Sharia Denmark: Head of Political Party Rasmus Paludan Heads to Prison for Crime of 'Racism' (Watch)

Paludan is a well known advocate for Western values and is an outspoken opponent of communism and Islamic influence on Western culture.

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Rasmus Paludan, head of the Danish Stram Kurs party, was sentenced to jail as well as fined this month in Copenhagen for the crime of “racism” based on his remarks criticizing Islam. Paludan is a well known advocate for Western values and is an outspoken opponent of communism and Islamic influence on Western culture.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson for Black Lives Matter Denmark, Bwalya Sørensen, forced white-skinned protestors to the back so that black people could stand in front during the recent Black Lives Matter protest in Copenhagen. Is that racist? Should she be arrested?

Identitetspolitik eller numerologi?
Bwalya Sørensen

Marxists are entirely uninterested in calling out discrimination against gay people, religious minorities and women in Muslim majority countries. Similarly, Marxists only use race-baiting as a battering ram against the West to further their agenda of destroying European civilization, and in the process, people of European decent.

For example, Muslims can scream from the rooftops about murdering gay people and Marxists will not utter a peep in their defense.

A core principle of Islam is to kill gay people. In Denmark, it appears that vocal critics of known Islamic doctrine are “racist,” and must be punished.

CASE STUDY: The Mysterious Death of Kevin Crehan

Historically, “racism” referred to generalizing individuals based on skin color. But in contemporary society, the definition of “racism” appears to have evolved.

Consider the 2016 jailing of Kevin Crehan, a 35 year old man that left a bacon sandwiches outside the Jamia Mosque in Bristol in 2016.

Sandwiches left outside the the Jamia Mosque

The British crown jailed him for one year for what the media described as a “Racist gang attack on a mosque” but in saner times would be called “littering”.

Under Sharia, those who insult Muhammad or Allah are to be executed.  So are those who desecrate the Quran or commit other acts of blasphemy. Kevin served half his sentence and suspiciously died in custody. Many believe that his death was at the hands of an Islamic supremacist.

Sharia adherent Muslims make up a largely disproportionate share of the British inmate population, and would likely not appreciate a cell mate who was convicted on something clearly intended to be disrespectful to Islam, even though he physically hurt no one.

The British prison services eventually launched an investigation into his death which dragged on for months and months, almost as if they were waiting for the outrage to subside.

Kevin died in prison December 27, 2016. But the cause of death was not determined, or at least published, until December 2018, and was reported to be a suspicious drug overdose from prison administered medications. Interestingly, certain words were forbidden to be used in the report like “neglect, negligence, breach of duty.“

It is curious that a man who was sentenced to a year in prison for an event which has no victim whatsoever and the total consequences of which could be solved in under 15 seconds with a broom and a dustpan, died in prison, and it took two years to *sort of* find out why.

Disrespecting Islam is a death-penalty offence under Sharia. And The Muslim Brotherhood and its dozens of subsidiaries are determined to bring that system to the Western world.

Rasmus Paludan

And that brings us back to Rasmus, a politician notorious in Denmark for burning Qurans and taking part in other stunts mostly designed to get Jihadists living in Denmark to show their real nature. Rasmus reportedly got nearly enough votes to get the minimum seats needed in the Danish Parliament through his political party. Some say he did get enough but was cheated at the ballot box.

RAIR Foundation USA previously interviewed Paludan in a five part video series in which he addressed the threats facing Denmark and to his own life by radicals and their enablers:

Paludan goes in to detail about the attacks taking place against him and having to live his life in and out of safe-houses with 24 hour a day armed police security. The threats against Paludan are constant but vary in severity from threats, physical attacks and to bomb scares at his events.

This following video from October 2019 highlights Antifa and jihadists physically attacking Paludan. Police and his body guards had to rush him out of the Islamic dominated area of Nørrebro, Denmark after he burned a Qur’an in an act of protest against the ongoing assaults on Danes and free speech in his country:

If Kevin Crehan was killed by some combination of Muslim inmates and the state for his crime of leaving bacon near a mosque, imagine what could happen to Rasmus Paludan in a custody situation.


Write the Danish government at and demand that Rasmus Paludan is released from prison with all politically-motivated charges dropped immediately.

If Rasmus Paludan is forced to serve time in prison, demand that he receive protective custody, and that he not be incarcerated anywhere near Muslim prisoners, or that Muslim prisoners must not have access to Rasmus’ person or food or medications.

Keep RAIR Foundation USA apprised of your efforts by writing to us at

RAIR Foundation


  • Hamar is correct: Islam is a religion and NOT a race.
    Get Rasmusen out of jail immediate and leave the “normal” law abiding mohammedans live in pease as long as they adhere to our western way of life.
    For instance, learn the language of the country they live in.
    Send all demonstrators back to the country they came from.


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