Police State: German Doctor's Birthday Raided for Violating So-Called 'Toilet' Mask Mandate (watch)

It is tragic that police are now policing citizens at a birthday party instead of protecting the public from criminals.

In the following must-see video translated for RAIR Foundation USA, police raid Dr. Bobo Schiffmann’s birthday party at a German establishment after officials evidently received a tip that the doctor walked to the bathroom without a mask.

Bodo Schiffmann is a well-established German otorhinolaryngologist, and an outspoken critic of wearing coronavirus masks, particularly for children. He and his wife, Dr. Mechthild Schiffmann have owned their own practice since 2007.

After masked police intrude on the celebration, Dr. Schiffmann immediately pushed back against the claim that he and his party violated any rules. First, police state that the party did not “fill out forms in the restaurant” related evidently to coronavirus mandates. Dr. Schiffmann questions the regulation that demands “when” the forms are to be filled out and if that justifies a police visit. “Where is it written WHEN you’ll have to fill in these forms?” he asked police who had no answer.

The doctor has claimed (also see here) that masks played a role in the deaths of several children in Germany, and he was “fact-checked” by Reuters, even though the cause of the deaths does not appear to have been made public.

It is always suspicious when claims are “fact-checked” as false, but the supposed correct answer is not provided. “Reuters could not find any evidence, such as reports from the police or government, to support the claim that other children had died from wearing a mask,” Reuters reported, which is not a definitive argument, just an admission that they do not have the answer.

One cannot help but wonder if the physician was targeted because he is a vocal critic of arbitrary coronavirus restrictions. RAIR Foundation USA has reported extensively (scroll to bottom of article) on the tyranny being imposed on German citizens reminiscent of the German Democratic Republic.

It is tragic that police are now policing citizens at a birthday party instead of protecting the public from criminals.

There is a tense back and forth in the video, and the establishment representative also appears to pressure the innocent people to leave. It must be seen to be believed. People of good across the globe must stand against this tyrannical behavior or it will only get worse.

Watch and share this warning to all citizens:

Transcript: Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation!

Bodo Bodo Schiffmann:

Good evening… Good evening. Why are the police here?

What are you doing at my birthday party, if I may be so bold to ask?

Pardon? —What are you doing at my birthday party, if I may ask?


Because I just invited myself! First of all,

I would like to speak to the person in charge who booked this event,

and then we’ll talk about it again.

With pleasure. —If it’s your birthday, my congratulations,

and you still have to follow the Corona rules, and these were massively not observed here.

Bodo Schiffmann

To what extent have we supposedly broken them? —We will explain these to you in good time.

I would like to clarify that now, because you are currently disturbing a party.


—Yes, we disturb with pleasure, in the sense that social distancing is not being followed here.

Bodo Schiffmann:

How many people are allowed at private parties, if I may ask?


You have to fill out forms in the restaurant, and you have not yet filled them out.

Bodo Schiffmann:

But I’m still here!?! —Yet, you’ll have to fill out the form.

What the… I don’t understand this…

Where is it written?


—Also you’ve refused to wear a mask

Bodo Schiffmann:

Nobody asked us to wear a mask


Well, then you should ask… [unintelligible]

Bodo Schiffmann:

I assume you know me?


—No, not yet.

Bodo Schiffmann:

My name is Bodo Schiffmann. Do you know me now?

Yeah, good. —So, my name is Bodo Schiffmann, And I am a legally, well-qualified opponent of government measures, and therefore know my rights relatively well.

As for this, we’re at a party here.

I’m celebrating my birthday here. We have NOT exceeded the maximum number of guests.

We have NOT violated any Corona requirement here.

At the moment. The forms haven’t been filled out yet, otherwise we will make a voluntary disclosure. You record that, and then you can send me the collection of fines, so that I can forward them to the doctors and others for education, and otherwise I would ask you not to disturb my celebration any further, because that would be very KIND of you, and we also have many here with (medical) certificates.

While eating and drinking it’s also not usual.

Also, we’re sitting at our places and nobody walks around.

When I came in nobody asked me to do anything.

At this moment I do not understand this problem at all.


If you do not understand this… [unintelligible] when you enter the establishment you have to wear a mask.

Point, and you didn’t do this. We have… (Why didn’t we do this?) Before you, before you… um, um…

In general, here you have to fill out these forms first, and not at some point in the future.

Bodo Schiffmann:

Where is it written WHEN you’ll have to fill in these forms? In which regulation does it say WHEN you have to fill out this form?

Where is this stated? WHERE? I’ve never heard of this before.

Doesn’t EXIST… [unintelligible]


um, um … I was just putting it that way… I only asked you to fill out these forms.

Bodo Schiffmann:

That’s all well and good, but where is it written in the regulation that there is a time-limit when those forms have to be filled out? Everything else is a whim or simple speculation.

Pure despotism. Where is it written down?


There are also the house rights If the lady asks that of you, then yes she can… [unintelligible]

Invitations are issued to go shopping or dining.

The house right (domiciliary) does not fully apply to them.

Bodo Schiffmann:

Then we don’t have to pay the bill, or do I misunderstand this?

… .yeah, then we won’t have to pay…

and that’s why we did a lot to increase your turnover…


… I’m aware that you wanted to… [unintelligible]

Bodo Schiffmann:

Which regulations am I violating right now? Please tell us which regulations I’m VIOLATING right now while sitting here? Name ONE regulation; there isn’t one.

One meter social distancing… —Pardon me? There is no such regulation in gastronomy.

[unintelligible] …persons are allowed per table

We are here at a private party, where up to 50 persons are allowed

It could also be only 25; we even fall below that number.

But I don’t know how it is here. You don’t have to wear a mask while sitting at the table,

only if you want to go to the toilet or something similar.

We weren’t asked before. We haven’t filled out those forms yet

I offered you a voluntary report, and you can give me those fines.

At the moment, I see this as legally questionable, since we haven’t left this establishment yet.

When the house rules apply and they want to expel me from the premises, then of course we will simply leave the premises, because then hospitality is no longer present. Then I don’t see any need to extend the whole farce.

I believe my name is sufficiently well-known. We have registered so many demonstrations already.

I’ve submitted my documents thousands of times. You know me from TV, too,

and so I would ask you now — since we are at a PRIVATE CELEBRATION —

to tell me specifically the law we are violating here, since that law does not exist.


I don’t know your name.

Bodo Schiffmann:

—The name Schiffmann isn’t known to you…

…that means you’ll have to explain to us in detail which regulations we’re violating here…

The innkeeper still has the house rights, I still have…


someone from your party went to the toilet without wearing a mask.

Bodo Schiffmann:

That was me, but I have a medical exemption, and I told this to the innkeeper.


But did not show it to her.


—He doesn’t have to.

…on what legal basis must he show the medical certificate to the innkeeper?


But it is not proven whether he has a medical exemption certificate.

Bodo Schiffmann:

He doesn’t have to, because it falls under doctor-patient confidentiality.

You don’t have to… [unintelligible]


We have just spoken to our control center [unintelligible]

Then, ah, ah, we will do it like this, “THIS EVENT ENDS”.

The innkeeper has the house right, and under these circumstances, would like this to END.

Bodo Schiffmann:

Very well, then she should bring the bill.

She doesn’t need to, because when they use the house right and throw you out, then we cannot pay… [unintelligible]

Bodo Schiffmann:

Then I have to go through my legal counsel since my guest-right has been revoked.

Do I have to pay now or NOT?


—I’m not a lawyer… [unintelligible]


…for the purpose… [unintelligible] does that make sense…

Bodo Schiffmann:

House rights must be preserved … [unintelligible] …but you evict us on unlawful grounds.

You can’t throw anyone out of a restaurant because of [unintelligible]

…basically we have to implement that…

You are only allowed to act if a law is broken.


Yes, but owner has the house right.

Bodo Schiffmann:

[unintelligible] We have been invited to dine here.

This is a public invitation, there is a sign, the door is open,

the event had been registered… we already ate…

And we wanted to leave now anyway; that’s why I don’t understand why THIS.

…Can the innkeeper please come and talk to us…



Bodo Schiffmann to Innkeeper:

So if you evict us from the house now, we won’t have to pay the bill, that’s clear.

That would be a shame, but what “crime” have we committed here?

You didn’t say hello to me, nor did anyone ask me to wear the mask.

I have a medical exemption certificate from Dr. Ulrich Kremer. I am a doctor myself.

This gentleman has a certificate, and I don’t know why you’re checking it, and doubt it when he is alone on the way to the toilet. I cannot understand this, either.

We could have filled out the forms; we certainly won’t fill them out now.

I also don’t understand why you are disturbing my private party now, after first giving me the right of hospitality. I didn’t break hospitality law; I didn’t break anything.

So I’m still a little horrified here at the moment, Because so far here in the East we have experienced very cooperative police officers. I have at each and every demonstration — there were 35 demonstration within 15 days that are behind me — and we had always extremely nice citizens in uniform who refused to do what the government wants.

We have arbitrary measures here, and I am against these arbitrary measures, along with Mr. Eckhard. The two most famous representatives in the German, um… German Democratic Republic… [unintelligible]

Because we see that things aren’t going as they did in 1989.

Because here there is currently, you are welcome to look at the current figures, not a threatening pandemic, but there are simply arbitrary authorities here. Against these arbitrary authorities I stand on the street for freedom,

for all of us. And that’s why I’m a little bit irritated… I’m not done with my sentence, I haven’t paused… I only wanted to explain why I “liked” being here. [unintelligible] …if you can explain to me why I have no longer house rights with you, why you withdrew those civil house rights?

And how we will proceed now with the bill?

I’m not talking to YOU, I’m speaking with the lady who made the booking.


It was on my order that this establishment was booked, I have it in writing.

Under the false pretense that you are having a birthday party.

Bodo Schiffmann:

—Yes, I’m just celebrating my birthday late, and those are my friends. What is WRONG with that? [unintelligible]


I’d like you to vacate the premises.

Bodo Schiffmann:

All right, we will do that. Do we have to use the side-door, or…

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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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