Renowned Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough: Natural Immunity is Effective, Covid Vaccines are Not (Video)

“The vaccine doesn’t stop the illness and it doesn’t reduce mortality.”

Texas Internist and Cardiologist Peter McCullough, MD, has been fighting to educate citizens about potential ways to prevent the coronavirus, as well as early treatments. While the vaccine is “failing,” Dr. McCullough stresses that there are effective treatments readily available that are being “blocked” by the government.

Dr. McCullough sees patients every week and serves as the editor of two major journals. His work has appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association, Lancet, and others. He is the co-editor of Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine and associate editor of the American Journal of Cardiology and Cardiorenal Medicine.

In an exclusive interview at RAIR Foundation USA, Dr. McCullough explains that he saw a “great void” in the lack of early treatment for the coronavirus. So he did what any thoughtful physician would do – he “put together a team” to address the issue.

Nonexistent Early Treatment

While Dr. McCullough has focused on heart and kidney disease for most of his career, the Internist became gravely concerned in early 2020 about what he saw as a complete lack of proper treatment for those who contracted the virus.

“I saw patients getting sick at home – getting no treatment, no care – government agencies completely missing the ball on treating patients early to prevent hospitalization and death,” he told RAIR. “In fact, government agencies [were] not even recognizing that the goal is to prevent hospitalization and death!”

“So I had to step forward, and I did what other people didn’t do,” Dr. McCullough said. “It’s the simplest virus to treat,” the physician said. “In fact, we’ve learned so much about treating this virus; it would probably apply to others!”

‘There has never been a dental clinic outbreak’

Dr. McCullough explained that simply cleaning the nose and mouth could be a preventative. “[T]here has never been a dental clinic outbreak since the beginning,” despite being in people’s mouths all day long, he said. “Dentists use anti-infective dentistry,” he explained. “So if you brush your teeth and swish and spit with yellow Listerine, that works. You can use Povidone-Iodine diluted, hydrogen peroxide diluted as a swish, and spit twice a day…” he advised. He also mentions nasal sprays, as well. And there are studies on this, Dr. McCullough said. These preventatives are recommended for other viruses, so why has the government been silent on this solution?

‘Patients should demand antibody infusions’

A special issue in December 2020 at the “Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine” journal titled “Utilizing Technology in the COVID 19 era” features an abundance of information. As noted in the abstract of one of the chapters: “Prompt early initiation of sequenced multidrug therapy (SMDT) is a widely and currently available solution to stem the tide of hospitalizations and death.”

The clear government and media suppression of information related to preventative and early treatment of the coronavirus is criminal. How many deaths could have been prevented if proper information had been presented to citizens instead of the relentless fear-mongering and droning on about masks?

“In America, we would start with an antibody infusion for a high-risk senior,” Dr. McCullough explained. This can be achieved in Emergency Rooms, clinics, and nursing homes and “cuts mortality by 50 percent,” he said.

But Dr. McCullough states that despite the astounding success of this treatment, the public has not been properly informed. “There’s 500 million pre-purchased doses of these antibodies, and none of the hospitals are letting the patients know where they are. Governments never mention it on TV, no public service announcements, no media announcements,” he said. “So, in fact, patients should demand antibody infusions.”

“There are reasonable treatments being blocked to people in need,” Dr. McCullough explained. Dr. McCullough lays out some of these treatments in the video. “Demand it!” he said. If doctors do not prescribe these treatments, “that’s malpractice,” he said.

‘Vaccines are Failing’

“The vaccines now are all completely failing,” Dr. McCullough said. In addition, he notes that the “Delta variant” is “completely resistant to the vaccine.” “To our knowledge, the vaccines are having no effect – this is very important.”

The physician is critical of the vaccine, pointing out many problems associated with it, such as “blood clots, which are a big problem.” There is an “array of problems – stroke, pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction, heart attack – there are blood clots in the brain…” In fact, “over a hundred thousand Americans have either died or been hospitalized after the vaccine – no explanation,” he said.

“It doesn’t work enough, and it certainly is not safe enough to take,” he said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Delta variant is now responsible for 83 percent of U.S. cases, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and 100% according to the local Texas health departments. Yet despite the apparent ineffectiveness of the vaccine in preventing the Delta variant, the CDC continues to push the vaccine, ignoring the treatments and preventatives discussed.

“The vaccine doesn’t stop the illness, and it doesn’t reduce mortality,” Dr. McCullough said. In fact, he states later in the interview, “[I]t should all be about safety! And to this day, we have not had a single safety report to the public. Nothing. No press briefing. No explanation of what’s going on.”

One of the common statements made in defense of the injection is that even though vaccinated people still get infected (referred to as “breakthrough cases”), their symptoms are not as severe. According to the CDC, “fully vaccinated people are much less likely to be hospitalized or die than people with similar risk factors who are not vaccinated.”

On this point, Dr. McCullough says, “Is there some benefit? I don’t know…The only thing I know is that they look to me the same in terms of disease severity, and they need early treatment.” So regardless of whether an individual is vaccinated or not, they must get early treatment.

An important point made during the discussion is that those who already had the coronavirus have “natural immunity.” This was a part of Dr. McCullough’s powerful testimony in April, as reported at RAIR.

Political Fallout

Dr. Peter McCullough could not be silent when he saw what he referred to as a “great void” in the national conversation about early treatment and prevention of the coronavirus from the beginning. When he saw that the vaccine was not effective but noted that natural immunity was effective, again, he rose to address the issue.

On the same day Baylor University Medical Center filed the lawsuit against Dr. Peter McCullough, they announced that they were requiring all employees to be vaccinated. Dr. Peter McCullough believes that the lawsuit is designed to shut down his voice.

Dr. McCullough was not expecting his voice to become controversial – after all, he was simply stating the truth. But unfortunately, science-based in honesty and good faith has become a casualty during this “incredibly mad episode in human history,” as described by Dr. Roger Hodkinson.

The past year and a half have surely been a wake-up call for those who once had faith in the medical infrastructure in America and elsewhere. It has been devastating to see that brilliant, highly regarded physicians such as Dr. Peter McCullough have dealt with political obstacles in attempting to help citizens overcome the coronavirus.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • Thank you Dr. McCullough for speaking the truth and helping others understand–and most of all, for simply caring and showing compassion. I do believe, Biblically, we are in the end days and what we’re saying pertains directly to scripture. The vaccines (poison) are not being pushed with such force while ignoring true medicine, simply because a virus which has a 99.8 survival rate infected the globe (which is curious in itself). Was the virus released intentionally? My personal opinion is yes. Why? Because the globalist have an agenda. Why are Christians being slaughtered in Nigeria and nothing is spoken of on the news while every other fake religion is being protected? Yes, there is an agenda that is connected to Biblical scripture concerning the ends days. The virus, in my opinion, was released with the purpose to release deadly vaccines in order to control, manipulate and destroy while taking absolute power. That’s why those who refuse the vaccine, are being demonized in the media. That’s why vaccine task forces are knocking on people’s doors. That’s why vaccine mandates are being established while no medical prevention for the virus is being investigated or allowed. That’s why those who speak the truth are being silenced (social media for example) while the globalist are murdering innocent people.
    My peace is in JESUS CHRIST/YESHUA MESSIAH and in knowing that HE alone is in control. In the days we are living in I believe people are being given time to make a choice and essentially choose this day whom you will serve. As for me and my house we will serve the LORD. The book of Revelation Ch 21 tells us the ending–an ending no one can change Praise G-D! But for now we have to remain vigilante against the physical and spiritual dark forces of evil that we are battling against. Shalom.

  • Ok great antibody infusions -So how much does it cost … I could only find this

    Eli Lilly has struck a deal with the federal government to provide 300,000 doses of a drug that’s designed to keep people infected with COVID-19 out of the hospital. The cost per dose: $1,250.

    everyday low price remember the stat that said like 40 0r 60% of americans don’t have a grand in the bank ?

  • The night before heart surgery* a few years ago, a nurse came into my room with a tube of Mupirocin Ointment (USP, 2%) and told me to swab out both of my nostrils with it that night and the following day. I did, and I have been doing it every day since. I can confidently say following this routine, I have become Afrin-free! The only thing I do differently now is before I swab my nose with the ointment, I swab out my nose with hydrogen peroxide using a Q-tip.

    By the way, if you go to my website, under the “blog” section, I just posted an article about some guy from Findland starting a petition to award Dr. V. Zelenko the Nobel prize for medicine for developing an effective, vaccine-free protocol to treat COVID-19/Sars-COV2 rather then simply sending his patients home until it became hard for them to breathe and then go to the hospital to die.

    * My cardiologist has been recommending I get vaxxed as soon as possible for the last six months.

  • Bill Gates, the same guy who says: we need to depopulate, suddenly wants to save everyone with his vaccines.
    I wonder?
    Is it, because dead people don’t pay anymore and don’t add to his bank account?

  • one of the things I don’t understand is why do some need to be on a ventilator & why so many don’t know they have it or it’s like a cold. Anyone look into why some get it so Bad??? I want to listen to this again.

    • People get extremely sick because they are sent home with nothing from the ER and told to come back when they basically can’t breath. This is when treatment should be initiated, not when they arrive back at the hospital with O2 saturations in the 80’s.
      Kim Martin RN BSN

  • I’m reaching out in desperation. My husband has a heart blockage and we need to do the cardiac cath, however he won’t do it if we have to do PCR and they’re saying we have to do one. We both refuse to have him do this. the CDC ruled that it was not effective. It was halted December 31st of 2021 and as of January1st of 2022 it is illegal for them to insist the PCR test. I am a corn retired from OSU hosp in Ohio. We currently live in Harlingen Tx but I need some help in this. The dr in Edinburg knows we will walk away and not have it done. I have been following all of you front line Dr’s since the beginning. I study this all the time. He Needs this very badly as he has absolutely no energy and sleeps all the time : anything exhausts him
    I am this week getting pulled power of attorney over him Because he does get confused and also so that they cannot trick him into anything they will have to go through me 1st . If you can help me in any way shape or form I will be eternally grateful If not, I understand

    • Thank you for your message and I am so sorry that you have to experience this. RAIR is sending you a separate email.


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