Sharia Alert: Adidas Launches an Islamization of Sweden Campaign for Ramadan (Video)

Mikail Yüksel, leader of Sweden’s Turkish-tied Muslim party, Nyans, is ecstatic that Adidas is fighting against ‘Islamophobia,” celebrating Ramadan and promoting Sharia. 

Adidas, together with the Swedish Football Association, the Swedish Basketball Association, and the Marathon group, have launched a campaign to normalize Sharia in Sweden. Adidas AG is a left-wing German multinational corporation that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing, and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest globally after Nike.

The sportswear company has hired the activist PR agency Obeya to launch the “From sunrise to sunset” campaign, reports Resume. The agency advertises that they create communication that engages and contributes to a more inclusive society.” They explain that they “challenge our clients to reflect society and their target group in communication.”

Sweden has approximately one million Muslims thanks to the country’s open border policies. Now that Ramadan is approaching, the company wants to target the many Muslims who continue with their sports and training during the fasting month. Adidas is therefore launching the campaign “From sunrise to sunset,” where they want to help with tips and advice on how to keep your training going during Ramadan. The company already offers training tips to Muslims across the Middle East for Ramadan.

Redwaan Hossain

Despite the growing interest in training during Ramadan, the information is fragmented. Many Muslims fast during Ramadan and want to keep up with their training, but don’t know how to do it, says Muslim Redwaan Hossain, Brand Comms Manager at Adidas.

As part of the campaign, different types of athletes will tell about how they set up their training routine during Ramadan on the company’s website. Also, tips on how to coach fasting Muslims. Some of the names featured in the campaign are footballers Nabil Bahoui (who plays for Qatar, was born in Morocco, and lives in Sweden), Bilai Hessein (Somali parents), and runner Yassin Kridih (family from Estonia).

Praised by the Muslim party

Mikail Yüksel, leader of Sweden’s Turkey-tied Muslim party, Nyans, is ecstatic that Adidas is fighting against ‘Islamophobia” and celebrating Ramadan.

The Nuance Party was founded in August 2019 by Yüksel, a Turkish-born politician expelled from the Centre Party for alleged links to the Turkish ultranationalist Islamic group the Grey Wolves. In his founding statement, he said that Islamophobia should be a criminal offense and that Sweden’s Muslims should have a constitutional definition as a minority.

Adidas Sports Hijab and Modest Wear Collection

Adidas has turned Islamic sharia clothing into a purportedly new symbol of freedom and fashion. But unfortunately, for most women in the Middle East, the hijab and their other Islamic coverings are imposed as a symbol of slavery.

Quran 24:31 commands women to cover so thoroughly as to reduce their capacity to provoke temptation and to hide their “adornments.” If a woman does not completely cover, then she is fair game to be “abused” (Quran 33:59).

Hungry for profits, Adidas has chosen to cash in on the 243 billion dollar sharia clothing industry (11 percent of the global market for apparel).  By 2024, DinarStandard estimates, Muslim consumers will spend $402 billion.

Adidas is deceptively marketing sharia clothing as “modest” and not Islamic. Marketing the clothing as “modest” helps Adidas sell Islamic products to unknowing Christians, Jews, gays, and other non-Muslims who are often persecuted under Sharia.

Western media outlets and retailers carrying this misogynist clothing are helping Adidas, and Islamic supremacists mislead and romanticize the sharia wear, using the pretense of promoting “modest” clothing.

Their embracement and glamorization of Islamic headwear and swimwear advance sharia in the West. Furthermore, it is an example of a cultural and civilizational jihad   and the submission of a Western company to that jihad. Cultural jihad is the attempt to change and subvert Western culture from within, or more simply put: to Islamize it.

Muslims have had trouble imposing hijabs and sharia clothing without resorting to intimidation and violence. Adidas, however, seems to be helping them to succeed while legitimizing their ideology by portraying these tools of oppression as mainstream garments.

Adidas’ embracement and celebration of Sharia

For years, women in Islamic countries have been arrested, beaten, and imprisoned for refusing to wear the mandatory headscarf and even for protesting its use. As we have repeatedly been told by women who have escaped Sharia rule, Islamic coverings do not represent freedom; they symbolize women’s oppression. For many secular and former Muslim women, the hijab serves as a daily physical reminder that they, women, are second-class citizens in the eyes of Islam.

At the same time, many in the West see the coverings in non-Islamic countries as the women’s commitment to Sharia. As the Islamic scholar Dr. Bill Warner explains, “most people see the hijab as religious or cultural, but the hijab is a symbol of the Sharia and has a very political meaning.” Thus, the hijab in the West is not about modesty or fashion but a hate symbol and a commitment to Islamic Law (Sharia).

Adidas’ embracement and celebration of Islamic headwear are endorsing the first step of an extremist ideology that leads to and condones honor killings, female genital mutilation (FGM), and the oppression of women. Furthermore, they help Muslims and their political parties Islamize western countries.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • In just TWO YEARS, there will be more Third World Criminal Terrorists in Sweden than Swedes!

    In TWO YEARS, the Muslim majority in Sweden will kick the Swedes out of Sweden!


  • “Adidas warns of first annual loss in three decades and cuts dividend after Ye split”


  • Let Adidas (🍕💩) have the stupid muslim (redundant)market. They’ll cut Adidas’ head off soon. A fitting death for a company that lacks common sense and good judgment.

  • Whatever, it’s probably legal to run around in sweden in a chicken suit singing the greek national anthem, too. Yawn


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