Revealed: 'Vaccinated' Pilots Are Flight Risks (Video)

“There are guys that are going to work with crushing pains in their chests and heads.” – Pilot Greg Pearson

Pilot Greg Pearson shared his shocking story of rapid onset atrial fibrillation after being injected with the experimental Covid “vaccine”. Pearson reveals that his story is more common than leaders are telling us. As a result, many people are questioning whether vaccinated pilots are a flight risk.

Passengers Could Have Died

Pearson did not want to take the vaccine at first and never got a flu shot. But, since he lives in Hawaii and has family in California, states with strict travel restrictions, and his employer was mandating the jab, he decided to get the shot anyway.

The day Pearson received the injection, he felt completely healthy. However, he woke up in the middle of the night because his “heart was pounding out of my chest.” The pilot went immediately to the emergency room, and they quickly determined that he was in atrial fibrillation, which is a major cause of stroke.

“I could have stroked out at 100 feet while trying to land an airplane,” Pearson feared what could have happened to passengers if he was flying a plane, “I could have just pushed down on that stick before the person next to me could do anything. Whereas It’s all over for a lot of people.”

The Truth Is Being Hidden

Pearson is outraged that our leaders and government agencies are not informing the public of the dangers associated with the “vaccine.”  He added that many pilots do not dare to speak out. They fear reprisals:

there are a number of pilots out there who are fearful to come forward and speak. They are fearful of retribution. There are guys that are going to work with crushing pains in their chests and their heads. They’re scared that they’re going to lose their careers, because they’re 25 years old.

Watch the following interview by Real America’s Voice with Pilot Greg Pearson:

See selected coverage on Covid:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • As long as there is BIG MONEY to be made…billions of dollars, for that our President, our Congressman, Doctors, Big Pharma are willing to over look a paltry few hundred thousand deaths and millions of others who health may be permanently shattered or maimed from these poison jabs…….
    That and the fact that we have way too many SHEEPLE in our society who cannot think for themselves and are willingly being led to their slaughter…….
    EFF Frankenfauci!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The new excuse from the evil Government will be :
    It has nothing to do with the vax because without a 3rd “booster”, you are considered unvaxed. And the sheep will buy into this even after 300 people end up as a pile of
    rubble from a vax caused crash.

  • People not standing up and are ‘afraid’ of reprisals are cowards. They’ll risk their lives and others they are responsible for, all because they could lose their job or have somebody say mean things to them???

    So if they stroke out, or die from the jab, or kill those they are responsible or, how does this in any way help those family members around them??

    There in NO job that important worth that much risk with near zero benefit. Turn off the propaganda media and start listening to the experts, ie Robert Malone, the inventor of the jab, start asking questions like why are more people dying from the vaccines than the unvaccinated?? Why are healthy pro athlete’s dying from strokes and heart attacks?? Why are babies dying of heart conditions and womens still birth numbers rising at unheard of numbers?? What is the commonality in all these indicators?? ALL vax’d

    • Dear Mr. Inseel When I was a hippie we had a song on the hair album with a lyric that says…silence tells me everything….If silence isnt screaming in your ear right now. I urge you to go get your vaccination and all its boosters or is that the problem that you already have.

  • I knew the whole thing was a gigantic media lie when they reported’ that the Italians were singing flu operas from their windows and rooftops ! ‘
    It’s like, I was imperviously cured from being affected by flu (sniffles) and fake news (lies) altogether at once.

  • Dummy getting injected. As of December 3, 2021, the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has logged 19,886 COVID jab related deaths. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Never More Brilliant, Lays The Utter Truth Out – Autopsies Prove Vax BioWeapon. Caused Autoimmune Attacks And Death.. (Based on 70 autopsies done by Germany’s top pathologist, Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt).. ‘Banned Video” Chemist/Dr. Andreas Noack, Austria, beaten to DEATH, after releasing video confirming graphic oxide in the injection, and calling it.. razor blades into the blood. EuropeMedAgency. Through May 8, 2021 they had recorded 10,570 deaths and 405,259 injuries following injections of four mRNA injections. YouTube.. Spike Protein Goes to Nucleus and Impairs DNA Repair (In-Vitro Study) Stockolm U. Forbidden knowledge. Medical Bombshell: Pfizer Vax Attacks Human Blood Creating Clots Under Microscope. in ONE minute.

  • Hi, I have been a huge fan and reader of Rapture
    But most of everything on here has to do with COVID vaccination lately; I hear a lot of bashing and extreme down talk about it. I do want to say I was very skeptical about getting the vaccine doses that I got before getting the 2 Pfizer’s shots. I still am but I got them cause I have small children and didn’t want them to catch the virus so I figured I’d get the shot in there place to protect them. I can tell you out right that I including majority of all my family members dad,mom, brother,aunt’s,uncle, nephew and cousins have all gotten the vaccination shots and nothing of any type of harm has occurred to any of us. So why hasn’t it affected us in a negative way if it’s as bad as people like your self are portraying the vaccine to be? I know of people personally that have got the COVID virus some of them passed away that were healthy that did not get the vaccination and some who got the COVID-19 virus before getting the vaccination and gotten better after getting sick from it with out any major issues at all; then decided to get vaccinated with out any negative affect..

    • Anthony….you have failed your TROLL training. Stop it now!
      You say you and all the adults in your family got the jabs in order to protect the small children. If that is the case those poor kids are looking to a future as orphans..

    • Anthony,
      After the shutdown that was to fix the virus we then needed a mask to go to the only stores left open in my area; Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart. Later we didn’t need a mask, then we needed 2 or a certain type of mask. And after the 2 jabs for keeping you from getting the virus badly, then you needed another booster. When will this stop?
      Just to let you know, you have not protected your children with only 2 jabs. Hopefully you get the boosters soon, or you will be known as a pretender to them.


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