Rare Monkeypox Virus Arrives, Just as Gates and WHO 'Predicted' - Vaccines 'Miraculously' Ready

“A new revised World Health Organization agreement aims to give Bill Gates and Gavi de facto pandemic and surveillance governing power over all 198 member states in the next pandemic.”

The extremely rare monkeypox virus is rising in Europe, reports Nine for News. Dozens of cases have been reported in Spain and Portugal, and the number of infections in Britain has increased to seven. The first case has also been reported in the United States and Sweden. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expressed concern Tuesday about an unusual outbreak of Monkeypox in the U.K., suggesting there appears to be some undetected transmission of the virus there and warning of the possibility that the outbreak could spread beyond the U.K. borders.

Virologist Marion Koopmans “is beginning to worry” about the outbreaks. “We have occasionally seen imported cases in the past, but normally they didn’t spread further,” she said. “However, new cases have now been discovered in several countries. That is very unusual.”

Monkeypox Vaccine Is Ready

The World Health Organization (WHO) calls monkeypox ‘an emerging infectious disease.’ However, virologist Marc Van Ranst, who has “been concerned for years” about the virus, points out that the company Bavarian Nordic has a vaccine against both smallpox and Monkeypox that was recently approved by the American drug authority FDA.

The FDA approved the vaccine in September 2019, just before corona. The U.S. government has purchased 13 million of these vaccines. Publicist and lawyer Sietske Bergsma responds: “Monkeypox in the newspaper in the morning, a vaccine in the afternoon. Love science!”

Then there is another remarkable thing. G7 health ministers will soon be training in Germany on a ‘dangerous’ virus outbreak. This time the smallpox virus, the older brother of Monkeypox. “But luckily, the FDA is already ready to save us with a vaccine against smallpox,” writes emeritus professor Wouter Keller.

Bill Gates

“I suddenly have a déjà vu, with the pandemic exercise Event 201 in 2019 and immediately after there was the coronavirus. The next pandemic exercise is coming soon. What are they up to?” asks artist and ex-nurse Marga Bult.

Last year in November, billionaire Bill Gates warned of bioterror and called on world leaders to prepare for it with what he calls “germ games” or exercises. Gates said governments should be prepared for future pandemics and – very specifically – smallpox terror attacks by investing billions in research.

Globalists Will Seize Control of Your Governments

As reported at RAIR Foundation USA, a new revised World Health Organization agreement aims to give Bill Gates and Gavi de facto pandemic and surveillance governing power over all 198 member states in the event of the next pandemic.

“Coincidently,” globalist billionaire Bill Gates previously called for the militarization and the take over of the health system in 2015. In a New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) article, Gates called for a global militarized agency to stand above all nations in fighting pandemics. He had close cooperation with NATO in mind. National security regulations should be circumvented and override the constitutions of sovereign states. In addition, the billionaire called for the creation of surveillance and monitoring systems. Gates wants the United Nations, G7 countries, NATO, and the World Bank to work together to implement his ideal response team.

In April 2015, Gates gave a Ted Talk, which he called, “The next outbreak? We’re not ready.” From minute 5:30 on, the self-appointed leader explains his ideas about the use of the military for pandemics:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


    • Yeah. Until the government agencies yank them and spread lies about their ineffectiveness a la Fauci.

  • Gates and Ghebreyesus have been traveling around the world fucking their gay friends. As reported, with monkeypox virus the main skin problems are located around anus.
    Nice work Gates and Ghebreyesus!
    Make sure to check Fauci’s anus too, he need the Monkeypox vaccine immediately!
    How convenient to already have the vaccine ready for Fauci’s anus!
    These psychopaths must be stopped and deleted from the surface of the world IMMEDIATELY!

  • “Just as Gates and WHO ‘Predicted?” That’s because it’s another scam, just like the covid scam. Looks to me like they want to take away even more of our freedom all in the name of safety. I dont know about anyone else, but I trust my God given immune system before I’d ever trust the scam artists Gates and the WHO. I dont need or want them to protect me. Look at all the dead people because of them already!

  • It makes me SO happy to see all the woke people comments here! Bill Gates is as much a medical and virologist expert as I am an NBA player at 5’2″. Bill there is some serious karma waiting for you if not a lynching in this life.

  • The Deep State Devil Worshipers and 1% power eliet are making “monkeys
    out of all of us. Their children are perfectly safe from this virus, and won’t come
    down with hepititus.
    They intend to institute their devious plans come hell or high water. They care
    nothing about human life, and would happily wipe out 99% of the world’s
    population. They are like the episode of the Twilight Zone where the little girl
    reaches into the tank, and grabs two terrified humans, giggles, and her mother
    tells her: “Be careful with your pets. Your father traveled all the way from Earth to bring them.”

  • They decided to spread monkeypox because they know they can make monkeys out of all these compliant sheep who don’t even know they’re sheep. How many times will free citizens fall for the same excuses for losing their freedoms?

  • Clever of Bill Gates and cronies to pick a disfiguring virus to spread this time. That will show all the folks who don’t take vaccines. Either get the shot or prepare to be scarred.

    What’s the over/under that the monkeypox vaccine is an mRNA vaccine, too?

    • Not so clever (but then Bill Gates never wrote a line of real computer code in his life,) because as was the case with COVID the unvaccinated are far less likely to get the disease than people who accept vaccination.
      Actually the ‘vaccine save the world from Smallpox is really Big Pharma propaganda. In the worst Smallpox pandemics of the 19th century only 5% actually developed the disease. Where it differed from COVID is that of the people who got the disease, 40% died and the rest were disfigured. And those figures applied across all age groups with children particularly vulnerable.
      All we need to stop another Gates scam is politicians with the testicular fortitude to call out his lies and scrutinise the fake science he sells.

  • Bill Gates is not a doctor, he never graduated college. He does not know people who are outside their area of expertise which his is stealing DOS from Gary Kildall are not supposed to talk about areas they have no training in.

  • A monkey pox on all their houses! It would be fitting if they all would catch it and die – either from the disease or its non-working vaccine…

  • The slimy DemocRATs need another pandemic so that they can cheat in the November elections like they used the covid pandemic to cheat in the 2020 election, so here come the monkey virus just in time.

    P.S. Bill Gates is an idiot. Why does some jerk-off nerd thinks he knows everything about everything just because he was lucky enough to make a lot of money?

    • Luck had nothing to do with it, he stole software developed by other people as shareware or freeware and put his company’s name on it, then he was handed the contract to supply the OS for IBM PCs due to the influence of his parents contacts in government and big business.

  • Why does this college dropout talk about pandemics and how to deal with them? Is this some kind of farce?


    “Pride festival in Gran Canaria – which was attended by 80,000 people – is linked to Spanish monkeypox outbreak as well as two cases in Italy while European total reaches 100”

  • “President Joe Biden said Sunday the new monkeypox outbreak should concern “everybody,” as it continues to baffle medical officials around the world.

    “Everybody should be concerned about [it],” Biden said in South Korea, while speaking with a group of reporters before he boarded Air Force One for Japan, Reuters reported.

    The president’s remarks come as numerous outbreaks of monkeypox were reported in Africa, followed by other reported cases in Europe and the U.S.

    “We’re working on it, hard to figure out what we do,” added Biden.”


    Everybody should be concerned about these extremely dangerous criminals!

  • None of these people can be trusted: WHO, BIll Gates, the MSM, and the Sleepy Joe/Clamydia Harris Administration.

  • These Satanic beasts are beneath contempt.
    God sees this and He does nothing. I don’t get it.

    • The scriptures prophecy of these events. Satan reigns for a time before Christ returns. Try reading Isaiah, Daniel, Revelations, etc. It sucks now but good things are coming and justice awaits the wicked! God is very aware of us and loves us.

  • Attempted genocide and treason against your own nation… pretty sure that’s the death penalty. Behead him.

  • OMG! We have a one cases off not highly contagious or dangerous Minkey Powax! Mask up! Social distance! Hibernate! BE AFRAID AND COMPLY! Meanwhile, among the ruling class elitists – Dinner is served.

  • Read “The lnvisible Rainbow”, by Arthur Firstenberg.
    The answer is there as to why in the past , plagues appeared spontaneously in many countries.

  • This pathetic parasite is the real virus, along with the ones who help, associate, agree and follow him.


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