Protests Explode Across Germany: Doctors & Citizens Demand Merkel's Totalitarian COVID-19 Restrictions End (Videos)

Many Germans have long feared that If given the chance, Merkel would try to establish total control over society. Could their fears be coming to fruition?

Tens of thousands of citizens rallied across Germany accusing the government of needlessly drawing out Chinese coronavirus restrictions which infringe upon on their basic rights. Among the crowds were doctors and nurses with banners and chants of “Freedom,” “Join” and “Resistance.”

Last week, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that the government would begin to allow certain businesses, religious services and schools to begin to reopen. Despite the easing of some restrictions, German’s feel Merkel has not gone far enough in rolling back restrictions. Many believe their constitutional rights are being infringed upon.

Crowds consisting of average citizens with no clear or obvious political affiliation took to the streets chanting “Shame on you” and “Traitors to the People” at police and politicians for their draconian response to the coronavirus.

As previously reported at RAIR, from the beginning of the pandemic, the government aggressively policed their own citizens, while the government still permitted flights from coronavirus-infected Iran and China.

The following exclusively translated RAIR Foundation USA videos illustrate various aspects of the totalitarian dystopia that the government has imposed to deal with the coronavirus. The violent measures and selective enforcement by police of the coronavirus restrictions has been called into question. Compounding these concerns is the mainstream media’s public contempt towards constitutionalists and misrepresentation of freedom loving citizens concerns.

Video 1: Doctors protest the Coronavirus lockdown

Physicians in the city of Schwerin gathering to protest the the coronavirus lockdown using the motto: “Corona Panic Devours Basic Rights”.

In the opinion of the doctor who organized the protest, the coronavirus protection measures not only undermine fundamental rights, but people are more likely to suffer from health problems from being locked down than from COVID-19.

Video 2: Mainstream Media smears coronavirus protestors and ignores violent Antifa ‘protests’

The following video consists of a compilation of mass demonstrations in Berlin and Stuttgart against coronavirus restrictions.

In Stuttgart alone, several thousand people took to the streets. The organizer had originally registered 50,000 participants for the demonstration on the Cannstatter Wasen. The city of Stuttgart, however, put a stop to this plan and limited the meeting to 10,000 participants. 

One elderly protestor explained why she had joined the peaceful coronavirus demonstrations:

This is my first time here, and it is my first at a demonstration since my college years. The main topic for me is the relation between proportionality of the measures versus our basic rights and the reasons given. In my opinion the reasons are not sufficient. I’m here to send a clear signal about self-determination. I’m also here to say, I will not be treated like a child.

Left-wing German news organization smear protestors, claiming they are conspiracy theorists and opponents of vaccinations. Interestingly, Leftist media did not focus their coverage or attacks on the over 1,000 radical leftists and violent Antifa anarchists who took to the streets of Berlin to mark International Workers’ Day, a socialist holiday celebrated on May Day.

Commenting on the lack of media attention given to left-wing May Day protests journalist Mr Ngo said:

“Observe how Antifa and far-left demonstrators who defy virus health guidelines, sometimes violently, haven’t been treated with the same public contempt as conservative protesters asking for states to open up,” Ngo said.
Mark Grigi

Video 3: Persecution of dissidents at coronavirus demonstrations

The following video is a composite of three clips from various locations in Germany where protesters demonstrated.

The first portion shows a demonstration in Magdeburg, the second features the arrest of a mentally disabled man, and the third was recorded at the Reichstag in Berlin.

Video 4: Demonstration at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin

Germans gathered at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin to protest the government’s lockdown defying the the coronavirus limit of 50 people for outside gatherings. The crowd chanted “Traitors of the people! Traitors of the people”, “Freedom, Freedom” and “Basic Rights! Basic Rights!” Police officers pepper sprayed the protesters.
Holger Z.

Video 5: Brutal arrests at a coronavirus demonstration in Berlin

During an authorized coronavirus demonstration at Rosa Luxemburg square in downtown Berlin, police forcefully and brutally arrested a young female along with several other protestors.

The day before the police arrested citizens protesting against the lost of their freedoms, police were accused of intentionally enabling Antifa activists to break the coronavirus lockdown. During a socialist May Day protests police did not disperse violent left-wing crowds demonstrating against capitalism and to show solidarity with illegal migrants fighting to enter into the European Union.

*Video 6: Coronavirus protester knocked out by Police in Berlin

Video 7: Displaying the Constitution is forbidden:

In the following video Berlin police instruct a young woman that she must remove her copy of the Grundgesetz from public view at a coronavirus demonstration. The Grundgesetz is the Constitution (Basic Law) of the Federal Republic of Germany. Furthermore, he asserts this is an unacceptable “political expression” and she does not have the right to express a political opinion in public:
Dr. Malte Kaufmann

Video 8: Mandatory vaccinations?

In the final video, a lawyer in Cologne, Gordon Pankalla, describes a proposed law that would impose a mandatory vaccine on all Germans. As previously reported by RAIR, Pankalla reports: “We will only get our normalcy back only when we are force-vaccinated.

Germans have long known that Merkel has totalitarian instincts. Many Germans have long feared that If given the chance, Merkel would try to establish total control over society. Could their fears be coming to fruition? Is Merkel using the virus to prepare the ground for a totalitarian dictatorship?

Many thanks to Miss Piggy for all of the video translations

*Video 6 source: politikstube

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • The police brutality and the fact that the young woman was ordered not to carry a copy of the Constitution (Basic Law) of the Federal Republic of Germany, shows just what a dictatorial state that country has become. But it’s not just in Germany. Thank you for posting these videos RAIR.

  • In other words:
    Bill Gates will get more billions of dollars while WE ( the people) loose our freedom like it was in the DDR.
    When are we going to protest against the 5G and monitoring of us to see who has had and not has had the vaccination against whatever virus.?
    Next step will be the introduction of the Knowledge chip like doge and card already have.
    S… I am so glad I am already 75 years of age and maybe I am able to avoid this crap.


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