'Police For Freedom': Spanish Officers Demonstrate Against the Coronavirus Lockdown and Masks (Video)

The organizer encouraged her fellow officers to fail to comply with the government tyrannical orders to punish people who do not use masks or deny the seriousness of the pandemic.

On November 28, 2020, “Police for Freedom” a group comprised of Spanish Law Enforcement officers, held a demonstration in the streets of downtown Valencia, Spain. The officers are protesting against their socialist government’s management of the Chinese coronavirus, the violation of citizens freedoms, and the mandated mask measures.

The demonstrators held signs declaring, “Enough with the Lies, “Enough with the Human Rights Abuse”, “The police want to breathe”, and “No to the Vaccine”.

“Police for Freedom” is a recently formed group that brings together members of State Security Forces and private surveillance groups to ensure the rights of Spanish citizens are protected. This same patriotic group held a large march in Madrid on November 7.

The groups spokesperson Sonia Vescovacci, a national police officer on leave of absence, has called for the civil liberties of citizens to be respected. Vescovacci has encouraged her fellow officers to fail to comply with the government tyrannical orders to punish people who do not use masks or deny the seriousness of the pandemic.

Although the group instructed all participants to wear masks, a large portion of the demonstrators did not listen to their request. Following the rally, Valencia’s local government targeted police, the event organizers and participants for failing to comply with the states coronavirus measures. Ninety police officers have received fines for demonstrating against the “Imposition of masks” without wearing them.

Watch the following video of the “Police for Freedom” demonstration which was filmed by a female patriot. The woman praises the brave officers marching for their country and citizens. She encourages people to share the inspirational video around the globe and allow people to see what police in Spain are like,

“let this video circle across the world and show what true policemen are like, this man over here marching for his country for his sisters and brothers for the children defending true humanity police.

Hopefully, the police officers in Germany who use water cannons against those who refuse to wear a mask, will learn from their example:

Video from the Demonstration:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Non compliance with the government’s unjust laws is the only way to stop this tyranny. Our basic human rights are not to be removed by any authority – freedom of speech, of association, of travel. The campaign of fear has to stop now and the government tried for crimes against humanity.

    • Wow, what courage and comradeship these brave officers have shown. This is fantastic to see and gives us here in the UK and around the world a spark of hope that perhaps our police
      will follow suit 🤗

  • Yeee , it’s good to see to get things moving forward and forming the first steps of a bigger global resistance movement against this world-wide madness of masks , lockdowns and vaccinations later on in the nearer future , already in the next coming weeks , months and years . This concerns all of us , the whole human race . Good that some courageous and brave police officers already did the initial steps in Valencia in Spain …..


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