RAIR Exclusive: Watch Translated Video of Eric Zemmour's Speech That Led To Blasphemy Criminal Investigation!

Marcron’s government opened another investigation into Zemmour, this time for “public insults” and “public provocation to discrimination, hatred or violence”

Eric Zemmour is an Algerian-born French Jew, a best-selling author, journalist, lecturer, and the most famous conservative intellectual in France. Unfortunately, Zemmour has faced endless persecution by the French government for his views on Islam, immigration, feminism, homosexuality, and the preservation of western civilization.

RAIR Foundation USA translated excerpts from Eric Zemmour’s keynote speech on September 28, 2019, at the “Convention of the Right.” This event took place in Paris and was organized by Marion Marechal, the French Institute of Social, Economic, and Politic Sciences director and a former French government official.

LCI Television live broadcasted Zemmour’s speech, and journalists nationwide immediately accused LCI of contributing to “hate propaganda.” Some pundits even went so far as to call for regulators to strip LCI of its broadcasting license.

France’s Le Figaro newspaper employs Zemmour. A group of left-wing journalists also employed by Le Figaro issued a press release demanding the immediate termination of Zemmour following his speech. Le Figaro’s Managing Editor stopped short of terminating Zemmour and expressed “disapproval” and a call for “strict compliance with the law.”

RAIR Foundation USA recently featured the newspaper’s Deputy Editor Yves Theard, as he himself has come under attack for voicing his opinion on Islamic veils in France.

After Zemmour’s speech, the Paris prosecutor’s office opened another investigation into him, this time for “public insults” and “public provocation to discrimination, hatred or violence.” Those accused in France of “public provocation to discrimination, hatred or violence” can face a sentence of one year in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.

As reported by Gatestone,

Zemmour had been hauled into court many times in the recent past and has had to pay heavy fines. On September 19, he was fined 3,000 euros ($3,300) for “incitement to racial hatred” and “incitement to discrimination”, for having said in 2015 that “in countless French suburbs where many young girls are veiled, a struggle to Islamize territories is taking place”.

What follows are two different RAIR Foundation USA translated excerpts Zemmour’s September 28, 2019 speech.

Part One:

Part Two:

Jihad Watch recently published an article discussing the relentless persecution of Eric Zemmour.

Eric Zemmour, Who Demands – and Deserves – To Be Heard

“The noted French writer, essayist, and broadcast journalist Eric Zemmour, the most famous public intellectual in France, was invited in late September to a meeting in Paris organized by supporters of Marion Marechal, the daughter of Marine Le Pen, and herself a former deputy in the French Assembly, routinely – and inaccurately – described as of the ‘far-right.’ Zemmour was invited to give the opening address, for he is the most important French figure among intellectual islamocritics. He is articulate, detailed, humorful, and relentless; his book The Suicide of France has had an enormous and salutary impact on French public opinion.

“Zemmour has the unsettling habit of saying what he believes to be true and of being unfazed by those who, constantly yapping at his heels, try, through lawsuits and libel, to bring him down. He has for years been warning about the islamization of Europe, and his forthright islamocriticism has led to an endless series of attempts to punish and censor him; he’s been fined, lost jobs in journalism, and even been convicted in the past for ‘racism,’ and more recently, for preaching “hate” (against Muslims). He was last year banned from television; fortunately, that ban was only temporary, and he will soon be reappearing regularly on a news program.”

Continue reading here.


File Transcript: many thanks to Ava Lon for the translations:

Transcript One:

Happy globalism helped a couple of million Chinese and Africans to get out of poverty; and too bad if it plunged tens of millions of Westerners into poverty and unemployment! Everyone gets a turn! After all, white workers have shrewdly taken advantage of colonization and unfair trade.
It’s only justice that they must pay now! The charms of the most recent progress leave me more stunned every day! 
How not to be seduced by this wind of “freedom” that reigns over France and over the West?
How not to approve of all those laws that take action against thought and speech, because we are much more free when we think WELL and stifle the BAD thoughts? 
How not to be happy to see those very hairy men who can finally admit their true female nature? 
Or those women who don’t need any more the disgusting contact with men to make babies?
Or those mothers who don’t need to give birth any longer to become mothers? As the magnificent Agnès Buzyn put it: “A woman can be a father!”

Transcript Two:

All those who felt too oppressed in the old society ruled by Catholicism and the Civil Code. All those who were shown shiny visions of liberation and who legitimately believed that women, the young, homosexuals, dark-skinned people, Jews, Protestants, atheists, all those who felt that they were undesirable minorities among the majority of the bad heterosexual Catholic whites, and who joyfully toppled statues to the jerky rhythm of the swaying of Mike Jagger’s hips, all of them were the useful idiots in the war of extermination of the white heterosexual male.
NOT a movement of women’s liberation, NOT a fight for the equality between male and female; NOT even a reduction of all the evils in the name of a universal revenge against the patriarchate. None of those things!
The only enemy to be slaughtered was the white, heterosexual Catholic male. The only one blamed for the deadly sin of colonization…the only one forced to carry the weight of the deadly sin of colonization, of slavery, of capitalism, of paedophilia, of the pillage of the planet. 
The only one to whom the most natural virile behavior since the beginning of the time is forbidden in the name of a necessary fight against gender prejudices. The only one stripped of his role as father, the only one who is being transformed in the best-case scenario into a second mother, or, in the worse case, into a gamete. The only one accused of conjugal violence, the only one who is kicked out like a pig.
Bernard Pivot [French journalist] was put in the pillory because he mentioned his youth and his attraction to young Swedish women, but everything is forgiven for rappers who insult and call for rape and even for the murder of white women. I invite you to read the prose of the “indigenists” of the “racialized” feminists of the “intersectional fights” who are the gangrene of our faculties, after having corrupted the greatest universities in America!
What are they saying? That they are black before anything else, or Arab or Muslim. That they belong to their race — yep — they DO have the right to use the word — to their religion: Islam, to their country — or at least that of one of their parents — that they couldn’t care less about solidarity with women who are, for them, first of all French women, and bourgeois and especially WHITE women. That their men are what they are: with their faults, their huge gender prejudices and even their violence; but who are that way NOT because they are male, but because they have been dominated and oppressed by the white male. That their only enemy is the white male, and that they need their men to slaughter him. 
They understood the evolution of the balance of power. The white heterosexual Catholic male is NOT attacked because he’s too strong, but because he’s too weak; NOT because he’s tolerant enough, but because he’s too tolerant. It’s the weak and humane Louis XVI who is being guillotined, NOT the rigid and powerful Louis XIV! So they have to declare victory and finish off the wounded animal. [unintelligible] warned us: as long as a nation is aware of its superiority, it is fierce and respected.
From the moment it no longer has that, it becomes more humane and no longer counts. As long as white feminists continue to join them in this only fight — against the heterosexual white male — they are welcome; and the same is true concerning the homosexual movements LGBTQ and other XYZ. 
The moment all of them refuse to be limited to that unique mortal combat between the races and the religions, they will once more become — like Cinderella’s carriage — a mere pumpkin, the mere bourgeois, dirty, white [females]. Marvellous, exceptional success! Our progressives — so brilliant, so arrogant, so passionate about the future and caring as much about the past as they care about their last iPhone! Who believed that overcoming the archaic stage of wars of nations and the class war, brought us to the war of races and to the war of religions.
They have…They have brought the future to Charles Martel and to the siege of Vienna in 1683. They brought the future to the war of fire! We are therefore held between the hammer and the anvil of two universalisms which are crushing our nations, our peoples, our territories, our traditions, our ways of life, our cultures.
On one side the mercantile universalism which, in the name of human rights, enslaved our brains in order to transform them into uprooted zombies. On the other side the Islamic universalism which very skillfully takes advantage of our religion of human rights, in order to protect its operation of occupation and colonization of a portion of French territory, which it is transforming, little by little, thanks to the weight of the numbers and of religious law, into foreign enclaves.… which the Algerian writer Boualem Sansal, who saw the Islamists in Algeria operate that way in the ’80s, calls the Grass Islamic Republics. 
Human-rights universalism prevents us from defending ourselves, in the name of a narrow-minded individualism which can’t see that it’s not about individuals, but about huge masses. That civilizations are confronting one another on our territory, our soil, in a millennial combat, and not individuals who are mingling during a brief period of their life on Earth.

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Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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