Russia: Muslim Husband Beats Doctor For Examining his Hijabi Wife (Video)

Multiculturalism simply means that the most tolerant culture must submit to the least tolerant culture.

On September 21, Russian Dermatologist Vladimir Zhernokleev was attacked and beaten at a private medical clinic in Nizhnevartovsk by a Muslim man after examining his sharia-adherent wife. The 29-year-old Islamic husband was enraged that parts of his wife’s body were exposed to another man.

The day began as usual for Dr. Zhernokleev, who was examining patients. In the afternoon, a Muslim girl came to him for a medical examination. At first, the hijab-wearing woman did not want to be examined by a male doctor. Dr. Zhernokleev advised her to speak to management and request a female doctor. However, the Muslim woman wanted to proceed with Dr. Nizhnevartovsk.

During the woman’s exam, the Doctor looked over the woman’s hands, legs, and abdomen. Fifteen minutes later, the woman’s husband burst into the Doctor’s office and started beating the Doctor. Watch the following video of the violent attack:

Russian police arrived five minutes after the attack. The doctor was already severely beaten. An ambulance was called to take care of Zhirnokleev’s injuries. The doctor suffered a head injury and a broken nose.

Dr. Zhirnokleev is shocked by what happened, mainly since he had previously dealt with patients in hijabs. However, according to the Doctor, this was the first time he ever experienced such a reaction from an Islamic husband.  

Police have opened a criminal case against the Muslim attacker. He faces up to five years in prison.

Sharia-adherent Muslims Can Not Integrate

Like many who are unfamiliar with Islam and Sharia, the doctor does not realize that Muslim women are prohibited from exposing body parts to male doctors, especially during childbirth.

Under Islamic law, women are not even permitted to visit doctors without their male guardians. Male guardians can only be the next of kin in Islam; sons, grandsons, husbands, brothers, fathers, or uncles.

In hospitals throughout Europe, Muslims have been increasingly asking to be treated by Muslim doctors only and refusing to let male doctors treat their wives. In America, a government medical agency issued strict instructions for Doctors treating Muslim women:

 …minimize eye and physical contact between a healthcare worker and a patient of the opposite gender when possible. Furthermore, male doctors may have to communicate through a spouse if the patient is female. For example, if a male healthcare professional is talking to or asking questions of a female patient while her partner is in the room, but the patient does not respond, the healthcare professional should ask the patient if she would prefer he talk to the partner. This may clear up any confusion and is usually not offensive.

Doctors who treat Muslim patients are putting their lives at risk. If medical professionals violate Sharia, the consequence could be deadly. It increasingly appears that non-Muslims, like the Russian Doctor, will have to integrate into Islamic culture and laws to be safe.

The west is told to embrace multiculturalism & respect each other’s beliefs, ideals & values. However, Islam does not reciprocate. Multiculturalism simply means that the most tolerant culture must submit to the least tolerant culture.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • I don’t want it to seem like I’m blaming the victim (I’m not; just making an observation), but it’s concerning how many younger white men today have either no ‘situational awareness’, or are unable to fight and defend themselves — I see he was sucker punched while sitting down, but when the guy entered his office he remained seated even though he must have sensed if not seen a threat — no way I would have stayed seated; I would have stood up immediately — it’s another matter to try to punch, and so risk starting a fight with, a man who’s standing up and presumably ready to defend himself.

    Guys like that need to start paying a stiff price for their violence — all it would take is for someone to kick the you know what out of him once.

    • I agree on all points, if those who use violence know no other language than that is the language needed to get a message thru to them. They are not ready for civilization if they need their fists to communicate.

  • Man in Russia charged with ‘hooliganism’ after badly beating male dermatologist who said hijab-wearing wife’s skin was ‘beautiful’

    A man has been placed under house arrest in Russia after he beat up and concussed a doctor who inspected his wife and complimented her. The woman, a hijab-wearing Muslim, claimed the dermatologist dubbed her skin “beautiful.”
    The incident took place on September 21 in Nizhnevartovsk, Siberia. … According to the doctor, Vladimir Zhirnokleev, he simply asked the woman to show her elbows, stomach, and back, and did not ask her to undress. Once the inspection was complete, he found no cause for concern and said, “The skin is beautiful.” … After leaving the doctor’s office, the woman complained to her husband that the medical examination did not comply with “Muslim law.” … “I am sure the doctor complimented my wife during the examination, which is not befitting of my principles,” said Bakhriddin Azimov, the Tajikistan born 29-year-old husband of the patient. “If you are a doctor, do your job. Excessive compliments and questions are beyond a doctor’s job description.”

  • Muslims of this kind are being inconsistent with their own beliefs and yet blaming not muslims for it: they should get their own physicians and that’s it.


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