Pentagon’s Research Arm is Experimenting on Hacking Human Minds as Globalists Rejoice (Video)

Most Americans do not realize that their tax dollars are being used to fund programs that can lead to the enslavement of humanity in ways that have never before been imagined.

The U.S. government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has launched a research program to analyze individuals ‘ “preconscious brain signals” to determine people’s thoughts and feelings. Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, the Chief Advisor to the World Economic Forum’s leader, Klaus Schwab, and other futurists have often warned that humans would soon be hackable. Nevertheless, governments and unelected globalists’ ambitions to reshape humanity and gain control over every aspect of our lives and bodies are making successful strides. 

Under the guise of identifying soldiers at risk of depression and suicide, the Pentagon’s Research Arm, DARPA, launched the Neural Evidence Aggregation Tool (NEAT) program, which focuses on “aggregating preconscious brain signals to determine what someone believes to be true.”

According to DARPA’s press release, “NEAT aims to develop a new cognitive science tool that identifies people at risk of suicide by using preconscious brain signals rather than asking questions and waiting for consciously filtered responses.”

NEAT will achieve its goals by “bringing together recent advances in cognitive science, neuroscience, physiological sensors, data science, and machine learning.” Connecting the human brain to machines has been a longtime goal of all globalists and their organizations.

The United States’ new tool will give governments, corporations, and supranational organizations, such as the World Economic Forum, the ability to hack human beings on the preconscious level.

Futurologist Oskar Villani 2014 Interview

As early as 2014, futurologist Dr. Oskar Villani said it was possible to monitor people with barely visible computer chips. These tiny chips are called “Smart Dust.” Hundreds of them can be “transferred” to a person with a simple handshake. DARPA was significantly involved in its development and had been funding other similar projects since 1990. They also found a way to use Smart Dust to monitor and read our brain waves and signals, potentially exposing unexpressed thoughts and moods.

It is possible to transfer tiny chips, which are hardly visible to the naked eye, to other people with a handshake – it is no longer necessary to implant microchips to monitor people.

On July 1, 2014, the futurologist Oskar Villani was a guest on German television program “Heute Konkret”. The nearly 5-minute interview begins with Villani shaking hands with presenter Claudia Reiterer and then telling her that he has transferred several hundred microchips to her. The chips can monitor her for up to 14 days and read a wide variety of data.

Watch the following Interview with Dr. Oskar Villani that has been translated by RAIR Foundation USA here:

‘We are now hackable animals’ – WEF Chief Advisor

Speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting in Davos in 2020, Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, chief advisor to the World Economic Forum’s leader, Klaus Schwab, warned that humans were no longer mysterious souls but rather hackable animals. With new technology, public and private entities could monitor and control people in horrible ways.

“Just imagine North Korea in 20 years where everybody has to wear a biometric bracelet, which constantly monitors your blood pressure, your heart rate, your brain activity 24 hours a day.

You listen to a speech on the radio by the ‘Great Leader,’ and they know what you actually feel — you can clap your hands and smile, but if you’re angry, they know you’ll be in the gulag tomorrow morning.

And if we allow the emergence of such total surveillance regimes, don’t think that the rich and powerful in places like Davos will be safe” 

At this month’s Athens Democracy Forum, an annual international conference in Greece, Harari also warned,

“Dictators always dreamt about completely eliminating privacy, monitoring everyone all the time, and knowing everything you do, and not just everything you do but everything you think, and everything you feel.”

Whether it was a tyrant in ancient Greece or Stalin, they always dreamed of it, but they could never do it because it was technically impossible. 

World Economic Forum

Connecting the human brain to computers is a goal of all globalists and their organizations. For example, watch the World Economic Forum leader and “transhumanism” enthusiast Klaus Schwab. In 2016, the unelected leader discussed a future where we will see a “fusion of the physical, digital and biological world,” in other words, transhumanism.

During a 2017 WEF meeting, Schwab asked Google co-founder Sergey Brin if he could envision a future where everyone has a brain chip that would allow them “to measure your brain waves, and immediately tell how people react” or “feel”?

Schwab has written two books about the transhuman revolution: “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” (2017) and “Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution” (2018), which had a forward by Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft. 

In his book “Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” Schwab advocates for a future in which authorities will be able to utilize the blending of technology with the human body to “intrude into the hitherto private space of our minds, reading our thoughts and influencing our behavior.”

Schwab writes that the ability “for law enforcement agencies and courts to use techniques to determine the likelihood of criminal activity, assess guilt or even possibly retrieve memories directly from people’s brains will increase.” He added, “even crossing a national border might one day involve a detailed brain scan to assess an individual’s security risk.”

Most Americans do not realize that their tax dollars are being used to fund programs that can lead to the enslavement of humanity in ways that have never before been imagined.

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  • They’ll probably start with some phony Alien invasion scam.
    But the “aliens” will be demons.

  • Over twenty years ago now, when I was recovering from a near fatal brain haemorrhage a few months earlier, I asked a senior doctor who was involved in my case why it was that people with similar brain injuries had such different outcomes.
    Initially my prognosis had been that survival beyond a few months was unlikely and that I would never leave full time care and could not expect any quality of life. At the time I spoke to that doctor I had lost my mobility, was paralysed on the left side, but my memory, speech and congnitive abilities were completely intact.
    Other patients in the rehab unit who had similar levels of brain damage had lost memory, the power of speech and in some cases did not even recognise family members and old friends.
    The doctor asked me two or three questions about how much I understood of what had happened to me and then said:
    “We in the medical professions are only now starting to understand that the brain and the human mind are two very different things.”
    On the basis of that comment and the subsequent conversation I have researched this question extensively, concluding there is no definitive answer. All I can say is that I’m more sure than ever we are nothing like the biological machines scientists imagine us to be and that while it may be possible to influence behaviour through physical and psychological means, the essential human dichotomy (part ape, part spirit,) will at some point reassert itself.
    Attempts to hack our minds will fail, I worked with computers for nearly 30 years and have maintained an interest since my forced retirement. And true Artificial Intelligence is as far away now as it was when my very first program was loaded from punched paper tape. In order to hack and control something one must first understand it. The dumbed down and those who have given up thinking may appear to be hackable but as long as some of us continue to resist we can eventually reawaken the autonomous human being inside the automatons.
    (Say Hi to Renee for me and tell her I’ll be in touch soon.)

  • DARPA needs to be done away with. Total nut jobs running things and dangerous ‘work’ being undertaken. Think Josef Mengele…


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