School Bans Easter Tradition After Migrants Complain

The next attack on our culture by migrants aided by left-wing radicals occurred in a first-grade classroom. In an AHS in Upper Austria, a teacher wanted to decorate the class with palm branches. A trip to the Easter market was also planned. A student’s father complained. With success: The school director then reprimanded his teacher for her “Christian fundamentalism.”

Niki Glattauer was a teacher and school principal. In the newspaper “Heute,” he reports on an email that was sent to him from Upper Austria. “Are Palmkatzerln fundamentalist and an Easter market for schoolchildren completely unreasonable,” asked the teacher.

Disturbed by Christian Customs

Shortly after the first palm branches adorned the classroom, the father of a student whose parents are from Bosnia got in touch with the teacher. Glattauer quotes from the message in the school app: “Our child is very disturbed by the transformation of his classroom into a church. Even an Easter market is completely unreasonable for M. We will therefore leave our child at home for the time being.”

Principal Attacks ‘Insensitive’ Teacher

When the teacher turned to her principal for support, he stabbed her in the back. Instead of the principal supporting the teacher, he attested that she had “acted insensitively” and asked her to remove the palm branches immediately. The principal believes that for “Christian fundamentalism,” there is Holy Week.

Meanwhile, Austria’s controversial Turkish-controlled migrant party SÖZ (Social Austria of the Future) has been demanding that the streets in the heavily Islamized district of Favoriten should be “appropriately decorated” for the Muslim holiday. Furthermore, they would like to use the Viennese tax money to ensure that the streets are decorated according to their faith on their holidays.


Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • White Christian Cowards!
    Intent on committing Self-Genocide!
    Gladly letting Satans Children kill them off!
    Not even GOD would help these snivelling Cowards!

  • Since you won’t allow worship of the one and only TRUE God then you will be worshipping Allah, Satan’s imposter and deception, that can’t save you or free you from bondage.

  • Good! Nowhere does the bible condone easter, chocolate bunnies, colored eggs, Easter egg decorations and hunts, etc. Christ the Lord said to ‘do this in remembrance of me’ – do what? His true born again sheep partake of the bread and cup in remembrance of His sacrificial death. False religion follows the traditions of men concerning ‘easter’…

    I LOVE to see Biblical Prophecy coming true!
    “Satans Children will persecute and imprison Christians in The End Times!”
    I’ve been saying it for years!
    But Christian Cowards only listen to their “gods”, Satans Children!
    The ones who HATE them!
    Go figure!

  • Migrants should sit down and shut up. They have no right to come to another country and order citizens around. Who do these beggars think they are?


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