Political Set-up: FBI Hunts Citizens Directed Into The Capitol

If citizens do not push back against these political arrests, they will only continue and get worse.

The FBI is charging “dozens” of citizens with federal crimes for entering the Capitol building on Wednesday.

The FBI missed “known wolves” such as the Underwear bomber, the Boston Marathon bombers, Omar Mateen and Fort Hood Terrorist Nidal Hasan. The FBI has been unable to update Americans on whether the 10-month-old death of Department of Homeland Security Phil Haney is even a murder or suicide investigation. How many Black Lives Matter / Antifa rioters over the summer were arrested on federal charges?

As reported at RAIR Foundation USA, leftist activists have made an art of swarming into state buildings, often receiving praise for their efforts by politicians and the media. Now, Trump supporters who were waved into the Capitol by police are facing federal charges for something leftist activists do on a regular basis.

If citizens do not push back against these political arrests, they will only continue and get worse.

According to an FBI Press Release, “Thirteen individuals have been charged with federal crimes”. The names are as follows: Cleveland Meredith, Richard Barnett, Lonnie Coffman, Mark Leffingwell, Christopher Alberts, Joshua Pruitt, Matthew Council, Cindy Fitchett, Michael Curzio, Douglas Sweet, Bradley Ruskelas, Terry Brown, and Thomas Gallagher.

Most of the charges are related to the fact that they were on the premises. One of those charged is Lonnie Coffman, 70, whose vehicle allegedly “contained 11 explosive devices known as Molotov cocktails and firearms”. Considering that Coffman has no criminal record, there is something fishy about his story. Not surprisingly, he does not appear to have a social media presence.

One person that is not on the FBI’s list, of course, is John Sullivan, a Black Lives Matter activist from Utah who “organized a BLM-Antifa event at the Washington Memorial on Wednesday, January 6th,” as reported at the Gateway Pundit. RAIR Foundation USA previously reported that Sullivan climbed into the Capitol through a broken window. Sullivan was charged with “rioting, a third-degree felony” among other charges last year. He also gained attention in August for screaming on a bullhorn to “rip Trump out of that office..” as reported first by RAIR’s Amy Mek.

Despite his known militant background, Sullivan was interviewed by CNN and ABC for his testimony about Trump Supporter Ashli Babbitt’s death after she was killed by Capitol Police.

Others arrested include Adam Johnson of Florida (Carrying the lectern), West Virginia Republican delegate Derrick Evans, Richard Barnett of Arkansas, Jake Angeli (the Viking), Kristina Malimon (Vice chair of Oregon Young Republicans). RAIR Foundation will be closely monitoring the arrests.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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