Revealing: Terror-Tied Rep. André Carson Chosen To 'Honor' Islam on the U.S. House Floor (Video)

Will the Islamic community denounce Rep. André Carson for his extremist and racist sentiments and ties to radical groups and jihadists?

On September 17, 2020, Democrat Congressman André Carson spoke on the U.S. House floor in support of Texas Representative Al Green’s resolution recognizing “Islam as one of the world’s great religions”. Indiana’s Rep. Carson has a long and controversial history of ties to dangerous and violent Islamic supremacist groups and individuals. Despite this, America’s Muslim community has not denounced Rep. André Carson or protested his role as their religious representative.

Since first being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in early 2008, this American-born convert to Islam has associated with organizations known to be front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is a dangerous organization, seeking to destroy Western civilization from within and establish a global Islamic state. There goal is clearly expressed in their “Explanatory Memorandum” which details the Brotherhood’s long term plan for America:

“The lkhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

Rep. Carson has been both funded by these jihadis, as well spoken at fundraisers on their behalf. Watch this short video compilation of Rep. André Carson addressing various U.S. Muslim Brotherhood groups over the past several years. Carson makes clear his goal of destroying America from within.

As reported by Center for Security Policy, the Islamic individuals and groups tied to Carson have a documented history of serving as unregistered foreign agents, supporting terrorism, and are tied to the Brotherhood’s Palestinian franchise, Hamas, a designated terrorist organization. Hamas Charter calls for Jews to be killed and Israel to be eliminated. In fact, Jews are mentioned in the Charter no less than 20 times and a famous Quranic prophesy to eliminate all Jewish people is in article Seven of the charter.

Rep. Carson’s antisemitism can be traced back to his early childhood. In 2008, Carson won his late grandmother’s, Julia Carson, seat to represent Indiana’s 7th District in a special election. Carson was raised by his controversial grandmother Julia. Throughout André’s life, his grandmother had a very close relationship with the antisemitic racist Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan. According to American Thinker, the night that Carson was born in 1974 his grandmother was with the the Islamic supremacist,

Andre’s wife stated that Farrakhan was with Julia the night her grandson was born in 1974. The anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader who called white people “devils” told mourners at her funeral in 2007 “I was with her in her discipleship.”

While delivering his eulogy at Julie’s funeral, Farrakhan endorsed André’s campaign for his grandmothers congressional seat. “She lives in André,” he said “she wants him to succeed her” declared Farrakhan.

Farrakhan has a long hate-filled career including, praising Hitler, calling for the beheading of gays, blaming Jewish “bloodsuckers” for 9/11, referring to whites as devils and Jews as termites and claiming that Jesus called the Jews “the children of the devil.”

Despite Farrakhan spewing racist, anti-LGBTQ, antisemitic, misogynist rhetoric, Rep. Carson, like his grandmother, has embraced the Nation of Islam leader. In 2013, pro-Iranian Carson attended a dinner hosted by Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani (#1 state sponsor of global terrorism), where Nation Of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan was also on hand.

In December 2016, Rep. Carson privately visited the radical Farrakhan in his hotel room. Despite calls for Carson to distance himself from and denounce Farrakhan, Caron has refused. Carson doubled down on his relationship and reported, he will not rule out future meetings with the Nation of Islam Leader. 

Carson also has his own long history himself of racism. At an August 22, 2011 Congressional Black Caucus event in Miami, Carson smeared the Tea Party as a racist group infested white people who “would love to see” black people “hanging on a tree”.

While Carson has a First Amendment right to tell his racist lies and spread his hate, he is fighting to strip Americans of their rights to criticize Islam. Carson fights to implement deceptively named, “hate speech” laws criminalizing criticism of Islam. Vital questions about Islam are being deliberately mischaracterized as “hate” in oder to replace first amendment rights with sharia blasphemy laws.

This comes as know surprise, as Carson fought to have European Parliamentarian Geert Wilders banned from entering the United States over his immigration views and views on Islam. Meanwhile, he embraced Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, a sharia-adherent terrorist who leads crowds in, “Death to America, Death to Israel” chants.

If Jeffrey Epstein had been asked to give a speech on the House floor recognizing “Judaism as one of the world’s great religions”, there would be an uproar. The Jewish community would have quickly denounced him. Will the Islamic community denounce Rep. André Carson for his extremist and racist sentiments and ties to radical groups and jihadists?

Andre Carson speech transcript:

Thank you Dr. Greene, Congressman Greene, Chairman Green, Judge Green, Pastor Green, Public Servant Al green, thank you.

I rise today in support of my colleagues resolution recognizing islam as one of the great religions of the world. I commend my friend Representative Greene for honoring Islam.

You know this action helps to honor the millions of muslims of many different backgrounds who proudly call America home. As one of three muslims currently serving in congress it is my great privilege to speak here today Mr. Speaker in the people’s house about our special faith.

Though we are a minority in this country we have participated fully in the story of our nation since its earliest days even before America’s founding and our declaration of independence. This brilliant declaration enshrined freedom of faith and religion for all of us.

Today there are muslims in all parts of the country who are business owners who are teachers, construction workers, engineers, lawyers, judges, elected officials, the first muslim in congress my friend comes to mind Keith Ellison. We now have sisters Ilhan Omar and Rashida Talib and the list goes on statewide and locally.

You know throughout this covert 19 pandemic Mr. Speaker you’d be hard-pressed to find a hospital in this great nation without a muslim health care worker on the front lines serving fellow Americans. Not just in urban centers but in suburbia in rural parts of our country.

You know as more and more muslims call America home Mr. Speaker we will continue working tirelessly guided by our faith to ensure our great country lives up to the principles of equality compassion and opportunity for all. Our faith keeps us motivated every day to advance these great goals. [Author note: Qur’an is diametrically opposed to all those principles]

You know around the world billions of muslims are also engaged in this struggle also using their faith as a guide – we’ve seen what’s happened with Uyghur muslims. We’re seeing the dispute in Kashmir we’re seeing conflict dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian question and sadly we still see muslims who endure hurtful stereotypes and discrimination on this journey. But our faith teaches us to be bold to be brave and to always choose love over hate so we will not be deterred Mr. Speaker. [Author note: Where in Islamic Scripture does it say to choose love over hate? In fact, not once does the Qur’an say to love the unbelievers]

I’m a proud muslim, a proud American and i’m honored to be a member of a very diverse and growing global community and i’m thankful to live in a country that enshrines the right to practice this faith.

We wouldn’t have the foundation for American muslims in this country Mr, Speaker were it not for the contributions of African-American muslims. Scholars say 30, 40 maybe even 50 percent of the slaves who were brought here from west Africa were muslim.

We see muslims as first responders, I was one of them. We see muslims who were part of responding to the call to fight against terrorism in a post 9-11 reality and often times thwarting potential attacks that you’ll never hear about in the news. Because muslims are on the front lines in our law enforcement community and in our intelligence services.

Muslims have been critical in this country with establishing islam and promoting self-respect, self-determination, creating your own enterprises, and businesses. We hear terms now like stay woke. I submit to you Mr. Speaker that that terminology came from the contributions and the foundation laid by african-american muslims. Began as a colonel in the inception of this country and it started to blossom in the early 1920s and 30s during the great depression. And during those times you had variations of islam that was not arabized. Because if it was an error presented islam it wouldn’t have been attractive it certainly wouldn’t have been attractive to me.

But the islam that was presented was created in a way to fight against the poison and the toxicity of white supremacy. And now you have a beautiful religion with an interfaith coalition with christian brothers and sisters, jewish brothers and sisters, Sikhs, Hindus, Atheists, Buddhists, all coming together to make America a better place.

Now some people are comfortable with talking about islam and in their critiques of islam they overlook the hypocrisy of their own faith. You cannot really call yourself a lover of god and show hate for others of a different faith. You cannot call yourself an elected official and a representative of the people if you’re only committed to serving and representing one segment of the population, And you certainly can’t call yourself a true public servant without recognizing the contributions that have been made by this wonderful community.

I salute representative Greene for his bold leadership for his visionary leadership as a proud christian man in the tradition of Jesus christ knowing that in my father’s house there are many mansions to stand up and recognize the wonderful religion of islam commend you i thank you, because we are America. I yield back Mr. Speaker.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Islam is not a spiritual religion. Islam is a completely distinct civilization that is distinctly complete, including, if not especially, in its notions of social organization.

    Islam exists as a geopolitical ambition to expand the Islamic Theocracy by exterminating all resistance. In fourteen centuries the death toll numbers in the hundreds of millions.

    I defy anyone to identify one complete day, one twenty-four hour period since 911, when, somewhere upon our globe a Muslin did NOT kill a non-Muslin exactly because he was a non-Muslin. Try it yourself

  • What does Quranic Islam have to do with godly LOVE? A thousand Muslim hateful sentiments, shrieked over the Earth (perhaps just the past year) testify otherwise, as do many grievous acts of murderous MALICE! — Quran-issued commands, Imam’s shrill calls: hate and violence in the name of Islam. The nature of the political-religion, expressed by its most ardent Mohammad-practitioners: brutal carnage and merciless mayhem!

    Stealth Jihad: immigrate, infiltrate, establish expansionary parallel-societies, then worm-your-way into political power. (Sadly, subverted Britain, a case study.) Eventual plan, national overthrow? While in pursuit of that goal, through strategic jihad, deluding and deceiving the native “unbelievers” along assimilation-process. (Assimilation in reverse: enclave-settled foreigners demanding transformation of the settled land—or colonized populated country.)

    Finally, Muslim proliferation reaches sufficient critical mass, whereby the expanded alien culture can then impose its hostile ideology, and intolerant religion on the natives, coupled with medieval sharia law, foreigner-subjugated host nation. Thence, Rise of Muslim Brotherhood, or like malignant Dark Age Caliphate, from weakened and undermined host society? A host slow-invaded, then subsumed into alien nightmare tyranny. Like body infiltrated by parasitical organic-mass, which slowly feeds, multiplies and grows-off the strength of the host (land) — until it is eventually overwhelmed. Thus, the supporting body dies as a result of the malign parasite’s matured dominant presence.

  • This blatantly violates the establishment of religion clause in our constitution. Al Greene, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Andre Carson need to be held accountable for this attempt to violate the constitution.

    We need a total wall of separation between church and state or we are inviting disaster.


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