Pfizer Offers Doctor $1 Million Hush Money: 'That is How They Silence You, Put You On Pay Role' (Video)

“There is something called a line of integrity that must not shift based on money.” – Dr. Paul Alexander

Dr. Paul Alexander published a shocking article on Monday. He revealed that one of the largest Pharmaceutical companies in the world tried to pay him off to silence his public criticisms. “Pfizer offered me $1 million & $50,000-month wage; essentially to stop writing & hammering them,” he wrote. “I said NO!”

The celebrated doctor addressed the manipulation and fraud that is now becoming publicly known with the release of Pfizer’s controversial documents. Pfizer and their CEO Albert Bourla knew that 1,223 people had died from the “vaccination,” that there were 1,290 different side effects, that vaccination would lead to more infectious and lethal variants, said Alexander. Yet, they wanted to keep this information hidden for 55 or 75 years, exclaimed the doctor.


Any measures to combat Covid other than the failed and dangerous “vaccination” are systematically suppressed in most countries. Doctors like Paul Alexander, critical of the pharmaceutical companies producing the ‘Covid” vaccine and the state’s response to the illness, are fired, deemed medically and psychologically unfit, or persecuted.

Dr. Alexander and many other medical professionals have also had to pay a heavy price fighting for medical transparency. “For each person, there is a time in life that we chose to stand up or not.” Money is not the key in life, he explained. The doctor’s integrity means more to him than money, and it is not something that can be bought.

He points out that most scientists, universities, doctors, health officials, technocrats, governments, and task-forces have been bribed. Their salary was more important, and they kept their mouths shut. “That is how they silence you, put you on pay role,” he explained. As reported previously at RAIR Foundation USA, pharmaceutical companies have even been doling out ‘hush money’ to families of Covid vaccine victims.

Alexander is one of the few who has not taken hush money and continues to speak out.

I am hurt financially, personally, as are a core 12-15 of us globally who have stood up, but the fight we are in is beyond money. Those of us who have been cancelled have been hurt, name wise, career, slandered etc. But for each person there is a time in life that we chose to stand up or not…we rise or shrink away, and most scientists, universities, doctors, public health officials, technocrats, governments, COVID Task Forces etc, chose to sell the people out for money, their grants, their salary was more important, so their silence was bought…

So yes, we are hurt as our careers and income were hurt, I being one of them and I was stunned at what I was told on the phone twice in the call with the ask on a trip to TO…would have changed my life, but I said no, shove it, and so be it…money can come again and we will survive. Money is not the key in life. There is something called a line of integrity that must not shift based on money etc.

No turning back

Dr. Alexandra explains that he is in this fight for “my people, my family, my children, and the world I will leave behind one day. I have lost enough that I cannot go back now. As they say, ‘balls to the wall’!”

If it is shown that the actions of Pfizer CEO Bourla, Moderna CEO, Stéphane Bancel, and people like Anthony Fauci have cost lives and that people and children have died as a result, they will have to go to prison, stressed Dr. Alexander:

And I will say again, Bourla and Bancel and all at FDA, all at NIH, Fauci et al., all who have acted in this COVID fraud, must be allowed to defend their decisions and policies as we live in good governance etc. and we function with laws (though many argue the judicial system is corrupted) but if we show in proper legal inquiring and public inquiries that their actions costed lives, that their decisions killed people, that people and children died as a result, then they must be held to account with jail time! Financial penalties and jail time. People must always have the right to explain and defend actions, but if we ever show these policies and decisions caused lives to be lost, then we impose harsh penalties. The harshest allowable by law.


Alexandra has been helping Canadian and American truckers fight against the vaccination obligation and will continue to fight, he says. He calls the vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, among others, ‘criminal.’

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Sorry, but the correct term is payroll. The employee list is the roll and they pay you if you are on it. Role is something you do in a play. Or are you trying to connect with the other stupids out there?

    • Really? With all that is going on and all that has gone on and all the misinformation, lies and manipulation out there, we want to focus on ONE word in an article and pass judgement on the article based on that? Let’s try to have a more in depth discussion, shall we, I know we are better than that and there are certainly more important things that should be discussed and debated.


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