American an hero for having the courage to speak out and tell the truth while the vast majority of Doctors in America are silent and “following orders” while their patients fall ill, have their lives ruined and even die. We need more like him and far less of these other weaklings.

    • God bless Dr. Cole. Look at the website: It tells us plainly years ago that they wanted to do the vaccine thing. If one looks at the entire content of the site you probably won’t have to go any further to know what was planned hundreds of years ago and here we are. The reason it is still posted is they knew the world was asleep and now????????

  • So I don’t understand why the world is in an uproar, the truth is known, ethical people are losing their jobs and the evil continues to make more money than ever before in the history of the world. It appears genecide has become an acceptable practice.

  • This is not really political. It is an attack upon honest working class people, by the sociopathic 1% of generational class-war eugenicists (basically the owners of the BIS central banking system).
    As you can see with the fund raising platforms, they cannot be battled with their own “money”.
    It appears there will be blood.

  • IMO, this created world has a purpose, the purpose to show what the influence of the fallen ones can and will do. The truth of what true evil and denial of God holds.

  • My 40 year old stepson just got his booster got COVID after it and cancer growth in his ear, his wife just miscarried first baby. Our 66 year old family member fully vaxxed was diagnosed stage 4 cancer inoperable fast growing neck tumor a month ago. They won’t listen to us, rest of family all took jabs too. Very sad.

  • My identical twin brother and I had quite a heated disagreement over whether to begin getting the Covid shots. We were both very healthy seventy one year olds with no history of smoking, alcohol, or family history of cancer. He took the shots and first booster, I totally declined. Within three days after the booster he was in the hospital with excruciating back pain. Within three weeks multiple biopsies found he had instant cancer on the bottom of his spine, unexplainable cancerous flap growing over his back teeth, legs swollen like tree stumps, stomach & small intestinal cancer with bleeding from the anise, three cancerous lumps on the back of his head and one under his chin, and 19 rapidly growing brain tumors. He survived about a week and a half while on Hospice and passed about 35 days after the booster shot, totally consumed with cancer.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that the shots were the sole factor in my brother’s death from cancer and that everything was swept under the rug by the doctors and hospital.

    As a side note, I contracted Covid and verified that several friends were simultaneously diagnosed. I started to take 4mg Ivermectin for each 40lbs. body weight within 10 hours of recognizing that I was seriously ill. My brain literly ceased communicating with my body. By the third day the signs and symptoms subsided. Covid was killed off by Ivermectin before it got to my lungs. My friends were hospitalized for about a month on ventilators and Remdesivir.

    I’m furious but fortunate to say the least.


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