Salvini Broadcasts Migrants Invading Lampedusa - Slams 'Italian Government' for Aiding 'Human Trafficking' (Watch)

“As you can see the dramatic situation, there are 800 people instead of 190, almost all adults, male, young, fit and beautifully robust.” – Matteo Salvini

While Italy remains on partial coronavirus lockdown, migrant boats carrying passengers infected with the virus are invading the ports of Lampedusa hourly. League party leader, Matteo Salvini visited the embattled Sicilian island to to bring attention to what he calls the illegal migrant,”disembarkations organized by a government complicit with criminals.”

From the moment Salvini stepped off the plane in Sicily, he was swarmed by supporters who approached the leader with smartphones and cameras for pictures.  As always, there is no lack of support or applause for the beloved pro-borders leader.

“This is not immigration, but chaos,” declared Salvini. “As you can see the dramatic situation, there are 800 people instead of 190, almost all adults, male, young, fit and beautifully robust. They are not shipwrecked, this is shameful human trafficking of which the Italian Government is a criminal accomplice.” He continued, “I dare not imagine the sacrifices that law enforcement agencies are making here in Lampedusa,” he said before leaving the struggling area.

During Salvini’s visit to the island, he broadcasted migrants invading Lampedusa live on Facebook. Migrants are seen being brought to the port by the Coast Guard. Salvini slammed the government for aiding and abetting the illegals.

Italy has finally deployed their military to Sicily after potentially dangerous and sick illegal migrants escaped the overcrowded reception centers. Soldiers are patrolling coastal towns beaches throughout the peninsula.

Italy’s Socialist government led by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte reversed Salvini’s immigration stance when he came to power, which allowed Italy to refuse NGO human trafficking vessels to enter their seaports. Without Salvini in office, NGO’s, human traffickers and the European Union will continue to flood Italy with dangerous and sickly economic migrants.

It is hard to find money for Lampedusa, but… but now, live, an example…of tourists who don’t pay, 
but who are paid to be tourists.

Small boat, large boat, indefinite number of illegals who will remain here, Sponging, and at 
the expense of the Italians. 

Today, we visited the center that is supposed to house 190, but is housing 800, of whom 700
are males, between 20 and 30 years of age, strong, adults, who are bringing cell phones, caps, 
sunglasses and waste… and look, this is the port of Lampedusa in the evening,
with people who work hard, who love activities, that has a stage, restaurant and shop,
and that is a landing for small boats and large boats.

Look, there are dozens and dozens and dozens, from recent days with the disembarkation of 
hundreds of illegals, disembarkations organized with a government complicit with criminals, 
what we say is a government complicit with criminals.

Yesterday, there was a record for recent years of landings at Lampedusa It is not possible. 
Therefore I can’t wait to see a return of government with serious people
to again shut down the ports and criminals and reopen them to decent people and fishermen,
and tourists. All live. 

Afternoon end of July, anyway, I can say, if you have saved a few euros, stay in Italy, 
take a vacation, come to Lampedusa, come to Sicily, summer in Italy
the sea [unintelligible]. The Italian sea is the most beautiful in the world.

And we have no more need for those people there.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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  • Not migrants – an invading army! Government has lost all reason and sense and are aiding and abetting the enemies of the European people. Stop all illegals by Amy means necessary.


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