Rolling Thunder Exclusive: Thousands Converge on Ottawa to Support Veterans, Trudeau Dispatches Armies of Officers (Videos)

RAIR Foundation USA is in Ottawa, Canada, this weekend and will continue to update this post with the latest information.

*Scroll down to hear the powerful speeches

Friday night, thousands of Canadians took to the street to kick off Ottawa’s Freedom weekend. Citizens from throughout the country came to support today’s veteran-organized motorcycle ride, ‘Rolling Thunder. At the same time, others came to protest the state’s remaining Covid measures. Some of the demonstrators had even been in the nation’s capital since February’s Trucker’s Freedom Convoy. The bikers, many of whom are veterans of the Canadian military, came to the capital to “reclaim” their National War Memorial, which Ottawa and Canadian authorities desecrated during the Freedom Convoy. Furthermore, officers forcibly removed the peaceful veterans from their own memorial.

National War Memorial

Since the announcement several weeks ago of the Bikers Rally, Ottawa’s controversial Mayor Jim Watson, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and the mainstream media maligned the beloved service members. Ottawa’s interim police chief, Steve Bell, even threatened the Veterans who organized the event and the participants. “I want to be clear with both organizers and participants: you will be held accountable for your actions before, during, and after the events,” Bell said.

The rally was modeled after the US Rolling Thunder, where veterans ride en masse to honor and show their gratitude and support to fellow service members. Fearing the rally would draw attention to their recent illegal mistreatment of the veterans and citizens during the Truckers Freedom Convoy, the mayor and PM Trudeau went to great lengths to stop it. However, thousands upon thousands came to Ottawa to stand with the Veterans and march for their freedoms despite the left-wing government’s best efforts to intimidate citizens into staying home.

Freedom Weekend Event Schedule

Friday Night Event

RAIR was on the scene at the nation’s capital on Friday as supporters poured into the downtown area. Thousands of people, including veterans, parents with their young children, and elderly people, lined the streets. Many waved Canadian flags, held patriotic signs, and wore patriotic clothing. Unfortunately, the peaceful crowd was met by thousands of police and a few hundred anti-biker protesters calling themselves an “unwelcoming party.”

Police began blocking the streets with barricades Thursday night, and by Friday afternoon, police vehicles were used to obstruct lanes of traffic. Hordes of police blocked the streets, preventing cars from entering the downtown core near the Parliament buildings, which interim Police Chief Bell labeled the “exclusion zone.”

Canadians, fed up with Trudeau’s government’s mandates and illegal measures, made signs of their demands:

As the festivities continued into the night, Trudeau’s officers began arresting peaceful protesters. Again, Canadians were pulled out of the crowd seemingly at random: Rebel News Media reporter David Menzies captured some of the police’s unlawful behavior:

Saturday – Police Refuse To Give Veterans Access To Their Memorial

The “Rolling Thunder Canada” convoy planned to loop through downtown, circle the National War Memorial, then head back out of town after the one loop of the monument. However, police refused to let the motorcycle riding Veterans near their memorial at the last minute.

The crowds had to leave the monument and redirected to a different away where the bikers were forced to go:

Police prevent supporters from watching Rolling Thunder bikes go by:

Peaceful demonstrators were assaulted while hundreds of police stood by and did nothing:

The veterans wanted to reconsecrate the War Memorial, which police desecrated by erecting a seven-foot-high fence around the memorial and the cenotaph during February’s Freedom Convoy protests. Police even sent officers “to physically remove veterans off their sacred ground,” explains the organizer. They pushed the veterans right off our monument, which we had been protecting 24/7.” Officers, “zip-tied” veterans, “and that’s disgraceful,” exclaimed Sheard.

He hoped that “the city would come to its senses and let the bikes roll around,” like they allow Rolling Thunder riders in the states to do. This past week, RAIR had the honor of interviewing Rolling Thunder organizer and veteran Neil Sheard, who explained Saturday’s events,

It’s all about the monument. It’s not a protest. Because when the powers that be decided to put a big monster fence around our monument, that’s ours. That’s a veterans monument. That’s our that takes receipts for all the people that died from the Boer War to off to Afghanistan that takes receipts.

We want to pay respect to the veterans, to the monument to the people that gave, that sacrificed everything. The ultimate sacrifice gave their lives to keep their freedom. And that’s all we wanted to do. Come in, drive around it. drive out of town, plain and simple.

That’s all we’re coming for. We’re not stopping. We’re not protesting. We are there to give respect and dignity back to the veterans and that monument.

Sheard, who spent 12 years in the military and did two tours in Afghanistan, reported that the veterans planned to lay a wreath on their monument today to let veterans know “Canada has not forgotten you.” The man laying the wreath at the memorial is an injured veteran who served in Afghanistan, Chris Deering. He was unlawfully beaten and abducted by police during the Truckers Freedom Protest. The veterans wanted Deering to lay the wreath at their monument, explaining,

…we don’t want some politician. We want an actual veteran to take that back. Plain and simple.”

Rolling Thunder Convoy parade through downtown Ottawa:

Rolling Thunder Organizer Neil Sheard

On Saturday, Sheard spoke to the massive crowd as he introduced veterans who were part of the “freedom movement.” He railed against fear and division, fuelled by mainstream media, driving Canadians apart.

“What happened on that hill back in February, it was pure love,” Sheard said, “and then the hate came. Well, guess what? The hate didn’t win because we’re all awake.”

Sheard told the crowd, “We are (dealing) with an information war, plain and simple.”

“If there are any mainstream media out there, you need to start telling the truth,” he said to loud cheers.

Though most veterans speaking at the event were focused on the occasion, many addressed the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy from February and the physical and psychological abuse supporters faced by the state.

“What happened on that hill back in February, it was pure love,” Sheard said, “and then the hate came. Well, guess what? The hate didn’t win because we’re all awake.”

Sheard spoke several times throughout the day:

Veteran’s Moving Speech

Thomas, a veteran who spoke at the ceremony, explained that Saturday’s event was an important display of freedom of speech, freedom, he stressed, that was paid for by Canadians who gave their lives for their country.

“To me, this memorial is the definition of freedom in our country,” he said. “If it weren’t for those people who paid that ultimate sacrifice, we probably wouldn’t even have the opportunity to be here today.”

Thomas asked the crowd how many of them had been in the city for the trucker convoy. Most hands went up.

“That’s amazing,” Thomas said. “You know what else is amazing? There were others who didn’t put up their hands, and they’re here now.”

A veteran named Daryl, who said he served in Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, told the crowd about his mental health struggles after his tours. He nearly attempted suicide, he said, but later found God and other motivation to keep going.

“At my lowest,” Daryl told the crowd, “I began searching for answers to why I had to go do what I did in all those different countries, and in doing so, I discovered who the real enemy of this world is: the elites, the ones who are controlling what we hear, what we see, what we read, our education system, our monetary system.”

Veteran Chris Deering’s Speech

Injured and retired Afghanistan veteran Mr. Deering gave a moving speech at today’s rally honoring Canada’s fallen heroes. He condemned the government’s unlawful and violent treatment of the peaceful and patriotic citizens he risked his life to protect.

Deering described how he had been arrested during the February protests. But, to him, the convoy had provided a “glimmer of hope.”

“I was there in Ottawa along with many of you,” Deering said. “The people wanted the government to come and listen to their concerns, and did they?”

“No,” the crowd responded.

Deering detailed the shocking physical and mental abuse he endured by the police during the Truckers Freedom Protest. Deering said officers dragged him to the ground, kicked and kneed him, used zip ties to bind his hands, and forced him to stand in a processing line for hours. He said he was then thrown out of the city “like garbage and told not to return to our nation’s capital.”

The war hero implored all Veterans to please sign up and join Veterans For Freedom. The grassroots organization’s mission is to:

Rally Canadian Armed Forces veterans across Canada by mobilizing and sustaining lawful civic action in order to restore the fundamental rights and freedoms of Canadians.”

Deering stands at attention at the National War Memorial:

Deering placed a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier after the speeches concluded on Saturday, while a piper played Amazing Grace.

Pastor Praises Freedom Movements

A Pastor gave a hard-hitting speech condemning Trudeau’s unconstitutional mandates and authoritarian measures. He thanked the “courageous” Trucker’s Freedom Convoy, Veterans, Rolling Thunder, and their supporters for standing up for Canadians’ freedoms despite being attacked and criticized by their government.

The Pastor, whose only family escaped Communist East Germany in the 1950s, defended the “unvaccinated.” He condemned the propaganda, scaremongering, scapegoating, segregation, and exclusion they have suffered. He reminded the public that these dangerous unscientific attacks are precisely how you divide society, and genocides happen.

Sunday: Bikers Church Vandalized

More “Rolling Thunder” events were scheduled for today, including this morning’s Church service in Vanier. The Church was vandalized overnight by far-left groups. RAIR was on scene to capture some of the damage:

RAIR spoke with Dr. Sam Dube about the left’s attack on the Church and Veteran’s rally:

Despite the attacks on the Church, today’s service was full:

RAIR will continue to update this post with the latest news from today’s events.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • If we are going to clean house and bring back personal freedoms, we need to start at the top of this government pyramid. We need to hold these “Elected” officials accountable not only for their actions but their methods of spending and most of all clear out the corruption. It seems the only voice we ever get is during an election and then they do what they want anyway. WE. the people, need to stand tall and strong. WE need to have a voice and an opportunity to disagree with what they propose. MOST OF ALL we need to bring equality back to our system. If a politician breaks the law and is investigated and found suspect, they need to face the same system as any other citizen of this country. Being a politician does not make them gods. It gives them power to govern, but not to squash and abuse. I am tired of the corruption and lack of penalties paid. If it was me, I would be behind bars. These people chose to serve but that does not give them carte blanche to do whatever they wish.

    • Klaus Schwab has Castrudeau’s replacement already in the Liberal or Conservative party.
      The only way for Canadastan and New Zealand to recover their freedom is to get rid of Klaus Schwab.

  • It’s unfortunate that the minority in Canada is being treated so poorly by the majority, the woke loons who elected far left fascists to rule them. Canada has been growing far left liberal fascists for decades and now they’re showing what they can do now that they’re in power. The fully indoctrinated far left won’t stop until they crush those who want freedom.

    • PSYHCOPATHS have their main aim as: WIN at all costs. No, they won’t let go, as they have Big Tech, Big Corps, Big $$$ and they have their own ilk cheering each other on, and corrupted in all ways puppets. ALL are totally dispensable to these Psychopaths’.

      They are very destructive childish beings. Remove their power etc.,

  • Your article was very well written and appreciated. However, there is someone one detail that needs correction. The non-profit organization is called Veterans 4 Freedom vice Veterans for Canada. As a veteran, I thank you for being at this important event.

  • Interesting to see, that the world’s most ridiculous law firm “Fuellmich’s” has disappeared completely.
    What a shit firm!
    And Fauci, Schwab and Gates are laughing, too!

    • They have NOT disappeared at all. In FACT, a number of Leaders including Dr Reiner Fuellmich, Bobby Kennedy, Dr Judy Mikovits and others are working very hard and holding Seminars in USA Cities right now. and doing so much else.

      It takes a lot of work to gather Evidence from Expert Witnesses, and so much else has to be done, you obviously have little knowledge of. and International Courts convened as the present Courts are corrupted to the hilt.

  • The cops looked so stupid coming out en masse with tear gas and other weapons to protect people from a bubble machine truck and each other despite the fact it was yet another peaceful rally.

  • What is frightening is apparent lack of overwhelming support from the citizenry. There look to have been good crowds, yes, but the streets should have been overflowing with support. People are afraid to speak out, even show up. Fascism. Just like the 1930’s in Germany, on display. Trudeau must go.


  • Great to see the Freedom protesters out in force. However some of them are hypocritical idiots because they’re marching to rid themselves of the mandates, yet they’re wearing the slave masks that represent those same mandates !

    Yet the irony of this is evidently lost on them. Next time good citizens, leave those masks at home or better still throw them in the incinerator. They’re symbols of the tyranny you’re supposed to be opposing !

  • It’s going to come down to this. Be boiled like a frog, or drag the scumbag Trudeau and his ilk out office and meat out real justice.

  • Justin Trudeau hates Canadian citizens. He is an evil Roman Catholic Dictator who should be removed from Parliament. He is a pathological liar like Joe Biden.


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