Selective Enforcement: Spanish Police Raid Legal Christian Mass Yet Allow Illegal Islamic Gatherings (Watch)

Local police claimed they did not break up the gathering or hand out a single fine due to the disproportionate numbers of muslims violating Spain’s social distancing laws.

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The VOX Party in Spain released a video highlighting the contrast between how the government and police treat Christians compared to Muslims under Spain’s Chinese Coronavirus restrictions. Muslims have been allowed to pray on the streets without any police interruption. Meanwhile, Christians have been targeted and Easter mass celebration gatherings raided.

A Good Friday mass celebrated and broadcast on television from the Granada Cathedral by Archbishop Francisco Javier Martínez was raided by Spain’s national police. The faithful who attended the mass did not exceed twenty, a very small number for the main Granada Church, which has a capacity of more than one thousand people. In addition, the Christians were distributed throughout the pews of the church in order to maintain the proper government social distancing requirements.

When the police entered the Granada Church, Archbishop Martínez pleaded with them not to break up the service stating he was in accordance with article 11 of the Royal Decree. However, “They tell us that they have called their superiors, they have said no, and we must obey the law,said the Archbishop of Granada. 

The Archdiocese maintains that it complied with article 11 of the Royal Decree for the mass on this Good Friday. The Decree which was issued on March 14, 2020 for Spain’s coronavirus state of emergency measures, which includes containment measures in relation to places of worship and civil and religious ceremonies. The decree states:

“Attendance at places of worship and civil and religious ceremonies, including funerals, are conditioned on the adoption of organizational measures consisting of avoiding crowds of people, depending on the dimensions and characteristics of the places, in such a way that guarantee attendees the possibility of respecting the distance between them of at least one meter”

According to the decree, the Archbishopric emphasized that the people at the Granada Church were following all regulations “perfectly”, not only did the church restrict their numbers of attendees to 20, but those attendees also were all duly separated.

Meanwhile, in El Vendrell (Tarragona) police stood by and watched over 50 muslims flock around their imam who blasted the call to prayer throughout the streets for the start of Ramadan.

The mayor of the Tarragona town of El Vendrell, socialist Kenneth Martínez Molina, authorized the crowded Friday Islamic call to prayer celebration that took place in the streets despite the restrictions and prohibitions due to the state of alarm.

The Islamic prayer had the collaborative support of the local police, who stood by and watched as participants broke article 11’s laws. Christians in Grenada were threatened they would be ticketed by police if they did not leave their Easter mass immediately, where as in the case of El Vendrell, police did not make any such threats towards Muslims or stop their Ramadan celebration.

The following video was released by the VOX Party and exclusively translated by RAIR Foundation USA highlighting the Spain’s double standards:

After a public outcry, the authorities and city council in El Vendrell were actually forced to do something or pretend to do something about the Muslims who violated social-distancing regulations on Ramadan and took to the streets to celebrate the islamic call to prayer.

El Vendrell socialist mayor explained that the City Council had given approval for a prayer that would be made from a balcony by the mosque’s Imam and Ahmida Jadaoun, the president of the ‘Youth And Sports Association of Catalonia’, who had organized the event. “There was no authorization for anything else because the royal decree of the government makes this very clear.” But in a few short minutes without notice, the street was filled with fifty people or more muslims who disregarded the obligatory confinement.

El Vendrell City Council has opened proceedings to investigate and sanction those Muslims who broke Spain’s public gathering laws. Meanwhile, there has been no announcement of any fines being given to the Imam or the even organizer, Ahmida Jadaoun.

Local police claimed they did not break up the gathering or hand out a single fine due to the disproportionate numbers of muslims violating Spain’s social distancing laws. According to the El Vendrell Local Police‘s Twitter account, the “act was not authorized”, but they did not intervene:

“Given the disproportion between the number of concentrates and the number of agents, we could do nothing other than guarantee traffic safety on the road.”

So what is the numerical threshold from which police can act for those breaking the law? 

The following two exclusively translated RAIR videos display the government and law enforcement response that was triggered by a passionate public outcry.

This is not the first time that something like this occurred during the coronavirus quarantine. Last week, RAIR reported on another group of Muslims in Lleida, Spain, who refused to stay quarantined and gathered for the call to prayer. Police said the gathering on top of Seo Vieja Cathedral, one of the most important Catholic buildings in the city, was authorized by the city council. It, however, was never actually approved by the council. The provocation was celebrated by socialist politician, Sandra Castro.

Vox party remains the only leaders in Spain to boldly address the double standard facing the Christian community. Despite the attacks by the radical left and their media, Vox continues to address the threats of Islam to Spain.

In a recent speech in Italy previously reported on at RAIR, Abscala reminded the audiences of Spain’s own history of brutal occupation under Islam. Abscala proudly defended his country and heritage the “unelected Brussels bureaucrats [EU], robbing us of our cultural identity”

“They say we are Eurosceptics. But we defend the Christian tradition they attack. We believe in the intelligence of our peoples, whom they despise.”

Vox is a “Make Spain Great Again Party,” who defends traditional Spanish values and has a Trump-like message! “We stand for the same law-and-order and social conservative causes as Trump,” said Vox’s leader Santiago Abascal.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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