Priest Slams 'Gene Injection' - 'We Are Experiencing the Largest Medical Experiment in History'

René Dorer considers the government’s coercive and divisive “vaccination strategy a violation of the Nuremberg Code.”

Instead of most Church leaders supporting their flock during the coronavirus pandemic, they have aligned themselves with the government and big pharma narratives. However, there is resistance against compulsory “vaccinations” and blindly following the government within the Church. One who does not conform is Franciscan brother René Dorer. 

In an open letter to Bishop Manfred Scheuer, Dorer expressed his outrage at the Church’s silence and their support of many governments’ “unconstitutional and non-evidence-based” lockdowns, mandates, and compulsory “gene therapy drugs.” Furthermore, he slammed leaders within the Church who were muzzling and defaming priests critical of the state’s tyrannical measures.

Since September, Dorer has been in Austria, where he was affected by the lockdown for the unvaccinated because he refused the gene injection. But the lockdown is not the only reason why he is fighting for Christians and his fellow citizens. For months, Dorer has challenged Church leaders and politicians trampling on citizens’ fundamental rights. Despite being persecuted by the Church, Dorer continues to fight those abusing citizens’ freedoms in the name of combatting a virus.

Targetted By The Church

This past summer, the courageous youth pastor and priest was banned from teaching at a high school because of a video he made in May 2021 questioning the state’s coroanvirus measures. Church leaders relieved him of his job after Dorer voiced his concerns about the severe burdens the measures placed on children and adolescents. The priest implored Church leaders to hold open discussions about the state’s actions instead of silencing people and trampling on citizens’ fundamental rights such as the freedom of expression. 

Dorer expressed displeasure with his supposed co-religionists, increasingly abandoning and targeting Christians to please those in power during the pandemic. The latest inglorious example was the Viennese cathedral pastor Toni Faber, who threw the Catholic doctrine overboard during a media appearance. During an interview with Faber endorsed the state’s discriminatory lockdown measures and declared that he had no sympathy for those who had not been vaccinated.

Coercion And Division

In his letter to Bishop Scheuer, Dorer explained the lack of understanding among Church leaders that the “vaccines” are not conventional. In addition to the jabs’ short development and testing time, the Franciscan also considers the states constantly changing parameters to be questionable.

Dorer also criticizes the increasing coercion to be jabbed, which he feels is why many people choose to have the injection. After all, explains Dorer, people want to participate and continue to work in public life and to support their families. The priest, like many other politicians and legal professionals, believes that leaders actions violate the Nuremberg Code:

In my opinion, this is clearly an indirect compulsion to vaccinate, which is contrary to human rights. I consider this action a violation of the Nuremberg Code. It is done with the argument of defeating a virus with an infection mortality rate of only 0.15% (cf. Stanford Professor John Ioannidis, WHO), which is equivalent to the infection mortality rate of the common flu.

Doer also notes his concern that the Church is acting as an extension of the system and doing nothing to counter the division in society that the government has provoked.

Priest’s Open Letter Slams Mandatory ‘Vaccine’ and Masks

Open letter to Bishop Manfred Scheuer,

Dear Bishop Manfred Scheuer.

I look back with gratitude on the time when you were our bishop in the diocese of Innsbruck. Now I have followed you to Upper Austria. Since September, I am a chaplain in a parish of your diocese Linz, in Enns St. Marien. I appreciate you very much as my shepherd.

Starting today, we have the first day of the “lockdown for the unvaccinated” in Upper Austria; I take this as an opportunity to write you this open letter. I, too, can now practically no longer participate in public life, as I am one of the “unsolidary unvaccinated.” I am still very concerned about the political reactions to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Already in January, I wrote an open letter to the bishops of Austria in this regard:
At the end of April, I questioned the anti-corona measures of the government in a video on my YouTube channel. I had to delete the video. (Videotext:

Indirect Coercion to Gene Therapy

Obviously, the widely advertised so-called “Corona -vaccination” is not a vaccination in the conventional sense but a gene therapy drug, which has only conditional EU approval. With about nine months of development and testing time, it is obviously impossible to say much about the severe possible side effects of the gene therapy “Corona vaccine” in the medium term. At the moment, we are clearly experiencing the largest medical experiment in history. Anyone who wants to can participate. But what I have noticed for months is that there is a clear indirect compulsion to “spike” (slang term for the jab in Austria), as the “vaccination” should probably be better named. I have already met many people who “actually” did not want the “gene injection.”

They have surrendered to the injection to participate in public life and not run the risk of losing their jobs. The government is openly committed to its strategy of “vaccinating” as many people as possible and is not afraid to reinforce an indirect compulsion to “inject” through the 2G regulations and the lockdown for the unvaccinated. In my opinion, this is clearly an indirect compulsion to vaccinate, which is contrary to human rights. I consider this action a violation of the Nuremberg Code. It is done with the argument of defeating a virus with an infection mortality rate of only 0.15% (cf. Stanford Professor John Ioannidis, WHO), which is equivalent to the infection mortality rate of the common flu.

States with high vaccination coverage (Israel, Iceland, some counties in the U.S.) have more COVID-19 cases in percentage terms than other areas with lower vaccination coverage, according to a Harvard study. Is this an indication of the lack of success of gene injection, which cannot deliver on many promises made?

Among other things, in a statement from the RKI Institute (small print) on Corona vaccinations also mentions this (side effects). In addition, there are reports of side effects in connection with the gene-based injections (= “Corona vaccination”). Thus, they make it clear to me that a massive additional problem seems to be developing here.

Mandatory masks in public areas: greater harm than good

Scientific articles and studies indicate that wearing masks in public areas causes more harm than good. Adherence to mandatory mask use in public settings is not evidence-based, in the view of many experts. I consider the compulsory wearing of masks in public areas to be a modern-day Gessler hat. Anyone who wears a mask in public places, even though it makes no sense to him, shows that he is submitting to the system without criticism.

Church-extended arm of the system

I note with concern that many representatives of the Church-especially the bishops-have been acting for months, as far as the Corona measures are concerned, seemingly like a merely extended arm of the political system, and have made virtually no critical comments on the political response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

I wish you, Bishop Manfred Scheuer, the power and the light of the Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit is also essential, and I ask for your episcopal blessing,

Br. René Dorer (ofm).

(Thank you to Miss Piggy for the letter translation)

Continue reading the Priests letter here

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • And we all wonder, what the heck are those lawyers and judges still sleeping, why is the “Nuremberg II Trial” not yet started and why is this mRNA GENOCIDE allowed to continue for every second, every minute, day after day?
    The Corona Investigative Committee seems to be a big joke, when Fauci is still not arrested and is still allowed to talk his flip flop and nobody of those Covid, vaccine and Great Reset criminals are arrested and World Economic Forum is not yet classified as a terrorist organisation.

      • I’ve looked for the information and couldn’t find it …
        Where do you find it, since it seems it’s the case for you?

    • They’re probably complicit in some manner. You have to realize that all 193, I believe it is, members of the UN signed off on what we are witnessing; including the US of A.

  • I applaud Father Dorer. He has affirmed what I have been alleging for months. If and when justice is ever restored, the trials for crimes against humanity will make the Nuremberg trials look like a church picnic.

  • the christian faith – church institutions – have been corrupted and seized from within by satanic devil puppets. Just like the world. The tares strangle the wheat until the harvest thrashes the tares by judgement.

  • IMO.
    Dear Mr. Dorer you are talking in the wrong direction.
    What is going on is a direct biowarfare against humanity. The murderous plan exists since 1990 and the Dark Side insists only 800 million people are allowed to walk on the planet, alas, as their slaves.

    We must start talking straight, about the Dark Powers behind this biowarfare against humanity, for instance how about a start with ANSER, Fors Marsh, Q Palantir and Publish Sapient.
    (ANSER is carrying out Operation Warp Speed, Fors Marsh is marketing the vaccines, Q Palantir is carrying out data tracking and Publish Sapient is HHS IT).

    IMO discussions about Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and Merck Ridgeback is a waste of time.
    They are their front-puppies.

    Discussing about them and their injections, with cloths in your face, social distance, lockdown is all decoy. The real thing are the mentioned perpetrators.

    IMO we have to start talking straight, and forget about these decoys.

    It is time we speak up for the truth and nothing but the truth and no decoy language, as they like us to do.

    Genocide is unacceptable. This could be about our last chance for freedom and happiness.

  • another colossal blunder like turning your back on Gods Chosen people when they were being hauled off the the gas chambers in WW2.

    for everyone else that can read, take the time to investigate whats really going on… your life depends on it.

    • Of course that was part of a longer tradition. Because the communists were going to create a perfect new world, we ignore the deliberate killing of priests in Eastern Europe, Spain and elsewhere by the communists. We also ignored the holodomor and the massive genocides and the Ukraine and elsewhere by the communists. We ignored the deliberate targeting of people of conscience by both the communists and the Nazis – or should I say national socialists.

      And, oh by the way, God’s chosen people includes all of humanity not just the Jews.

  • Ara Fura:

    “Nurmberg 2.0 was started a couple of days ago.
    Keep up2date, my dear man, do your checking and research.”

    What fairy tales are you talking about? Maybe you are dreaming?
    My dear man, wake up and do your checking and research when you are awake, ok?

    It doesn’t look so, I still hear Flip Flop Fauci talking and being in great power.

    Dear Ara Fura, wake up and stop writing shit!

    • Nothing started nothing will until we start it.
      The worst of enemies is the one posing as a friend.
      Do not let others do the dirty work for you do it yourself.
      Otherwise you won’t be sure it is done nor done correctly.
      But first we must turn the tide of public opinion.
      This war after all is a war of minds a war of propaganda.
      They have the media we have the truth.
      Never forget that.

  • We now know this whole gene modifying drug experiment is a total failure unless the goal was to poison the population of the earth and cause death and destruction.
    Read Covid 19 and the Global Predators
    by Peter Breggin MD

  • This war is spiritual.
    They try to divide us for millenia and now it is the time to unite.
    There are people on both sides that are good people but the people in “power” are bad because of the Occult all of them are members of and as such being blackmailed coerced threatened killed is just a reality for them.
    Whatever you may believe it is your actions that count.
    Actions speak more than words and to confront evil is mandatory to survive this war.
    Disengage yourself from the powers that be and their powers diminish by the count of a drop of rain in the coming storm.
    We the people have the power they have only the power of evil and destruction.
    Remember Julian Assange one of the great heroes of our times and let us put an end to the spell, let us end this here and now because only we can.

  • Dear Ara Fura!

    You see, they have not yet arrested that GENOCIDE criminal Fauci and his criminal gang. And his mouth is still not taped shut, he is still spewing out those Genocide terrorist orders to the stupid citizens and to his criminal followers:

    “Dr. Anthony Fauci said Saturday morning that he would not be shocked to learn that the COVID-19 omicron variant is already in the U.S.”

  • The super rich, as it turns out are also super evil. No, you don’t understand, really really evil. They treat the rest of humanity like property and they are all 100% psychopaths. People that guard and support these demons have reservations in hell.

  • This time you cannot blame the right as they have been effectively outlawed since 1945.
    This time it is those factions aligned with or descendant from the allied powers that did the dirty deeds we have seen in recent decades including this genocidal clot shot being pushed on mankind in general and white humanity in particular.
    We need to round up all the special interests pushing the clot shot, white genocide, social engineering and other PC antichrist atrocities and bring them to justice for crimes against God and humanity.


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