Scotland: Police Force Themselves Into Family Home – Use Coronavirus To Justify Abuse (Video)

Scotland: Police Force Themselves Into Family Home – Use Coronavirus To Justify Abuse (Video)

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  • On January 7, 2021
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Police officers force themselves into a family home in Scotland using Chinese coronavirus as their justification. The officers threaten the family that they could have broken down their doors under suspicion they have people gathering in their home. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has given the Law Enforcement enhanced powers to ensure all socializing in homes is stopped.

In a video which was posted on twitter, police are seen entering in the doorway of a home and arguing with a woman who is telling them that this “is my house, get out of here, I did not ask you in here”. A man who may be her husband stands between her and the officer who is threatening her. In the background you can here a little child crying out to his mother in fear.

The officer threatens the woman that they “could have forced the door if you did not open it.” When the woman asks how they could do that, they officer justifies his threats by saying “because of suspicion you have people in here.”

Then the video devolves into scuffling where it’s impossible to tell who is doing what to who exactly. But there are many terrified voices indicating that police are destroying the peace of a family that includes young children.

This video is yet another example illustrating the totalitarian dystopia that many governments have now imposed, allegedly to deal with the Chinese coronavirus.

See the following video here:

The new powers granted under Scotland’s Coronavirus Act gives the left-wing government the authority to violate citizens rights and freedoms, and imprison people for the new crime of violating lockdown measures.

The left-wing First Minister announced on Monday that Scotland would enter a month-long strict lockdown beginning at midnight, as a supposedly “highly infectious” coronavirus variant continues to spread rapidly throughout the United Kingdom.

Citizens are mandated to follow the states new “stay at home regulations” that came into effect on January 5. Scotland’s new tyrannical lockdown measures make it a crime to meet anyone socially – other than those in your family, support bubble or people you care for. The rules on entering other homes are as follows,

You can go into another person’s house only for certain reasons, such as for essential work, to join your extended household or to provide care and support for a vulnerable person. This can include providing emotional support for someone whose wellbeing is at risk, including for those who are isolated because of disability or a caring situation.

Masks as a Political Tool

Nicola Sturgeon broke her own coronavirus law by chatting to pensioners in a pub without wearing a face mask. People in the Scotland are currently legally required to wear face coverings. Anyone who breaches this rule can be punished by a fixed penalty notice of £60.

As reported previously by RAIR Foundation USA, this is just another example of an official getting caught mocking their own use of masks as photo ops for the masses. See other RAIR examples herehere, here and here.

The Scottish Sun

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