'People in Their Twenties Have 7 Times Higher Risk of Death After Vaccination Than From COVID'

The risk of death from the injection is about three times higher for children and adolescents than death from COVID.

Japanese medical magazine Med Check examined the coronavirus vaccine’s serious side effects and deaths. The publication’s editor-in-chief, Rokuro Hama, revealed that in the elderly and health care workers, a disproportionate number of people died of various cardiovascular causes after the Covid gene-therapy jab compared to the general population. Furthermore, people in their twenties have a seven times higher risk of death from vaccination than from COVID-19.

The harm of vaccination in 20-Year-Olds 

In Japan, serious adverse reactions and death after vaccination must be reported to authorities within 28 days of administration regardless of causality. Hama calculated that the risk of death in people in their twenties after vaccination and adjusted for gender was about seven times higher than after contracting a COVID-19 infection. He arrived at even higher estimates by including serious side effects and death after 28 days in the calculations.

In one death of a 25-year-old vaccinated man, it was first reported that he committed suicide. However, he died accidentally following abnormal behavior due to febrile delirium after vaccination.

The harm of vaccination in children

Rokuro Hama expresses grave concern about vaccinating children. “We don’t know the risk of severe side effects. However, we know that children have virtually no risk of severe COVID-19 infection,” explained Hama.

As of September 1, 2021, there were no deaths due to COVID-19 infection in people under 20. However, Hama warned that If children in this age group are vaccinated, it may cause death.

According to Hama, government statistics show that the risk of death from the injection is about three times higher for children and adolescents than death from COVID-19. In addition, hemorrhagic stroke and the arterial cause are disproportionately high in teens. Hemorrhagic stroke is common after the COVID-19 vaccine in adults. And the mortality rate is higher in those who have been ‘vaccinated’ than in the general population.

Hama concludes by saying that it is ridiculous to vaccinate schoolchildren. Yet, despite the findings, we continue to vaccinate young people and even children, who are at little or no risk because of the virus, with vaccines whose long-term side effects are entirely unknown. Side effects to which the state pays virtually no attention.

Read the original report here.

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  • It can’t be true, Fauci-Mengele and all Big Pharma CEOs say that mRNA “vaccines” are 100% safe! That’s why they now in many countries begin to vaccinate babies with mRNA injections. The word “safe”, means that it is SAFE for GENOCIDE!
    von der Leyen-Göbbels just said that all citizens in EU must get Covid vaccinations, exept von der Leyen-Göbbels herself, she takes the vaccine bottle with code number 1 = the salt solution!

  • “As part of his plan to keep schools open, Biden said the government would step up its vaccination campaign targeting children as young as five, as well as opening “hundreds of new family vaccination clinics.”

    Is the mafia also involved in this vaccine genocide or is it going to help to stop this genocide?
    Seems the mafia also benefit from Fauci and Big Pharma when it is not doing anything to stop this genocide.

    Just so that you all know the truth!


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