PM Orbán Rejects Ukraine's Demands: 'Safety of the Hungarian People is Most Important' (Video)

George Soros’ ties to Ukraine and to their President, may add to Orban’s decision to steer his nation away from this war.

At a European Council meeting Thursday evening, globalist-backed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky sternly addressed Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. The Ukrainian President attempted to pressure the Hungarian leader to join the other European Union nations in placing sanctions against Russia and otherwise assist Ukraine in its cause. 

Orbán, however, is one of the few European leaders who refuse to bow to political pressure. Furthermore, he will never waiver on the main task of his government; preserving Hungary’s security and the well-being of its citizens first.

Zelenskyy Demands Orbán Pick A Side

“There is no time to hesitate. It’s time to decide already,” Ukrainian President Zelenskyy said to Prime Minister Orbán at a European Council meeting Thursday evening. 

After listing off a majority of left-wing European Union (EU) countries he deemed cooperative, Zelenskyy stopped at Hungary and spoke directly to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

I must stop here and be honest. You must decide once and for all whose side you are on. You are an independent country. I’ve been to Budapest; I love the city. I’ve been there several times; I loved it, it’s hospitable, like the people. You have been through tragic moments. I went to the quay where I saw your memorial. I saw the shoes on the Danube bank where a mass murder had taken place. I was there with my family.

“Listen, Viktor, do you know what’s going on in Mariupol?” Zelenskyy asked, “Please if you can, go to your waterfront. Look at those shoes. And you will see how mass killings can happen again in today’s world.”

The Ukrainian President referred to the memorial honoring the roughly 20,000 Jews massacred at the edge of the water by Arrow Cross militiamen during the Second World War. He stressed that Russia is doing the same thing to Ukrainian civilians today. “Adults and children. Grandparents,” he said, “and there are thousands of them. And these thousands are gone.”

Ukraine Demands Hungary’s Help

President Zelenskyy has two demands for Hungary. The first is to vote for the extension of sanctions to the energy sector and stop buying both gas and crude oil from Russia. The second is to send weapons to Ukraine through its own borders. Zelenskyy stated,

And you are hesitating whether to impose sanctions or not?! And you are hesitating whether to send the guns or not?! And you are hesitating whether to trade with Russia or not? There is no time to hesitate. It is time to decide now.

Zelenskyy concluded his speech by emphasizing that Ukraine needs the support of Hungary. “We believe in your people. We believe in the European Union.”

Hungary First

Despite the Ukrainian President’s officious remarks, Orbán dismissed Zelensky’s appeal for weapons and stricter sanctions against Russia as it would be “against Hungary’s interests.” “Hungary wants to stay out of this war, so it will not allow the transfer of arms and weapons to Ukraine,”  Hungarian spokesperson Zoltan Kovacs said.

The Prime Minister’s chief of staff, Bertalan Havasi, also brought up that if crude oil and gas shipments were cut off, “Hungarian families would pay the cost of the war.” “85 percent of Hungarian households are heated with gas,” Havasi stated, “and 64 percent of Hungary’s crude oil imports come from Russia.” The press chief concluded that Hungary would oppose the extension of sanctions to the energy sector at all forums of the EU.

Protection of Hungarians The Priority

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó also addressed Zelenskyy’s demands, saying in a Facebook post,

We understand that for the Ukrainian president, Ukraine and the Ukrainian people are the most important. For us, however, Hungary and the safety of the Hungarian people are the most important.”

Szijjártó emphasized the government’s position, stating that Hungary would do everything in its power to stay out of the war. “Therefore, even after this, we will not allow weapon shipments in the territory of our home.” Weapon shipments, the foreign minister argued, would turn into military targets, “and we are not willing to risk the lives and safety of the Hungarian people.” Hungary has already taken in almost half a million Ukrainian refugees.

Hungary Refuses To Support A Globalist Agenda

Ukraine is frantically trying to convince the EU to back its fight against Russia. Although Hungary is technically an EU nation, it is virulently anti-communist and anti-EU immigration policies.

The EU has continuously held Orbán in contempt because of his opposition to nearly every EU policy which is defacto globalist-communist policies. For years, they have battled over George Soros’ program to create a new Europe without a Christian identity using mass illegal Muslim migration.

Even more than most European nations, Hungary’s history has been a struggle for freedom. Hungary has had to fight off the Islamic Ottoman Turks, the nazis, communists, globalist bureaucrats, and the left-wing media within the last century. As a result, Hungarians are generally not fond of sacrificing themselves to anyone aiming to change or harm their society and customs.

Hungary is also in the Visegrád Group (V4), who has a strategic partnership with Israel, making it almost the V5. These include Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic, and Slovakia. They share a common history and culture as well as a profound contempt for communism.

Complicating issues, Hungary is a NATO nation. The organization consists of 30 member states and has provided Ukraine with weapons and sanctions against Russia.

George Soros

The Hungarian-born billionaire behind the subversive Open Society Foundations, George Soros, supports Ukraine and its President, Volodymyr Zelensky. The controversial Globalist, who has been at war with Orbán for years, has promised to do everything to help Ukraine fight against Vladimir Putin and Russia. 

Soros is a major force in shaping policy and the direction of Ukraine. In 2019, he was named the second-most influential figure in Ukraine according to a prominent Russian-language Ukrainian newspaper, Vesti. The newspaper publishes a list of the 100 most influential people in the country. The financier Soros was second only to President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Kyiv-based newspaper points out that “through the organizations financed by him, Soros can influence economic and political life in all of Ukraine.”

The paper also writes that Soros, known for his active involvement in Ukraine’s economic and political life for more than 20 years, maintains a unique position of power through the Open Society Foundation and the dozens of other organizations he funds in the country.

Meanwhile, Orbán has spent years fighting to protect his country from Hungarian-American globalist billionaire George Soros who continues to meddle in Hungary’s internal affairs. PM Orbán named Soros the world’s number one oligarch who manages his political activities and influences European politics through a mafia-like network.

PM Orbán considers Soros one of the main drivers of illegal mass migration. As a result, Hungary is the only country to pass “Stop Soros” legislation criminalizing anyone aiding and abetting illegal migration.

Soros’ ties to Ukraine and to their President, may add to Orbán’s decision not to support Ukrainian requests and instead steer his nation away from this war.

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