Save Lives: Dr. Kevin Stillwagon Reveals How to Treat Covid 'Vaccine' Damage (Video)

“My job is to turn you guys into Davids because we’re fighting Goliath. And whether you realize it or not, this is a war.

Dr. Kevin Stillwagon is a retired Delta Airlines pilot and chiropractor with a special interest in vaccines. He’s been a forthright critic of masking practices since the onset of the pandemic and skeptical of any benefits derived from the mRNA vaccines. 

Dr. Stillwagon gave a speech in Ottawa, Canada, in early November, which he followed with an interview for RAIR Foundation USA

In March 2020, Dr. Stillwagon was forced to retire from his job as a pilot as he refused to wear a mask. Despite his scientific explanation to colleagues in his industry about the ineffectiveness of masks, they did not want to hear him. Since then, he has spoken out widely against mandatory masking and vaccines, addressing school boards, county commissioner meetings, and freedom rallies. In addition, he has made frequent radio, television, and podcast appearances. 

“I was talking about the danger of where this was going. And the danger had nothing to do with a virus. The danger was people were going to give up their rights willingly. And then they were going to be coerced. Very dangerous,” said Dr. Stillwagon. “My job is to turn you guys into Davids because we’re fighting Goliath. And whether you realize it or not, this is a war. It’s a war against your freedom. In many ways, it’s actually a spiritual war. Goliath uses a weapon. It’s called unsubstantiated fear. You’re going to have a weapon too, and it’s called peaceful non-compliance.”

Dr. Stillwagon shared the basic and not-so-basic science of how the human immune system works and how effective it is at fighting viruses when left alone. Then, he touched on the dangerous and invasive nature of the PCR tests, literally pushing viruses through the epithelial barrier – that membrane that separates the outside of you from the inside of you – and into the bloodstream. “If anybody would ever come near me with a stick like that, I would charge them with attempted rape. I’m not kidding you,” he said, “because if you look at the definition of rape, it’s the insertion of an object into an orifice of your body without your permission. And that’s exactly what that is.”

According to Dr. Stillwagon, we all breathe close to 100 million viruses daily, with or without a mask. But this does not mean that we will get sick because to get sick, a virus must break through the epithelial barrier. PCR tests rely on mucus, which traps viruses before they cross this barrier. “People, who test positive, what do they tell them,” asked Dr. Stillwagon. “You’re a danger to others, even though you’re not sick, so we’re going to send you home, or we’re going to quarantine you. That is destroying businesses and economies all over the world. And if you haven’t figured it out, it’s being done on purpose. Because it’s all part of the agenda. one world government, one world currency.”

But back to the science. Viruses offer a way for our bodies to update our innate immune system through genetic upgrades. “Man has to have a way to make a new protein inside of our body to change the cellular function so that we can adapt to the changes in the environment that we ourselves created,” explained Dr. Stillwagon, giving as examples the poisons we put into our environments, our food and water, radiation in the atmosphere and now, 5G. “This is real science. And yes, these genetic insertions are still happening even today. I want you to know that the virus is not the cause of the disease. How many people do you know that tested positive and never got sick?”

Did you know that 70% of people who come into contact with the polio virus will develop total immunity, lifetime immunity and never display a single symptom? “These people that are running out and getting this polio shot for their kids, their kids are already immune, and they don’t need that shot. And the shot can give you adverse reactions. So the cause of the disease is always a weakened or overreactive immune system. Not the presence of the virus,” said Dr. Stillwagon. “Here’s another example: Ninety-nine percent of you in here right now have Streptococcus bacteria in your throat, and you’re not displaying symptoms of strep throat. Why? Because your body is keeping you in harmony with that organism. It’s all about harmony in your body. So, the symptoms are variable, treatable, and preventable without using shots. All diseases are treatable.”

Happily, there are even mitigating treatments for the side effects induced by the mRNA shots that have been pressed upon the world. “You have to stop the spike protein production. That’s the problem people are having with what they call long COVID. And there are many different methods out there, most of them are nutritional,” Dr. Stillwagon told RAIR Foundation USA. “But one of the most effective ways to do this, and it doesn’t cost anything, is to go on a water fast for two to three days. That’s not an easy thing to do, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. And so, that forces the body into what’s called autophagy, where cellular material is cleaned out, destroyed, and eliminated from the body. That’s what a fasting program will do. It’ll help to eliminate the spike proteins from the body. I have (also) heard that some people have gotten some benefit from taking ivermectin if the spike protein has injured them.”

For a detailed science-based explanation of why so many people continue to get sick, either with covid-19 or vaccine-induced illnesses, including myocarditis, heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, aggressive cancers, and autoimmune diseases, watch the full video of Dr. Stillwagon’s presentation at RAIR: 

Miranda Sellick

Miranda Sellick has been a journalist for more than 25 years. She has worked for newspapers in the U.K. and Canada and is the author of two books. She was aware that the covid play was not what it appeared to be very soon after it was unleashed on the world.



  • I love egos like this … he gives a vid ) and no I did not watch it ) but not a written list …. some filking help …. write it down so we can use it …
    another ego whore .

    • Duncan you truly are unrealistic in the fact of the man’s credentials. He tells you things and abilities to prove it . What does ego have to do with it. Oh right he is smarter than you and you believe that the governments, Dr. lawyers , nurses would never never lie to. Wake up before its to late . And by the way you talk it is too late . Jerry

  • A chiropractor “with an interest with an interest in vaccines”. Well, I’m interested in vaccines now too, specifically, the covid kill-shots. But that doesn’t make me an expert. Is this the best person they could find to refute what we’ve been told. OK, well I think my kid’s bus driver might be available, as an ‘expert’, to talk to this author. maybe he can do an article about her too.

    • A lot of chiropractors are looking into this and sharing info about it. Same with doctors in other fields. They do more than just pop people’s necks and backs.


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