Senegalese and Moroccan Illegals War Inside Spanish Migrant Camp (Video)

Despite the violence and criminal behavior of migrants, Spain’s socialist Prime Minister releases them into Europe.

Riot police fired 17 rubber bullets inside Spain’s Las Raices migrant camp after violence erupted between groups of illegal migrants. Moroccans and Senegalese migrants staying in the NGO-run camp on the Canary Islands rioted and beat each other with stones, sticks, and other weapons. Despite the violence and criminal behavior of many migrants, Spain’s socialist leader, Pedro Sánchez, releases them into Europe.

The altercations resulted in three migrants hospitalized with serious injuries and another seven with minor injuries. According to local authorities, police took eight migrants into custody.

Migrants distributed videos showing scenes from the riots and blood from one migrant left on the stairs. According to the NGO, he suffered a broken leg that left part of the bone exposed.

The Las Raíces reception camp is home to about 2,400 migrants and the largest on the island. It is also one of the most troubled camps in the Canary Islands. Migrants often complain about the quality of their free food, fear of deportation, and the tensions between different nationalities. Many of the migrants are frustrated they must stay in the camps instead of going to Spain’s mainland or any part of Europe they choose.

Spain’s migrant holding centers are overrun with illegals trying to make their way to the mainland. The country is overwhelmed by the increasing onslaught of migrant invaders brought to Europe by human traffickers. The situation has only been exacerbated by the onset of coronavirus, which has pushed the migrant reception systems to a dangerous breaking point.

More than 23,000 migrants from Morocco and West Africa have illegally arrived in the Canary Islands by boat in the past year. As of April 4, 2021, there had been 3,567 ilegal sea arrivals in the archipelago, according to UNHCR data.

Instead of sending migrant back to their country of origin, left-wing NGOs demand the Spanish government decongests the centers by speeding up migrant transfers to Spain’s mainland or other parts of Europe.

The left-wing government financially contributes taxpayer money to NGOs. Recently, the government was caught flying migrants to the mainland and distributing them throughout the country without informing local officials.

There is no negative consequence for migrants trying to make their way to Spain. Once they break into the country, they are handed food, clothing, money, and shelter. Under Spain’s left-wing government, all asylum applications must be considered. Those denied asylum are rarely deported and instead make their way to the other 26 European Union states.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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