'Pharmacological Rape': Italian Physician Suspended For Refusing Injection Calls Out Covid Establishment (Video)

“People who do not want these drugs are forced to undergo inoculation, against their will, otherwise they lose their jobs, they can no longer support their children.”

Italian physician Dr. Silvana De Mari was recently suspended from the Turin Medical Association for refusing to take the rushed, experimental Covid-19 injections. The well-known doctor is now calling for an investigation into the protocols to treat patients who contract the virus.

“People who do not want these drugs are forced to undergo inoculation, against their will; otherwise they lose their jobs, they can no longer support their children. This is a pharmacological rape,” De Mari said in a recent blog post.

In a video published September 21st, 2021, Piazza Libertà held a discussion featuring Italian healthcare professionals calling out their peers and other medical professionals for their improper handling of Covid protocols and the suspension of medical workers not willing to take the experimental Covid injections.

Among the guests was Dr. Silvana De Mari, an Italian physician, psychotherapist, and surgeon who has also written several novels over the years. The doctor explained how she, along with 92 other healthcare workers of the Turin Medical Association, had been suspended indefinitely for refusing to take the “vaccines” that are alleged to make Covid-19 symptoms more bearable if one was to contract the virus.

Dr. De Mari says SARS-CoV-2 is a highly benign disease for 90% of patients and can be treated if caught early with a high success rate. The doctor is shocked her colleagues are prescribing Paracetamol [acetaminophen] which she claims is dangerous for those sick with Covid:

“Paracetamol [acetaminophen] is the worst thing one could ever give to a Covid patient. And the watchful waiting is the worst thing ever because any interstitial pneumonia gets worse unless antibiotics are administered. And particularly the pneumonia from Covid. It deals with an extremely benign disease, in 90% of cases. But as for the remaining 10%, if you don’t administer the right medicines, it’s a catastrophe. I accuse the Order of Physicians of enabling this mess. I accuse countless colleagues who I don’t consider colleagues anymore of prescribing paracetamol and watchful waiting. Paracetamol is an antipyretic; it is not an anti-inflammatory. Sars2-Covid-19 kills through inflammation.”

– De Mari

She explained that the health ministers had ignored doctors and nurses who could treat patients early using home remedies and instead given improper medications to those who end up in the hospital. Dr. De Mari stated:

“I accuse Minister Speranza of ignoring and insulting all the physicians who have been recommending excellent home therapies to him, with which we would have easily solved the issue. I accuse all these people of not trying to avoid a huge number of deaths, which we could have avoided.”

Dr. Silvana De Mari’s Twitter page

The now-retired physician also noted the hypocrisy imposed on society by allowing dogs to go outside to use the bathroom, but children and others were forbidden to step outside. She also explained that masks are ineffective in preventing the spread of Covid-19. Dr. De Mari went on to allege that the methods of treating this pandemic were purposely mishandled to crash the monetary system, noting we successfully obliterated other forms of SARS viruses in the past.

As Fauci himself showed, I accuse the hospitals of diagnosing Covid as cause of death for a huge number of people who actually died from other diseases. And in most cases they were hospitalized for diseases other than Covid,” Dr. De Mari added.

Dr. De Mari urges an injection moratorium, citing the Nuremberg Trials and the Council of Europe’s Oviedo Treaty (Article 5). The physician understands that informed consent must occur, noting the Covid injections are still in the experimental phase. The third option, De Mari says, would be to adjust the informed consent forms being signed by those agreeing to take the experimental injections to read that they are indeed experimental and that severe side effects, including disability or death, could follow.

And I accuse this government of enabling a vaccination campaign which is pointless, from a medical point of view. My name is Dr. Silvana De Mari, I take full responsibility for what I am saying. A campaign which violates every single rule of our Constitution, of the Declaration of Human Rights, of the Declarations of Oviedo, of Helsinki and of Nuremberg, especially.”

-De Mari

Dr. De Mari continued:

I accuse pediatricians of betraying their own patients. Sars2-Covid-19 has a death rate that is practically zero under 20 years of age. And yet, the Society of Pediatricians, clearly in a conflict of interest, is recommending the vaccination of children. I accuse gynecologists of betraying their own patients. Sars2-Covid-19 doesn’t kill young women, and a pregnant woman is by definition not older than 35 years. And besides that, they can be cured with antibiotics. Whereas in vaccines’ warning label, it is clearly advised not to administer to pregnant women. I accuse politicians of betraying their own voters. I accuse trade unions of betraying their own members. Dr. Silvana De Mari is extremely proud of being a physician who heals her own Covid patients and who will never ever let other people inject this stuff into her body.”

Read more from Dr. Sivana De Mari on her blog here.

Watch the following video of the doctor:

See selected coverage on coronavirus tyranny:

Haley Kennington

Haley Kennington is an investigative journalist, freelance writer, and reporter, as well as a contributor for dozens of conservative news sites, blogs, and independent media outlets. In addition, she served as Research & Archival Editor for DW's "What Is A Woman?" and as Research Director & Story Editor for Amazon's #1 documentary in 2020, "The Plot Against the President".

Twitter: (@ladykennington)

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  • The world needs a lot of people just like her.It is a shame that 90% of the planet has to be destroyed so that the wealthiest 10% can breathe easier and eat better but these people will come to grief in the end.The authoritarians who are now showing their true colours imagine that they will be allowed to live but,as their usefulness wanes they will learn what it is to be hunted.All the court actions against this depopulation will become harder to accomplish every day that passes until it is forgotten what freedom used to be.


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