Russia Releases Possible Evidence of US Financed Biological Program in Ukraine

The Kyiv government tried to cover up evidence of the alleged bioweapons program, which the ministry said was funded by the United States.

On Sunday, the Russian Defense Ministry issued a report claiming when their troops crossed the border into Ukraine, the Ukrainian government in Kyiv had ordered U.S./NATO-funded Biolabs in the country to destroy deadly pathogens, including plague and anthrax. 

Stories of the Russian military targeting Biolabs were initially dismissed as conspiracy theories, but the ministry has now released documents to back up this claim.

Evidence Hidden

In their recent statement, the Russian ministry claims that on February 24, 2022, they received documents from Ukrainian bio-laboratories employees about the destruction of highly dangerous pathogens such as plague, anthrax, Tularemia (Rabbit fever), cholera, and other deadly diseases.

The Kyiv government tried to cover up evidence of the alleged bioweapons program, which the ministry said was funded by the United States. According to the Russian ministry, bioweapons components were made in two labs in Poltava and Kharkiv, cities where fierce fighting has recently been fought.


The U.S. government maintains that they are public and animal health labs operated by host countries and not covert bioweapons operations. Furthermore, they have accused the Russian government of continuing their long-running Russian disinformation campaign.

As per the details made available by the U.S. government, the U.S. Department of Defense’s Biological Threat Reduction Program has been working with partner countries to “to counter the threat of outbreaks (deliberate, accidental, or natural) of the world’s most dangerous infectious diseases.”

On several occasions, Russia has accused the U.S. and Ukraine of developing bio-weapons close to its borders. For example, in April 2021, while talking about the inability of the World Health Organization to establish the origin of Covid, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev told Kommersant reporter that Russia believed the U.S. was developing bio-weapons near its borders.

Patrushev stated, “I suggest you pay attention to the fact that in the world, more and more new biological laboratories under the control of the United States are growing by leaps and bounds. Moreover, by a strange coincidence – mainly at the Russian and Chinese borders.”

In 2014, the Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom made similar allegations. However, once again, there were no evidence and only conjectures:

Bulgarian investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, who has been researching Biolabs in Ukraine for years, posted the documents on social media:

As reported previously at RAIR Foundation USA, Gaytandzhieva, who was fired from The Bulgarian Trud Daily newspaper in 2017 after publishing an article about covert arms supplies to terror groups in Syria by the CIA, had previously revealed that the U.S. embassy in Ukraine had removed all documents from its Pentagon-funded Biolabs in Ukraine.

Specialists are currently analyzing the documents released by Russia who, according to their ministry, will prove that Ukraine and the U.S. have violated the Biological Weapons Treaty.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • I believe Russia.
    After all the lies Fauci told about origins of Covid and funding bioweapons when told not to-(who gave him the money?), and all the scientists and virologists that he cancelled along with Collins, they were all lies. The “vaccine” was not one at all and no one should ever get injected with an experimental substance that does more harm than good.

  • Don’t listen to this Putin propaganda – Russia has no right to talk about this subject after what they’ve done… read..

    Biohazard: The Chilling True Story of the Largest Covert Biological Weapons Program in the World–Told from Inside by the Man Who Ran It
    by Ken Alibek and Stephen Handelman | Apr 11, 2000

    • Oh just stop lying already. Ghost of Kiev = game video.
      12 people in snake island died = 80+ captured alive.
      Fake phone calls etc.
      So many Western disinformation. While at the same time ignoring facts which doesnt suit their narrative.

      Russia = the light side, fighting the dark side. Just like 80 years ago.

    • History is NOT what we were taught. We have been lied to for decades if not CENTURIES. They lied about Gaddafi, and then killed him. His people loved him. He went against the NWO and wanted to keep his people free. Don’t think they haven’t lied about Putin. He too is against the NWO and hates the Deep State Cabal. And the crimes against children that these people make a lot of money doing. But no one wants to talk about.

  • Hhahahaha….accusing Russia of disinformation…..say, like weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Or……that the Taliban won’t take over Afghanistan, and we’ll drone strike a foreign aid worker and his kids….lie and say it was terrorists….or lie about COVID and gain of function research….or cancel any kind of different thought contrary to,your agenda (like inflation being temporary)?

    The US has turned into the Soviet Union….no one values the people….they’re only a means to their end. Censorship of free thought, abolishment of individual rights (mandates)….

    ….but “Russia bad”??? Ukraine is being used….Russia wants to protect their home turf….and NATO and the western countries are busy destroying the world.

  • You wonder why the U.S. is being punished by God. We are probably the worst of the worst when it comes to trying to destroy this world.


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