Police Defy Trudeau and Pay Their Respect To Canada's Military Heroes (Exclusive)

Crowds of Canadians cheered for the police, who have been pitted against citizens by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the past several years.

On April 30, 2022, the Rolling Thunder motorcycle ride took place despite the Canadian government and mainstream media’s efforts to stop it. Thousands of citizens from across the country came to support the veteran-organized motorcycle ride. 

The bikers, mainly Canadian military veterans, went to the capital to “reclaim” their National War Memorial in Ottawa, which government authorities desecrated during the Freedom Convoy. Furthermore, Trudeau’s thugs forcibly removed the peaceful veterans from their memorial. (See here and here)

The “Rolling Thunder” convoy planned to loop through downtown, circle the National War Memorial, then head back out of town after the one loop of the monument. For weeks leading up to the event, Ottawa’s government tried to keep the veterans from getting close to their memorial. Finally, day’s before the scheduled veteran ride; an agreement was reached to allow the bikers to circle their monument.

However, on the day of the event, moments before the veterans were set to ride around their memorial, the police did not allow it. The officers feared that the crowds of leftists who gathered to protest the veterans could potentially attack and harm them.

Police Pay Their Respect

In a rare show of solidarity, Canadian police showed their respect to the Veterans and looped around the National War Memorial in Ottawa with their bikes and cars. Despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s efforts to pit citizens against the police, crowds of Canadians cheered the officers on in support. 

In an exclusive RAIR Foundation USA interview, Rolling Thunder organizer and veteran Neil Sheard explained that not only did the police show their respect to Veterans but to all Canadians:

The rank and file policeman said this is wrong what they’re doing. Police said we will salute the monument. So they saluted the veterans, and they were actually saluting the Canadian people as well because they had to start the healing. What they did was a big, big step. 

Sheard also recognizes that it was a big sacrifice for the officers to circle the memorial. It has been rumored that police will face disciplinary action for showing support to Rolling Thunder riders.

There is a concerted effort by the Canadian government to make the public dislike and mistrust the police in Canada. Sheard explains that leaders are trying their hardest to sow “fear, division and, hate.” However, Sheard and the veterans are pro-police and have spoken to many police officers who disagree with the government’s actions. As for the police who have illegally harmed Canadians, Sheard believes they will go to court and suffer the legal consequences of their abuses.

Watch Neil Sheard’s full interview with RAIR:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • “Sheard believes they will go to court and suffer the legal consequences of their abuses.”

    Oh, so you few clever people don’t see anything sick here?
    Isn’t it the big shit Just-in Through-The-Ass (fake name: Justin Trudeau) that should “go to court and suffer the legal consequences of his TERRORISM, GENOCIDE AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! ??????????????????????

    P.S. Hello Fuellmich & Co: WAKE UP!
    It is time to drop your face mask theater covering your eyes and ears, and start to do something!
    World’s most ridiculous law firm’s standard answer is always: Our team still digging for evidence and hard to find witnesses.

    • What can they do when the Courts are corrupt? It takes PEOPLE to understand what has been done to them – that was part of Fuellmich’s plan with the Peoples Grand Jury. Then along came Ukraine and the people were distracted yet again.
      Maybe humanity deserves what is coming.

  • The State is one major source of the campaign of tyranny that has been waged on us under the name of covid. The pigs are still and always will be the hired goons of the State. They jailed pastors and politicians and nurses and many citizens for the “crime” of going about their lives and not bowing to the hysteria and questioning the lies.

    The police can fuck right off, bunch of power hungry oinkers. The GOVERNMENT and all its tentacles will always be the number one threat to your safety, liberty, and prosperity. Riding around the war memorial means piss all.

    • Maybe, but those police were defying orders at least. Hopefully, there is a level of discontent in many police forces – they too are and will suffer the effects of these mRNA abominations. No one who has taken them is safe, and the die off is gonna’ increase exponentially.

  • these the same “police” that ran down an old lady with their horses?they chose tyranny over their citizens once they will do it again they get nothing from me except maybe a sh ot in the dern liver


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