Population Control Group Cheers as Biden Forces Taxpayers to Fund Overseas Abortions

American citizens are once again forced to pay for abortions outside the United States.

Thanks to a Biden Executive Order, American citizens are forced to pay for abortions outside the United States, once again satisfying the leftist population control obsession. The group “Population Connection,” once known as thee Zero Population Growth movement or ZPG, is cheering the move.

“With the Global Gag Rule lifted, communities in countries from Guatemala to Kenya to Nepal will be one step closer to getting the reproductive health care they deserve,” a Press Release from the Population Connection gushed. “Family planning” is and has always been about population control.

President Trump stopped taxpayer funding from going to foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that conduct abortions or promote abortions in foreign countries after Obama reinstated the funds during his reign. It will be no surprise to RAIR readers that George Soros’ Open Society Foundations gave funding to pro-abortion groups abroad in an attempt to fight President Trump.

Known as the “Global Gag Rule,” or the “Mexico City Policy,” President Ronald Reagan first stopped funds from being distributed to pro-abortion organizations in 1984.

Founded by Paul Ehrlich in 1968, the Population Connection was based on the notoriously failed predictions of massive overpopulation and global catastrophe from his book, The Population Bomb. At the time, Ehrichs’s book was a wild success that “triggered a wave of repression around the world.” Despite the fact that Ehrlich’s dire predictions never materialized, the Population Connection endures and gives plenty of money to democrats to promote their population control agenda.

The Global Her Act

One of those Democrats, former Rep. Nita Lowey, introduced the “Global Her Act,” which “would prevent a future president from unilaterally reinstating the Global Gag Rule,” according the Population Connection. The bill has 196 sponsors, all democrats.

“With majorities in both chambers and a president on the record in favor of the bill,” Stacie Murphy, Director of Congressional Relations at the Population Connection declares on their website, “there’s no reason we can’t pass it this year. But it’s only going to happen if we’re willing to fight for it.”

To be clear, they are “fighting” for Americans to pay for abortion in foreign countries.

The Global Her Act is a perfect example of a radical group writing legislation, and then bribing elected officials to promote it, as discussed at RAIR.

It is about Population Control

The Population Connection Action Fund is not shy about their mission, which “educates and advocates progressive action to stabilize the human population.” They seek to achieve this “stabilization” through abortion, as well as sterilization. In the 70’s, according to their website, ZPG even “opened vasectomy clinics.”

According to their 2019 990 form, the Population Connection “‘deepened partnerships with international NGOs’ such as Conservation Through Public Health and Wings Guatemala, which performed 2,147 tubal ligations, 286 vasectomies, 893 IUDs and 2,836 subdermal hormonal implants.”

Population Connection even has a curriculum for k-12 students they claim is used by “[T]ens of thousands of teachers” in America. While pro-abortion activists cheer, elected Republicans are silent.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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