Proof: Twitter Takes Commands from the Hard Left - The Deplatforming of @amymek

President Trump’s executive order is the catalyst to leveling the playing field by treating the social media giants in a like manner to how all other media companies are treated with accountability through potential liability.

On May 28, 2020, President Donald J. Trump issued an executive order aimed at preventing online media censorship. The President’s executive order comes at a time when radical left organizations are pressuring and influencing the social media giants into online censorship. Aligning with these radical groups, Twitter, Facebook, Google and others are increasingly silencing conservative voices. RAIR Foundation USA’s own Amy Mek has been caught up in this conservative censorship storm as her Twitter account has been suspended since April 16th for reporting the facts about Coronavirus jihad attacks.

Online Censorship

Twitter, Facebook and Google, have made it a regular practice to delete selective content and entire accounts without warning or rationale, leaving users without recourse. While every media business is certainly free to choose the content it publishes and the editorial position it advances on issues including politics, typical media businesses can be held liable for libel and slander for publishing erroneous and damaging content.

These social media behemoths, however, have successfully categorized themselves as “platforms” and not media companies that create or publish content. As “platforms,” these tech giants have successfully positioned themselves as equivalent to passive bulletin boards facilitating discussions, and not the actual creator or curator of that content. Much like a wireless carrier who is not liable for what is spoken on their phone lines, social media platforms are supposed to be the means for neutrally distributing content produced by others. As a result, the social media companies are not responsible for what is said or published on their “platforms.”

The Communications Decency Act essentially provides an exemption to these “platforms” from the liability that all other media companies, including your local newspapers and tv stations, New York Times, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and individual bloggers, must defend themselves from every day.

Examples like the deplatforming of Amy Mek by Twitter and the ever-growing other countless examples of these “platforms” removing content or restricting access to their distribution channels makes it crystal clear that these social media giants have crossed the line from passive distributors of content like a wireless cell phone carrier facilitating phone calls and entrenched themselves deeply as editorial content businesses advancing political agendas.

The ability of these social media companies to become editorial content businesses is completely within their rights and totally within their discretion. BUT, if they make the decision to become editorial content businesses, as they clearly have, than the laws of the United States should treat these companies should lose their liability shield and be exposed to potential liability like all other editorial content business such as Associated Press, Time Magazine, Bloomberg New or the Wall Street Journal.

In making their editorial and deplatforming decisions, Twitter and its social media brethren are now customarily turning to radical left organizations for “facts” and succumbing to the pressures from these groups. Twitter’s recent handling of the weaponization of the coronavirus by a group of Jihadists represents an alarming and ever-growing trend of social media companies cowering to the agendas of radical left organizations, and allowing them to dictate what accounts and what information is removed from its platform.

Equality Labs Imposes Its Radical Agenda on Twitter

With the global outbreak of the coronavirus, Jihadists in India and around the globe were caught weaponizing the coronavirus. This is not speculation. Instead of loudly calling out the vastly unreported and potentially deadly tactics, militant leftist organizations such as Equality Labs, launched an aggressive online campaign to suppress, intimidate and deplatform citizens who reported the well-proven Coronavirus Jihad.  

With gushing publicity from Time, the Huffington Post, the Washington Post and The Guardian, Equality Labs pushed the the hashtag #StopCOVIDIslamophobia and lobbied for online censorship to support its radical agenda. Equality Labs’ sent a letter lobbying world leaders, Twitter and the other social media companies that can be viewed here.

Although there exists a plethora of factual support that Jihadists in India and around the globe are in fact weaponizing the coronavirus, Twitter chose to adopt the Equity Labs “facts” and censored dissenting, albeit substantiated, posts on the subject. As a result, the @amymek Twitter account has been suspended since March 16th.

On April 13, 2020, Equality Labs’ executive director Thenmozhi Soundararajan was quoted in the Guardian article titled “Coronavirus conspiracy theories targeting Muslims spread in India.” Regurgitating the propaganda, the Guardian reported that India’s Muslims “[are] being accused, without any basis, of conducting a malevolent campaign to spread Covid-19 to the Hindu majority.” (emphasis added).

The documented accounts and facts undercut Soundararajan’s wishful statement. Leftist media and organizations consistently disregard real crime and real terrorism, opting instead to attack and deplatform those like Amy Mek who report the facts.

Amy Mek’s suspension:

On April 16, 2020, the @Amymek Twitter account was suspended (and still remains suspended) as 12 of her tweets were flagged for violating Twitter’s rules against “hateful conduct.” These tweets clearly fall within the essence of the Equality Labs intimidation and deplatforming campaign. Below, all 12 of those flagged tweets are detailed with comprehensive factual support.

Tweet #1

The headquarters of terror-tied Islamic missionary movement, Tablighi Jamaat, is located in a five-story building in Delhi, India. On any given day this building, known as the Markaz, is normally full of activity with hundreds of worshippers streaming in and out of the building.

But, on March 22, 2020, authorities shut its doors – with about 2,500 worshippers still inside. It was subsequently learned that a religious gathering organized by the group caused the biggest coronavirus spike in India. The event at Tablighi Jamaat’s headquarters was dubbed as a coronavirus super-spreader, with more than 4,000 confirmed cases and dozens of deaths linked to the event reported across the country. At the time, nearly one-third of India’s coronavirus cases were related to the religious gathering at Jamaat’s headquarters.

Over 25,000 Jamaat members and their contacts had to be quarantined across nearly 17 Indian states.

Tablighi Jamaat is a Sunni missionary movement that was founded in India in 1926 encouraging a focus on Islamic religious ritual and a return to the ways of the Prophet Muhammad. There are estimated to be about 80 million followers worldwide.

The leader of the prominent controversial Islamic group, Tablighi Jamaat, has been charged with manslaughter in India after hosting the large gathering in Delhi.

Police say their groups leader, Muhammad Saad Khandalvi, ignored two notices to end the event at their mosque in the capital in March.

In a leaked audio clip, Tablighi Jamaat chief Maulana Saad can reportedly be heard instructing followers to not abide by government/medical guidelines with regards to the coronavirus outbreak.

In a 28-minute audio clip of a sermon posted on March 19 on Markaz’s YouTube channel, Jamaat chief Maulana Saad called coronavirus an “azaab” (God’s punishment) and asked his followers to run to the mosques. He also called the assertion that people gathering in the mosque will lead to more infections as “baatil khayal” (falsehood). Saad encouraged followers to not listen to doctors.

Tablighi Jamaat emerged as a main vector spreading the Coronavirus in not just India, but across the world. As many as 2,100 foreigners visited India since March for Tablighi activities.

Many of the Tablighi Jamaat refused to be tested, quarantined or cooperate with authorities to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Dozens of members who were attending the event from India and other countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Kyrgyzstan, etc.) were arrested and/or being investigated for such things as, concealing their travel to the event, defying India’s lockdown when placed in quarantine, violating prohibitory orders, breaking lockdown for Dawah (spread Islam), sexually harassing nurses, spitting on doctors, attacking police and government officials, and illegally attending mosque gatherings, etc.

On April 4, it was reported that the Delhi Police had found more than 500 foreign Tablighi Jamaat preachers “hiding in 16-17 places” in the city. On April 5, Uttarakhand DGP (Director of Police) Anil Kumar Raturi had to send a warning to other unruly members of Tablighi Jamaat to report to the administration for testing and quarantine by Monday, failing which cases would be registered against them under sections of ‘murder’ and ‘attempt to murder.’

The move came after of Tablighi Jamaat members endangered public health officials by attending the religious congregation and then deliberately spit on the medical staff and refusing to be quarantined in a bid to spread infection.

Lashing out against the organizers of controversial Tablighi Jamaat, Waseem Rizvi, the chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Central Shia Waqf Board said the Tablighi Jamaat had planned a ‘fidayeen’ (suicide) attack on India by spreading the deadly coronavirus, reports News State.

Tablighi Jamaat has a long history of terrorism ties with organizations such as Al Qaeda, Taliban and Kashmiri terrorist and individuals such as Osama bin Laden, to name a few. Specific member have carried through and been linked to many different terrorist acts across the world.

The Indian government has banned over 2,500 foreign Tablighi Jamaat members who attended the even in Delhi from entering India for the next 10 yrs.

RAIR deems terror-tied Tablighi Jamaat’s members actions as dangerous, and “hateful conduct” while twitter deems Amy Mek’s reporting as “hateful conduct”:

News Reports about Tablighi Jamaat’s event in Delhi:

New Reports of Tablighi Jamaat’s member who attended the event in Delhi who deliberately tried to spread coronavirus, attack people trying to treat them, and/or have them tested:

Tablighi Jamaat’s terrorist ties:

Tweet #2

An Islamic mob formed in the streets in a coronavirus hotspot in Balbhoonpoora, India to prevent authorities from quarantining an Imam who had come into contact with an infected Tablighi Jamaat attendee.

Banbhoonpura in Haldwani emerged as a hotspot for the coronavirus after many people associated with the Tablighi Jamaat tested positive for the Coronavirus in the area, reported OpIndia.

The mob had taken over the entire road in Balbhoonpura and completely surrounded the Police and the medical team which had visited the area. Ultimately, appeals had to be made through Islamic clerics to bring the mob under control as police were completely ignored.

At the time of the tweet below, 15 people in the area had been confirmed to have tested positive for the coronavirus, which includes 8 persons who had attended the Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi. The Imam and 14 others had come into contact with those coronavirus patients, and that’s why they needed to be quarantined and tested.

RAIR deems the mob attacking authorities trying to prevent the spread of coronavirus as both dangerous and “hateful conduct” while Twitter deems Amy Mek’s reporting as “hateful conduct”:

Similar videos were attached to Amy Mek’s tweet:

Supporting Evidence/Sources:

Tweet #3

After Tablighi Jamaat defied the Indian government’s orders forbidding large gatherings amidst the coronavirus outbreak, Muslim clerics of Tablighi Jamaat were caught trying to spread the deadly virus.

Jamaat Clerics believed to have been afflicted by the coronavirus infection, were caught spitting out of bus windows while they were being transported from Nizamuddin for treatment.

In order to avoid the spread of the virus, officials had to order the Muslim clerics to shut the bus windows.

The following tweet by Tarek Fatah has then same video that was attached to Amy Mek’s tweet:

  • Supporting evidence:

The DGP (Senior most person in the entire police department) of Himachal Pradesh, SR Mardi had cautioned that people diagnosed with the Coronavirus should refrain from spitting on others, else charges of ‘attempt to murder’ would be registered against them. If the person who is being spat on dies, unfortunately, then, the perpetrator will be booked for ‘murder’.

The move comes at the backdrop of the recklessness of the Tablighi Jamaat members who had endangered public health by attending a religious congregation and then by deliberately spitting on the medical staff in a bid to spread infection.

Similar Tablighi Jamaat spitting bio-terrorism attacks

Tablighi Jamaat members who were quarantined at Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial Medical College in Kanpur, after they attended the religious gathering in Delhi and came in contact with several people with Coronavirus, attacked medical staff and spat on them during their hospital stay in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

A coronavirus patient linked to the Tablighi Jamaat event, reportedly, spat on a nurse in the isolation ward of the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Tamil Nadu’s Tiruchirappalli. The Hospital staff filed a case against the Tablighi Jamaat member. Based on a complaint by the hospital, the member violated:

“the following Indian Penal Codes (IPC)’s: Sections 269 (negligent act likely to spread infection of disease), 270 (Malignant act likely to spread infection of disease) and 271 (Disobedience to quarantine rule).

In another spitting bio-terrorism attack, Tablighi Jamaat members who were sent to quarantine facilities in Delhi after exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus had allegedly behaved in a dangerous and abusive way with the facility staff and doctors. According to Deepak Kumar, the Chief Public Relation Officer for the Northern Railway, occupants made unreasonable demands for food, misbehaved and abused staff members and started spitting all over and on persons working/attending them, including doctors.

Supporting Evidence/Sources:

Tweet #4

Nasik police in India arrested a 40 year-old Muslim man, Sayyad Jameel, after he published a controversial Tik Tok video of himself that went viral on social media.

The video showed Jameel taking a bunch of currency notes and licking them with his tongue and wiping his nose with them. He says that the coronavirus has no treatment because it is sent by ‘Allah’, implying that he is going to pass those currency notes around, to spread the disease.

Sayyad Jameel uses few 500 denomination notes to wipe his nose and mouth as he looks into the camera and says: “There is no cure for a disease like corona because it is the punishment of Allah, for you people.”

Video attached to the tweet:

The police posted on Twitter that they had identified Jameel and arrested him under section 153 and 188 of the Indian penal code. Twitter even removed the video posted in the police’s Twitter account (see below).

Supporting Evidence/Sources regarding Sayyad Jameel’s video and arrest:

Supporting Evidence/Sources regarding Tik Tok’s communist ties:

Tweet #5

A sub-inspector and three constables were seriously injured when a police team trying to enforce the ongoing government lockdown were attacked by a group of villagers in the Muslim-dominated area of Muzaffarnagar.

Eyewitnesses said that some people were roaming on the streets when the police officers tried to make them go back. Angered by this, they viciously attacked the cops with stones, iron rods and lathis and beat them severely. The miscreants fled after the attack. Two of the policemen were critically injured during the attack.

RAIR deems the violent terrorist attacks against police officers trying to enforce the coronavirus lockdown rule as both dangerous and “hateful conduct” while twitter deems Amy Mek’s reporting as “hateful conduct”:

Similar video attached to tweet:

Supporting Evidence/Sources:

Tweet #6

Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a full lockdown of India in the wake of the Coronavirus spreading across the country.  While the government was imposing stringent restrictions to ensure that the spread is contained, Muslims defied the government’s orders not to attend mosque. Police personnel struck illegal attendees outside a mosque in Karnataka’s Belgaum district who were putting the country at risk.

Video attached to the tweet:

Similar incidents where Muslims defied India’s lockdown orders, refused to close Mosques, and put others lives at risk:

  • In a similar incident, a Muslim mob had not only assembled at a local mosque in Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh but also attacked the policemen for asking to avoid mass prayers (namaz) in the view of nationwide lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Muslims had defied the rules to assemble at the mosque. On receiving information that people had gathered at the mosque located in Mohalla Mohammad Saeed town of Bhogaon, Inspector Pahup Singh reached the mosque with fellow policemen. When asked to open the door of the mosque, the mob became angry and refused to open the doors of the mosque.
  • In another similar incident, on March 24, a Muslim mob in Meerut created a ruckus over being stopped from offering namaz in the mosques by the city police. Scores of Muslims had hit the streets at around 5:30 PM on Sunday in Meerut. Defying the rules, they had assembled at different mosques in the town- Sisiganj, Safety Tank, Rajbandh Market, Kotwali, Lisadi Gate and Nauchandin, to offer the evening prayers. Despite repeated attempts by the police to dissuade Muslims from marching towards the mosques, many Muslims ignored police’s appeals and instead created a ruckus after police tried to impede them from assembling at mosques in the view of the surging coronavirus cases in the country.
  • A large gathering of Muslims in Karnataka’s Hubbali district attacked police officials when they tried to stop them from offering namaaz en masse (Friday prayers) amidst the nationwide lockdown to blunt the spread of coronavirus. Four police officials, including one woman constable, were injured by Muslim youths as they pelted stones at the police personnel for stopping them from congregating amidst the looming threat of Coronavirus.

Tweet #7

In Indore, a medical team was attacked by a jihadi mob in Tatpatti Bakhal that had gone to check on an elderly female patient with suspected coronavirus symptoms. The locality was tagged by the government as one of the coronavirus hotspots in the city.

As per reports, the gathered mob had viciously attacked the team of health workers and had even thrown stones from nearby rooftops. Two female doctors were seriously injured by the dangerous mob. When the medical team sought help from the police, the police team was attacked too. The gathered mob even broke down the barricades and used the women among them as human shields when the police tried to take action.

Seven people have been arrested in connection with the incident. A total of 50 people are suspected to be involved in the incident, adding that the seven arrested who were booked on charges of obstructing government officers under several sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

One of the women doctors assaulted had lodged a complaint with the police and sources claim more serious charges could be brought against the accused in police custody.

Dr Anand Rai, who is also a part of the Covid-19 taskforce in Indore, told the BBC: “Nothing can justify the attack against medical team. But it happened in a Muslim-dominated area where there is general distrust against the government.”

Embarrassed by the vicious attack on health workers in Indore, a leading Muslim organization in Indore apologized to all the people, including the doctors and nurses who came under attack, by publishing an apology in a newspaper.

RAIR deems the violent attacks against medical workers and police officers as both dangerous and “hateful conduct” while twitter deems Amy Mek’s reporting as “hateful conduct”:

Video attached to the tweet:

Video Evidence: Doctors explain their experience of being attacked – when the medical team sought help from the police, the police team was attacked too. The gathered mob even broke down the barricades and used the women among them as human shields when the police tried to take action.

Medical workers reported that they were just going about doing their job when a mob came and started hurling stones at them. They had to run away to save themselves:

Supporting Evidence/Sources:

Tweet #8

RAIR Foundation-USA exclusively-translated a viral video of burqa-clad Muslims using the Chinese coronavirus to spread lies, threaten unbelievers and encourage fellow muslims to take to the streets in groups. The video was taken at a time when social distancing was crucial to preventing the spread of the pandemic.

Several of the women being interviewed violated India’s quarantine measures, praised the deadly virus as a gift from Allah that was predicted in the Qur’an, and grants him the power to decide who lives or dies. One woman warned even more deadly viruses will strike and claims India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and other unbelievers are not aware of the threats.

Another Muslim woman dawning a Niqab claimed that the coronavirus will strike those who fear protesting against the Indian Citizen Amendment Act (CAA).

India’s Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) allows for the fast-tracking of applications from religious minorities including Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians, from Islamic Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, but not Muslims.

Muslims were not offered fast-tracking citizenship since the three nations are Islamic and they are not facing persecution.

In response to CAA there have been violent riots, trains torched, businesses destroyed, attacks on non-muslims and law-enforcement, etc.

Though the government has clarified repeatedly that CAA does not relate to Indian Muslims at all, the radical left and terrorists continue to spread falsehoods that the Act wants to throw out all Muslims from the country.

RAIR deems the Islamic women making threats and praising coronavirus as a “gift from Allah” as both dangerous and “hateful conduct” while twitter deems Amy Mek’s reporting as “hateful conduct”:

Video attached to the tweet (YouTube removed this video from their platform)

Supporting Evidence/Sources:

Video Transcript provides further evidence:

Female #1:

It is written in the Quran that a virus would come; that virus’s name is CORONA.

We are always ready and strong. If you want to panic us by using corona, death will come anyway; don’t frighten us by using this virus (corona).

Female #2:

Allah is great… Allah sent this coronavirus, because everyone who is ruling over us for them, Allah calls them… Now Allah makes decisions about who needs to live and who needs to die.

Here we are standing in groups. Nothing will happen to us. No disease can infect to us. Those who fear to protest, they get affected by the virus. We have to stand here and need to show our courage to them, we who are standing here, spending our time by leaving our homes.

Our Allah really is great. The coronavirus came just for this. Allah will decide now who needs to live who needs to die.


What do you want say about the coronavirus?

Female #3

We don’t have any fear about Corona, because Allah did everything to protect us… We know everything. Corona is not any disease/virus.

Female #4

Only people affected by Corona are those who fear. We know it very keenly… QURONO or QURAN  or CORONA is the same.

We knew many years ago that this Corona would come. This is in our Quran, Surah 10.

Now more dangerous diseases/viruses will come, which Sir Modi knows, and what will come.

Tweet #9

New York-based Muslim Brotherhood activist Bahgat Saber made a video urging Egyptians to intentionally infect government officials and state employees with the coronavirus, according to statements he made during a live session on his Facebook page.

“If you are a soldier, you can go into the defense ministry, and shake hands with all the generals of the military and the police. The same is true with the justice system,” Saber, who has 143, 000+ followers on Facebook, said in the March 1 Facebook live session

Saber urged his audience to treat the virus as a bioweapon equivalent to machine guns and F-16 fighter jets:

“When you talk to people, they say to you: ‘We don’t have machine guns, we don’t have F-16 plans, we don’t have this and that…’ But now you have the coronavirus culture.

Saber vowed that if he gets sick with coronavirus, he will go to the Egyptian consulate in New York to infect everyone he can. He then urged his followers who are sick with coronavirus or any flu to purposefully meet the government and intelligence officials, police and military officers to infect them.

RAIR deems Bahgat Saber’s jihad threats as “hateful” where as Twitter, deems Amy Mek’s reporting as “hateful”:

Video attached to the tweet:

Supporting Evidence/Sources:

Tweet #10

An Australian woman, Hannah Ayoub, was filmed spitting on a police officer after claiming she was on her way to get tested for a coronavirus test. Ayoub told officers that she needed to get tested for the virus due to the fact that her brother was infected.

The 25-year-old Muslim woman wearing a sharia-compliant head covering refused to stop for police in Sydney, after driving at speeds exceeding 120km/h, running a red light and overtaking a vehicle on unbroken lines.

During the chase, Ayoub ran through a stop sign before she was halted by heavy traffic and officers were able to catch up to her.

Ayoub would not listen to orders to get out of her car, but finally exited the vehicle to attack the officers. The woman resisted arrest, then spit and coughed on an officer, verbally and physically assaulted officers and resisted arrest.

To claim you have a disease so contagious and lethal that the entire world has shut down its economy to control its spread, and then spit and cough on someone, is tantamount to firing a starter’s pistol at someone knowing they will think it is a real gun.

“I can’t wait to sue you, you f**king dog,” she screamed at officers trying to get her under control.

Ayoub then called out to the Muslim man asking him to fix her hijab which had come off while attacking the officers.

“Brother, come fix my scarf brother,” she said.

Why would Hannah Ayoub be so polite to a muslim onlooker after just attacking an officer?

It goes to show that she was not out of control or in a general rage of some kind. Her attack was pointed.

Her motives could be tied to an imperative encapsulated in the Qur’an: “Muhammad is the apostle of Allah. Those who follow him are ruthless to unbelievers, merciful to one another.” (Qur’an 48:29)

The hijab is a symbol that the woman wearing it is fully committed to the Sharia and a believer in Islam.

The Hijab being worn in a a western country where is it not obligatory is not a fashion statement, it is a religious and political statement about Islam and how non-muslims are to be treated and ultimately dominated. As Qur’an states, “The whole world will be a mosque and all religion for Allah”.

The officer she spit and coughed on had to be tested for coronavirus as a precaution and was forced to not work and self-isolate for 14 days.

She was charged with “driving recklessly/furiously or speed/manner dangerous, motor vehicle exceed speed more than 45 km/h, driving motor vehicle during disqualification period, and assaulting officer in execution of duty.”

RAIR deems Hannah Ayoub’s actions towards the police officers as “hateful conduct” where as Twitter, has deemed Amy Mek’s reporting as “hateful conduct”:

Video attached to tweet:

Similar tweets reporting on the issue:

Supporting Evidence/Sources:

Tweet #11

Police investigated a Tunisian Islamic migrant, Abdulsalam, who filmed himself licking items throughout a German supermarket during the height of the coronavirus.

In the video you can see Abdulsalam lick unpacked fruit and vegetables lying on shelves, reseals food after harming it and picks up drinks bottles, opens them, partially drinks them and puts them back on the shelf. 

A police spokesman for the DPA explained that these were dangerous actions in times of the coronavirus as it must be assumed that customers would have subsequently bought the groceries.

Abdulsalam is previously known to officers, and according to a neighbor, “She considers the man dangerous. You know people who live in the neighborhood of the supermarket. They are warned of the man.” Police put out a search for Abdulsalam and a a house ban was issued.

RAIR deems Abdulsalam actions towards his host nation as “hateful conduct” and dangerous where as Twitter deems Amy Mek’s reporting as “hateful conduct”:

Video attached to the tweet:

Politkstube Media

Supporting Evidence/Sources:

Tweet #12

Authorities in the Swedish municipality of Eslov warned residents that teenagers were purposely coughing, sneezing, and spitting on Swedes in what they called the ‘coronavirus challenge.’

A disturbing video (now removed by YouTube) was published on March 25th on the YouTube account of “Alpha & Ali” and was recorded in Eskilstuna. The two participants in the “coronavirus challenge” video are 17 year-old Islamic migrants, Ali Qasem and Hussein Matar, from Iraq and Syria.

Local Social Democrat politician Maria Hind Alias voiced her outrage:

“Hej Xaliqasem och Xusseinmatar! You walk around my city, scaring people, being general idiots and ‘pranking’ about the coronavirus. You think you’re smart/cool. I have noted that you record in Eskilstuna. Can you be kind and do this ‘prank’ on me? I promise I’ll be nice. I will only contact your parents and ask them what they think about what they have raised. And I would like to hear if they are proud to have raised two full-scale idiots. So feel free to grab me next time you’re out to prank”

RAIR deems Ali Qasem and Hussein Matar coronavirus attacks on elderly Swedes as both dangerous and “hateful conduct” while twitter deems Amy Mek’s reporting as “hateful conduct”:

Video attached to the tweet:

In the comments field of the youtube video most of the viewers wrote in Arabic. 

One of the comments came from Nesrin Mohamad, who according to a translation writes “sweet” and praises the attacks:

While an Abdullah Al-abdullah writes “good-working guys” and adds several laughing emojis:

Supporting Evidence/Sources:

The deplatforming of Amy Mek by Twitter and the ever-growing other countless examples of these “platforms” removing content or restricting access to their distribution channels makes it crystal clear that these social media giants have crossed the line from passive distributors and entrenched themselves deeply as editorial content businesses advancing political agendas.

President Trump’s executive order is the catalyst to leveling the playing field by treating the social media giants in a like manner to how all other media companies are treated with accountability through potential liability.  Credibility will not be returned to big tech until Americans see transparency, consistency and accountability in their decision-making. 

RAIR Foundation


  • They haven’t perma-banned you like they did to Katie Hopkin. Perhaps it is more useful to tune it down a bit so as to be able to continue the fight? As the Marines say “We are not retreating. We are just attacking in another direction!” 🙂 I am on your side and thus do not want to see your acct banned.

  • Hello Amy Mek,

    Can you please look at this link saying that the same day as Obamas acceptance speech in Chicago the Chicago lottery drew 666, the number of the Antichrist.
    Belief Watch: Is Obama the Antichrist?



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