RAIR Exclusive Videos: Spain's Trump - VOX Party’s Santiago Abascal!

Spain’s Trump – VOX Party’s Santiago Abascal

Santiago Abascal is the leader of the Vox Party in Spain.

Vox, is a Make Spain Great Again Party, who defends traditional Spanish values and has a Trump-like populist message!

Mr. Abascal boldly addresses the Spanish parliament:

Thank you very much, Madame President. I want to begin this talk by asking for pardon. Asking for the pardon of the Italian public for the brutal attack on their sovereignty, going ahead with the march of the formidable international propaganda machine, but as we have seen here today that originates with Hollywood millionaires who live on luxury yachts, to all the communication media passing through supra-international organizations, or like, we have also heard, from the violent propaganda of the extreme left and social networks against whom one does not dare oppose massive immigration.

And I ask them for their pardon because I believe that we all should ask for pardon because this blackmailing of Italy, against the sovereignty of the Italian people is done, to our shame, with the excuse of a boat that flies the Spanish flag. And for this, I want to continue this talk by demanding, Madame President, explanations by the government for having permitted this boat with a Spanish flag to engage in illicit activity, already been advised by legitimate maritime authorities led there by… this blackmail, first against Interior Minister Matteo Salvini for Italian sovereignty, which we here support, and against Italian sovereignty. 

And we come precisely to talk about sovereignty, because all of you, all of us are working here for the Spanish people to represent and defend their sovereignty, though many of you don’t believe in it and the laws that govern it. And this sovereignty means that within the limits of our borders and the ships that fly our flag we don’t live by the law of the jungle, rather in a state of rights and laws that separate us from anarchy or piracy.

Part II – Santiago Abascal Addresses Parliament:

…because many of you want to dress yourselves up as saviors of humanity — all of you. You have not been elected for that. You have been elected to represent the sovereignty of Spain. To comply with its laws, to defend its borders, and defend the interest of the Spaniards, and for no other thing.…play with the sentiments of the Spanish people, calling migrants “shipwrecked”. They are not. Because if they were, at the moment of being rescued, they must be transferred to a safe port. 

This would be Tunis (Tunisia), which seems to be a touristic and safe destination for millions of people in the West, but doesn’t figure in the routes or the plans of the mafias, of the NGOs and the oligarchies. And Excellencies, although you don’t want to see it, the problem that we must combat is massive illegal immigration, which puts our nations and the countries of origin like [unintelligible] many political and religious leaders of the lands, who compromise our security and our freedoms. 

And although Mrs. Calvo gave us false numbers [unintelligible] for years, what is certain is that since Mr. Sanchez became interior minister, 71,000 illegals have entered Spain.…according to the numbers of the Interior Ministry, [they are] 28% of foreigners in jails, and according to the prison unions, 35%. 

And this is a reality that you cannot hide, and that we want to bring before this congress to be debated. It is you, precisely, those who accuse; it is you who are responsible for the tragedy in the Mediterranean. Fight against the mafias and their accomplices, be they NGOs, be they politicians or multi-millionaires. And proceed with the immediate repatriation of illegal immigrants and the immediate deportation of legal immigrants who have committed crimes in our country. Thank you very much.”

Hat Tip to Gary Fouse for his translation and dedication to exposing news the mainstream media ignores.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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