Ret. Major Stephen Coughlin's Wake-Up Call: The Urgent Need to Address the Threats of Islam and Leftism (Video)

Maj. Coughlin’s decades of experience and expertise make him an essential voice in contemporary political discourse.

Retired Major Stephen Coughlin is a leading authority in the realm of threat analysis. He has dedicated his career to analyzing two critical topics: the nature of Islam as a threat doctrine and the pervasive influence of leftism on the Western world, with particular emphasis on North America.

One of Maj. Coughlin’s seminal works, Catastrophic Failure, delves into the misunderstandings surrounding Islam that have rendered it an even greater danger in the eyes of defense analysts. In the book, he illustrates the shortcomings of Western security in its response to jihad and dissects the reasons why it ultimately failed.

Recently, Maj. Coughlin took the stage at The American Freedom Alliance to offer a nuanced analysis of the state of the nation from several vantage points. The video of his speech, which sheds light on the complex nature of our contemporary challenges, has just been released.

Maj. Coughlin’s speech also touches on the insidious influence of the Frankfurt School and Maoist thought. He argues that these intellectual movements have created a set of semantic weapons that have effectively conquered key pillars of Western institutions and government structures. In his brief, he warns of the dire implications of allowing these toxic ideologies to persist unchecked.

Maj. Coughlin’s decades of experience and expertise make him an essential voice in contemporary political discourse. As our societies continue to confront the multifaceted threats of our times, his insights offer a much-needed perspective on the critical issues we face.

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  • So, fight the islam and leftism, but how, when RAIR loves Bud Light!?

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  • He’s right. After six decades on earth, I don’t even recognize my country anymore. Leftists, heathens, and perverts. Glad I moved offgrid almost nine years now. No permits required, and 30k in fence, barbed wire, razor wire, concertina wire, locks, and walls. My ranch looks like Fort Knox, and I like it much better. We do have inbred doper retards here too. Easier to ignore 40 acres away. I want my country back the way it was before it was ruined. Won’t happen. So I avoid and ignore as much of the garbage as I can. Haven’t been to a big city in seven years. No desire at all. No tv either. It is all garbage, and depravity. No thank you.

    • Your a Phufking Coward….
      “Never be with poor and timid souls that’s never known victory nor defeat”

      • Why haven’t you marched upon your marxists? You pretend-to-be tough guys crack me up. Always the ones starting trouble, but running away behind your keyboard, drunk and retarded. Go away, it is obvious you are here to start trouble, and ruin discourse. Low I.Q. trash.

    • BR, ditto. I, too, have felt it necessary to withdraw from our so-called civilized society. Bannon tells us to fight, fight, fight, which for a septuagenarian like me used to mean vote whenever the opportunity arises. But elections are utterly untrustworthy as the radical leftists who have the audacity to call themselves progressives continue to perfect election tampering while Republicans twiddle their limp thumbs. Voting is not the answer and, for me, attending school board and city council meetings is pointless. I have never felt so put upon, helpless and estranged in my life. I have come to the conclusion that things will play out over time one way or the other without me mattering at all. I will be in the audience witnessing the likely demise of the erstwhile great USA. War drums are beating as they did in the eighties and our hollowed out and woke military will find itself at the bottom of the Strait and/or eating fallout in Ukraine. It is impossible to fathom the damage wrought by our present illegitimate regime in no time at all. Absolutely heartbreaking that I have a daughter who will have to contend with this nightmare for about another 60 yrs (she does not want to bring children into an upside down dystopia extant). Finally, I am glad my days are numbered and I remain armed up as I hope you are as well just in case we need to take a few of the enemy with us.

      • Well, if trouble comes to my doorstep, then they will suffer the consequences. I have three shooting ranges.

  • I grow weary of all of these people who urges all to do something and to rise up against the oppressing elite while they themselves are doing nothing quit talking and urging us onward into the battle. And where would all these people be if legal ramifications followed? Would they be there to defend us in court? Would they be there to help our families? The answer is no. They will continue to hold these online pep rallies urging everyone else into action while they themselves who supposedly are leaders remained Above The Fray.


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