Sharia Moscow: Quran Burning Sparks Manhunt and Threats from Chechnya's Muslim Dictator (Video)

Chechnya’s Muslim dictator Ramzan Kadyrov implied that Western liberals inspired the Qur’an’s desecration, an accusation widely perceived to target politician Rasmus Paludan and his Quran-burning protests in Europe.

A video of an unidentified person burning the Qur’an on the shore of Holy Lake in Moscow has sparked outrage and an investigation by the Moscow police. The video, which carries the inscription “Moscow for Russians! Know your place,” has been circulating on social media. The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that they discovered the video while monitoring the internet.

Mosque Protests – threats of violence

The Qur’an burning video appeared during mass demonstrations in Moscow against the planned construction of a mosque for 60,000 Muslims. Rumors suggest that the mosque will become the largest in Russia and will include an Islamic center, a madrasah (Muslim school), a hotel, and other buildings. The proposed mosque would be built near an Orthodox church and a holy lake revered by Christians, sparking concerns and opposition from some locals.

In addition to the Quran-burning video, another video surfaced on the web in which men dressed in camouflage claiming to be Muslims fighting in Ukraine in the ranks of the Russian army said,

“We would like to address both those non-Slavs and those non-Muslims who impede the construction of a mosque in Moscow. We are not threatening, we are warning you. If you go against the will of the Almighty, we will fight with you. We don’t care who we fight with,”

‘The Butcher of Chechnia’ – Ramzan Kadyrov

The incident has sparked fears of retaliation from Chechen militants, who have previously targeted Moscow in several deadly attacks. Chechnya’s Muslim dictator Ramzan Kadyrov, also known as “The Butcher of Chechnia,” and Russian President Vladimir, “Putin’s dog” often inspires the militants.

Kadyrov is a devout Muslim and tyrant who has systematically radicalized his population while violating the human rights of every minority group, from the gay community to dissidents.

In response to the Quran-burning incident, Kadyrov declared that no resources would be spared in the hunt for those responsible for the recent Quran burning in Moscow. He asserted that searching for the culprits involves top agencies such as the FSB and vowed that the attackers would suffer a “well-deserved punishment.” According to Sharia and Kadyrov’s beliefs the “punishment” would be death.

Rasmus Paludan

Although he did not explicitly mention Danish-Swedish politician Rasmus Paludan, who burned several copies of the Quran during legal demonstrations in Europe, Kadyrov suggested that the desecration of the Qur’an was the work of Western liberal provocateurs. Kadyrov had previously criticized Paludan for his Quran-burning demonstrations, and as a result, his remarks were widely interpreted as a reference to Paludan.

Like all devout Muslims, Kadyrov does not believe in freedom of expression. His criticisms of the desecration of the Qur’an and his apparent support for censorship are particularly concerning given his failure to condemn the beheading of French schoolteacher Samuel Paty by a Chechen national in France. Instead of condemning the vicious beheading of an innocent teacher accused of blasphemy for showing the class a Charlie Hebdo cartoon, Kadyrov criticized French President Emmanuel Macron for supporting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad as protected by free speech rights. His inflammatory comments, including referring to Macron as the “leader and mastermind of terrorism” in France and accusing him of creating conditions for the growth of extremism in young people’s minds, reveal his willingness to engage in dangerous rhetoric.

The recent Quran-burning incident in Moscow and the subsequent response from Kadyrov and Russian authorities have sparked fears of rising tensions between Russia’s Muslim and non-Muslim communities. The incident highlights the issue of Muslims in non-Islamic countries forcing non-Muslims to submit to Islamic law (Sharia). Violence, threats, and attacks follow when non-Muslims do not adhere to their Islamic demands. It is the same formula Muslims deploy in countries worldwide, submit or you will be harmed.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Imagine if Christians started chopping off heads for blasphemy. The reason that doesn’t happen is found in Romans 12:19.

  • They should burn the Talmud and see what happens. Or better, burn the Zohar, the “Book of Light”.

  • Quran is a holy book as is Bible, Vedas, Puranas, or Tripitaks. These holy books preach sermons to emancipate man from sin (misdeeds). They never teach violence. These must be respected and revered. Burning or desecrating them bears no meaning.

    • Evidence? Why are you even talking without evidence?

      He is known to be the best man in the world.

      Don’t eat whatever the western media feeds you.

  • The Koran is nothing but toilet paper to wipe your butt after a bowel movement. And that gold dome building is the toilet that needs to be destroyed.

  • Oh, so you guys think committing crimes like burning Al-Quran is freedom of speech?
    And threatening to Punish the criminals is a crime itself?

    Hating LGBT+ (who are very few in population) is bad and against human rights, but burning Quran which is loved and respected by almost 1/3rd of whole population is good and utilization of freedom of speech?

    Do you have anything else to do except for insulting whole Muslim community for useless reasons?


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