Race Hustler: Kamala Harris Tells Asians they are Victims of Voter Suppression, Spews Fake Hate Crimes Narrative

One of Kamala’s big whoppers was that Asian Americans experienced more than 6,600 “hate crimes” in the past year.

Kamala Harris told “progressive” Asian Americans that they are victims of voter suppression and coronavirus hate crimes during an event hosted by the AAPI Victory Fund PAC on Wednesday. Both of her claims are complete fabrications.

The comments came in anticipation of legislation Biden signed into law Thursday that blatantly lies about so-called hate crimes targeting Asian Americans in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. One will never find source data for this claim because it does not exist.

RAIR Foundation USA has reported extensively on this lie, which started to build as a response to President Trump blaming China for the coronavirus pandemic. As RAIR reported over a year ago, the narrative was promoted by individuals with ties to Maoist organizations through the “Stop AAPI Hate” initiative.

One of Kamala’s big whoppers was that Asian Americans experienced “more than 6,600” hate crimes in the past year. Harris’ statement is based solely on submissions to a ridiculous online form, where anonymous individuals can make any claim they want.

As reported at RAIR:

Stop AAPI Hate collects anonymous anecdotes about so-called ‘microaggressions’ and ‘hate incidents’ from anyone, without question, and adds the allegation to their database, which is then reported by the mainstream media as fact. There is no due process, no police reports, no opportunity for the accused to face their accusers, no convictions, and the alleged perpetrators of ‘hate’ are not named.

Who is the AAPI Victory Fund?

According to their website, the AAPI Victory Fund “is focused on mobilizing Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) eligible voters and moving them to the ballot box.” They boast that their organization “is engaging and empowering AAPI progressive voters to be the margin of victory at all levels of the ballot”.

Shekar Narasimhan Introduces Kamala Harris

Importantly, the founder of the AAPI Victory Fund is Shekar Narasimhan, who also sits on the board of the Democracy Alliance. In August, 2019, author and speaker Trevor Loudon wrote a prophetic article titled “The Rainbow Coalition Re-visited: Why Kamala Harris Will Be the Democratic Presidential Nominee”.

In the article, Loudon explained the role of the Democracy Alliance in securing Kamala Harris’ role as future president.

At the time of this writing, the official White House YouTube video has 132 “likes” and 3,000 “dislikes.”

Screenshot of YouTube Video May 20, 2021


Read more on the fake hate crime narrative:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • Kamala said that “Asian Americans experienced more than 6,600 “hate crimes” in the past year.”

    She left off that over 6599 of them were committed by People of Colors Other Than White.

  • She is a liberal Socialist they only have 3 subject to talk to,
    1. Being black doesn’t work here
    2. Climate Change BS doesn’t work here
    3. Discrimination can be used this time as longs as the black disclination isn’t mentioned

    Being incompetent, ignorant and stupid is one of her most endearing qualities.

  • Asians as a whole are too smart to fall for her lies. They don’t see themselves as victims of fake systemic racism. But they are correct in seeing themselves increasingly as victims of racist hate crimes perpetrated by the group that is responsible for the vast majority of racism and hate. They aren’t buying Harris’ pathetic lies. They do know that since Democrats took power, that Asians have been targeted for racist hate crimes that are carried out by a certain group that are most definitely not White supremacists.

  • kamala
    Finnish to English translation:

    Kamala = Horrible

    (adj) horrible, terrible; (colloq) horribly, an intensifier

    That should explain what kind of bitch she is!


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