‘Riot’ Rapper 2 Chainz Campaigns for Joe Biden; Meets with Obama

‘Riot’ Rapper 2 Chainz Campaigns for Joe Biden; Meets with Obama

  • Posted by Renee Nal
  • On November 3, 2020
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Hundreds of militant leftists threatened to riot if Obama lost the 2012 election, using 2 Chainz’ song ‘Riot’ as their anthem. Now, 2 Chainz is campaigning for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and meeting with former President Obama.

On Monday, Billboard reported that 2 Chainz “took the stage to encourage his fellow Georgia citizens to vote for the Democratic ticket.” The article also repeated the fake claim about voter suppression in Georgia.

The rapper’s explicit song “Riot” has over 21 million views and has been posted on YouTube since April, 2012. While conservative content is being pulled down, explicit songs about rioting is totally cool. RAIR Foundation USA lost their channel as reported in September and is now housed at Rumble.

At the time Obama was running for re-election, Twitchy reported on how Twitter users were calling for riots should he lose. Many of the threatening tweets are still available today.

Here is a very small sample:

The former President understands the impact of popular culture, and his involvement in Netflix is a powerful illustration of how art is used to indoctrinate.

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