Shocking Escape: Covid Whistleblower Abused in UK Hospital Rescued by Friends (Interview)

“I honestly thought I was going to die in there.” John O’ Looney

John O’ Looney is an independent coroner and funeral home director in the UK. When RAIR Foundation USA interviewed Mr. O’Looney back in September, he was adamantly against the vaccine mandates because of the shocking death toll apparently caused by the “vaccines.” Recently, he exposed the pressures coming against medical officials to falsify death certificates to inflate the number of Covid deaths artificially.

Dying with a positive Covid test and dying from Covid are two completely different things. The PCR tests used to detect Covid are inherently flawed, a fact that even the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) concedes.

O’Looney is well known for exposing the hospitals in the UK ordering nurses to administer a lethal dosage of a medication called midazolam to Covid patients, leading to even more deaths. Then on December 16, he reportedly developed Covid symptoms and was rushed to Milton Keynes, a UK hospital.

In a RAIR interview with Dr. Sam Dubè, a Canadian doctor who learned what happened to John O’Looney, Dr. Dubé revealed the nature of his hospitalization and how a team of friends rescued him over and above the objections of the hospital staff.

Now in a hospital ICU on 10 liters of oxygen, O’Looney was confronted with the very problems he already knew existed. Hospital administrators demanded he signs forms to allow them to treat him with experimental treatments. O’Looney, however, refused Remdesivir (developed initially as a failed Ebola drug), which can cause a shutdown of the kidneys. All while he was not able to breathe well.

You can hear about how he was rescued in the following RAIR interview with Dr. Sam Dubè

After his ordeal and healing at home, O’Looney issued this statement, which reads in part:

There were no excess deaths in 2020 – it is that simple, and nothing will change my mind all the minds of those in the industry who have their eyes open to this lie – and there are many.

The reality is the death rate only soared the moment they began putting needles into arms in January 2021 You can believe it or not but I was one of the people picking up these poor souls and a huge amount of them.

Fast forward and now we see a huge increase in thrombosis related deaths exclusively in jab recipients.

I was recently admitted to the ICU in Milton Keynes hospital after developing Covid symptoms.

I took three lateral flow tests whilst there and was told at the time I was not positive only to be told later on the ward I was positive so clearly it was inconclusive so I will say I felt and feel terrible still.

But fundamentally for me things to change very much in the hospitals and one of the very first people to visit me bedside was a representative from Oxford University funded by the gates foundation begging me to trial new medicines (whilst being unable to look me in the eye) not even related to Covid – naturally I declined.

I was told I would die and these medicines would be my last chance; again, I declined and stuck to my guns.

Trust me, that’s not an easy thing to do laying there in a hospital ward on your own, unable to breathe easily, and denied any family support or visits.

It is deliberate, and it is to break you. There seems to be more emphasis on encouraging me to be a guinea pig than actually treating me. I looked across at other people in the ward with sadness who were all vaccinated without exception. In fact, to my knowledge, I was the only one in the ward unvaccinated – they will probably be all gone now… And I was reminded “how selfish I was” even in the ambulance on the way there, I shit you not…. The Hospital environment has fundamentally changed beyond recognition for me, and while there were shadows and echoes of what it once was, it’s a very different place now. I suspect it is already being fully privatized; we just haven’t been told…

I feel very fortunate to have escaped hospital (I never dreamt I would have lived to say that) with the help of family in friends.

I was initially sceptical about Covid but I can confirm it’s validity and it is very nasty.But I can also tell you it is 100% man-made this is not a natural virus and this is an attack on all of us – it’s a bio weapon.

My advice to you moving forward is network, prepare and under all circumstances try to avoid going into hospital because I suspect many of the poor souls I saw in there will never ever leave having become test tubes for the Gates Foundation.

The sinister whispering the secrecy and the guilty looks amongst certain members of staff spoke volumes to me It was honestly very chilling and traumatising just seeing how it has changed – especially when I asked to leave.

The tactics used to try and force me to stay were sadistic to say the least and that is as much detail as I can go into except to say I feel very very lucky to have gotten out.

See selected coverage on Covid tyranny:

Faye Higbee


  • The Horror, the Horror, the Horror. I feel that a significant majority in the medical corps have unleashed their inner Dr. Mengeles on us, and that hospitals have become the ZyklonB shower rooms of yesteryear.

    Anyone standing up to what looks increasingly as a genocide in whatever way, doctors who have not forgotten their oath, and people bravely reporting about it, are heroes.

  • So if he is so inferior for refusing the jab…offer him the inferior treatments of HCQ and Ivermectin and inhaled steroids. Be fine if they treated me with that routine.

  • “while there were shadows and echoes of what it once was, it’s a very different place now” … or is it just more obvious how bad it always was from some perspectives. I’m thinking the Daily Mail stories of Jimmy Saville having a room in each children’s hospital and the nurses joking to the kids that they might not ever come out if they went in. How many knew what was going on, but knew that they’d be ruined if they spoke up? I was in a hospital here in the USA for a minor procedure recently, and every one was as nice as can be. I don’t doubt that their kindness was sincere, but I knew that if I were in there for COVID, I’d see a different side of the place, a side where those who wouldn’t “get with the program” would not have been stationed. The people who are putting patients on ventilators and denying them life-saving, inexpensive drugs while sometimes neglecting their co-morbidities have always been hiding in plain sight. But, now, they are seeing their opportunity to show their true colors.

  • I have several things to say. First off, let me congratulate you on a couple things.
    One, that you avoided Covid for that long. Two, that you escaped the hospital.
    Hospitals, for the first time in my life, deliberately increase your chances of dying instead of decreasing. That is simply due to financial incentives. Do not trust hospitals at this point. It is a bad choice unless you know you have no other option.
    Everybody who hasn’t already had Covid should have Ivermectin in their fridge. But it at a farm and feed store. It costs $50 but has many doses in it. Don’t give it away. A syringe costs $1. and is great for measuring. It’s simple. Take 1.3 mg per 100lbs of your weight. I’m no doctor but we have livestock here and it’s more than just a dewormer. Take it orally once a day for 5 days. It was approved for humans in 1996, long before Covid.
    My best friend caught Covid maybe a year ago. He felt bad for months following. Parents caught Covid at ages 88 and 92. One of them felt bad (weak) for weeks.

  • What is causing this respiratory distress.?
    I do not believe it is a virus.
    Get some vet medicine invermectin just in case.

  • Sending light and love to John O’Looney and his family! Bill Gates is the Devil himself. Once you go into the hospital … they won’t let you leave alive. Gates needs more “Covid” deaths!

  • I was injured and transported to the hospital by ambulance last month. When they put in the back of the Ambulance I said loudly “NO VAX, NO VAX!”. The driver said don’t worry and added if his employer forces him to take it he’ll quit. No issues during the 3 day stay.

  • How does he know he had ‘Covid’ and not some other illness?
    Why is he now so sure Covid exists and is a manmade bioweapon?
    He supposedly still maintains that there were no excess deaths from Covid but it’s at the same time a deadly viral weapon?
    This is not making sense for me.

    • I’m glad you brought that up because it seems nobody else has.
      People don’t seem to realise that influenza is a killer and is crippling; those that come to work complaining they’ve got the flu, don’t have it, just a common cold. I always tell them: “If you had the flu, you wouldn’t be standing there, you’d be lying in bed, barely able to move. I know having had it several times.
      The “test” is useless and being deliberately misused, the “virus” hasn’t been isolated (The CDC said they had but they didn’t fulfill the requirements to do so.) So how did Mr Looney know he had it?

      • You can say that gain.
        I had the flu while living in High Wycombe, Bucks., long time ago, and it is not nice. I was in bed for a week, My body ached terribly, I could not bear light, and I lost sense of taste and smell.

    • Many people were being killed off with Remdesivir/ventilator protocol, who did not have Cov. Yet…
      Labeled as Cov deaths!
      People are misdiagnosed or actually are sick with Cov…which is a bio weapon that does make them ill.

    • Good call Bobserver – I was all for O’Looney as he seemed very genuine.
      This whole thing is either sheer incompetence, or worst case scenario, O’Looney’s been cloned! (I jest) – it is so weird though – How many heroes have come and gone is the last few months?
      I’m not sure about most of the people I used to get information from.
      Though I’m still well up for the information from Doctors Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufmann (Recommended on bitchute for anyone not familiar) – oh! and Stefan Lanka of course!

      • Please don’t give up on him, he is telling you the truth. The diagnosis of “covid” is being used for various reasons, all of them nefarious but the main one is money. Lots of money. All of this is complicated and I am not sure how to explain it but they tried to silence him long before he reached the hospital. It is a bio-weapon and was released 2 years ago. Each country had a different bio-weapon that was released into the atmosphere, they aerosolized it. Best I understand it can lie dormant in your body and they can activate it to release one of many payloads via frequencies/5 G. If anyone is interested in learning more about this look up Celeste Solum, she has done extensive research on this and has a website with several blogs. She also has done many interviews, you can find her on Bitchute. Also the jabbed are now literally walking petri dishes spewing out God only knows what at the rest of us. The shot is a bio-weapon for sure. The PCR tests are BS and are being used to perpetuate this scam but they are also using them to collect our DNA as well as trying to penetrate the blood brain barrier with graphene oxide. They are magnetically tagging people this way.

    • He reported he had ‘Covid-like’ symptoms and the Covid tests came back negative then miraculously became positive. There is no natural occurring SARSCoV2 virus from a diseased person ever been purely isolated. Many Freedom of Information requests confirm that U.K. and CDC were 2 of many asked. The PCR test was developed by a mimic specimen so the test is fraudulent from the get go. Have documents to verify this fact. Now the Rapid Antigen test is also fraudulent. Both of these tests are tools of instilling fear and keeping control of the masses.
      There are many reasons as to why this gentlemen fell ill – shedding from the dead bodies he was escorting and preparing for their burial; 5G frequency; chemicals being showered down up us due to the chemtrails and possibly he actually came down with the flu that was compounded due to chemicals, shedding and 5G frequencies. Shedding is real as Pfizer mentions it in their clinical trials, 5G is every where in the UK. 5G is known to harm birds and bees so goodness knows what it is doing with us. Graphene oxide has been found on beaches. The only way it can be there is via chemtrails. There is no doubt in my mind they want us DEAD.

  • Good Morning America! I am a COVID survivor. I never took the so called vaccine. I stayed healthy for almost 2 years without getting ill. 20 days ago, I came down with “Symptoms” of covid. Roller coaster 102-104 degree temperatures, headache like nothing I’ve ever experienced, (It was as if the virus was attacking my brain and sinus cavity). I had body aches, total lack of sense of smell or taste. No appetite. Everything I ate tasted like some sort of weird chemical. Toast and water for 10 days. Diarrhea for the entire time. Just getting over that. On about day 10, I could tell that my body couldn’t fight it any longer, so I succumbed to going to the Immediate care facility in our area. I normally wouldn’t allow any bull crap tests like the covid test to be run, but I was careful. I told them under no circumstances were they going to shove a stick with a swab up high into my nasal cavity which could punture my brain. The nurse assured me that she didn’t do that anymore because it wasn’t necessary. I was extremely surprised that they only swabbed the lower interior of my nostril. I was tested positive that day for COVID. I knew it was because I’ve never in my life been as sick as I had. They took X-ray’s of my lungs and diagnosed me with double pneumonia. They gave me antibiotics and steroids and said I needed to monitor my oxygen levels to make sure they stayed above 90%. They prescribed a finger oxygen sensor to monitor my oxygen levels. The next morning my oxygen levels were around 84%. I knew I couldn’t make it much longer without help, so I went to the emergency room in Batesville, Indiana, Margeret Mary Health, where I was admitted to the COVID Isolation ward very quickly. They began IV meds and attempted to give me Remdesivir, the controversial failed EBOLA virus drug that the CDC is pushing as a good treatment for COVID. I refused to take it. I knew of the dangers that it posed to kidney and liver failure. The doctor that was taking care of me, Dr. John asked me what I thought about Ivermectin? I told him that I had heard it was working miracles for people around the world like myself to combat this terrible virus and I was willing to take it instead of Remdesivir. He told me that he would write me a prescription and that I would have to have someone go pick it up. The hospital in their infinite wisdom would not allow Ivermectin treatment for COVID because of their protocols. They would only go by the guidelines of the CDC. My wife picked up the ivermectin from the pharmacy, but not without a little fanfare. She said that she could tell the pharmacist took more to read the prescription than normal. God was good and forced the pharmacist to do his job. Long story short, Im at home on oxygen on the mend. Don’t let them destroy your loved ones lives by using medications that don’t work!! REMDESIVIR WILL KILL YOU!!! Don’t let them put you on a ventilator. IVERMECTIN along with known antibiotics and streroids is the cure for this Weapon of Mass Destruction! Fauci Should be put in prison with all others associated with this Weapon Of Mass Destruction!!!

    • Did you use any early treatments, or only what you mention in your comment? What is your approx age? My loved one succumbed to this bioweapon in August. We thought if she stayed at home she would recover. They are putting a terrible burden on people with no medical training by corrupting the medical system so that people are afraid to seek help. If I had known I would have gone to medical school. You definitely got lucky…I’ve been recommending everyone find an independent doctor who can help you before you or a loved one get sick. I was sick too although less so, I felt like I’d been poisoned and had terrible brain fog…also was very weak. I knew what to do prior to getting sick but seemed to forget everything I had known. This is why I suggest everyone be prepared…once you are sick it will be very difficult if not impossible. Don’t assume it won’t happen to you…try to locate a doctor.

    • You are right on!
      It’s weird how getting ivermectin is so hard and no one is talking of the dangers of Remdesivir or making sure hospitals don’t use it! REMDESIVUR is killing people! They are too sick to fight… when you aren’t getting enough oxygen it’s scary and you turn to the experts for care and they proceed to administer Remdesivir ! This is disgusting! Everyone will meet their maker … please be ethical and treat these Covid patients with love and kindness and the best medicine for Covid. Ivermectin works! If you are in their shoes one day isn’t that what you would want?

      • It’s about population control–ultimately WORLD control. This is done on purpose. You are supposed to die. That is the Klaus Schwab / Bill Gates plan It’s also called hospital protocol. Hospital administrators decide on policy–find an independent doctor, and find out if he supports “cheap fixes” like ivermectin. Hospitals do have good doctors, but if they don’t agree with administration they are punished. (it’s also about money. Have you seen the salary of the top CEO at Pfizer?? Lots of zeros).

  • If I was to say to you John were you advised your best chance would be to go on a ventilator and that is the case then i can tell you indeed you are a very lucky man

  • My husband felt the same way when he was recently in the hospital. He doctors all treated him like he deserved what he got since he didn’t get a vaccine. I’m a retired RN, and don’t recognize the medical field anymore. There were always bad doctors and staff, but on the whole they used to care.

  • For more than a year he told everyone who listened how hospitals were killing people, yet he went to a hospital ?!!

  • I had my doubts about O’Looeny’s testimony and coming forward about the hyped deaths for COVID.
    Don’t get me wrong.
    I know that the pandemic is a hoax.
    I know that real deaths from COVID are only about a few percent of the reported numbers. CDC says 5%.
    But I think John O’Looney may be a controlled opposition agent who’s real purpose is to convince people that COVID is real.
    COVID is not real.
    It is the influenza rebranded as COVID.
    Anyone telling you that COVID is real is lying.

    • Sadly what people do not realize we are slowly being poisoned by chemicals that is being put into our air through chemtrails. Start looking up in the sky. Also it would be very interesting to know how close does he live to a 5G tower. London and area are maggoty with them. Get your EMF out and start taking readings. Another explanation could be shedding. This man has been managing the dead who have been ‘jabbed’. Shedding is really. It is noted in the Pfizer clinical trials. Shedding is also associated with other vaccination shots. Of course he went to the hospital. When you cannot breath what else are you going to do?

  • I know someone else who got out of the hospital after some similar “persuasion” in the US. “You’re going to die, this experimental treatment is your last chance.”

    And he won’t say much about it either.

    What the hell is going on, so that people clam up like Holocaust survivors? Because that’s what it sounds like.

  • OK, I’m a bit confused. First off, of all people, Mr. O’Looney should have known the risks of going to the hospital. Was it something he was forced to do? Or did he somehow see no other option and hoped for the best? Also, Mr. O’Looney was on the Stew Peters show on December 31. When was that interview recorded? In any case, I wish Mr. O’Looney the speediest of recoveries. He is a hero in this fight.

  • “GOF Reveals that SARS-CoV-2 is Man Made & Paid for by U.S Taxpayers

    1999: U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services (HHS) funds research amplifying the infectious character of Coronaviruses.

    2000: In May* Ralph Baric successfully uses reverse genetics (cDNA**) to rescued infectious clone*** of SARS-CoV Urbani.

    2002:In April Christopher M Curtis, Boyd Young & Ralph Baric file a patent for a recombinant (chimeric) DNA means of producing “an infectious, replication defective, coronavirus.” Funded by NIH Grant GM63228. Dr. Shi Zhengli and colleagues increase infectivity by combining an HIV pseudovirus with SARS-CoV-1.

    2003: Dr. Ralph Baric at UNC Chapel Hill receives NIH grant AI23946-08 officially classified as affiliated with NIAID. • Baric works on synthetically altering Coronaviridae.

    2006: Chinese**** researchers combine HCV, HIV-1, SARS-CoV-1 & SARS-CoV-2.

    2007: NSF Grant IIS-0513650 (Italy, France and Indiana University) study addresses FIRST CRITICAL STEP to control a pandemic – shut down International Travel. Given this knowledge why did Fauci tell Trump a Travel Ban was unnecessary?

    2011: Scientists express Concerns about GoF after Labs in Wisconsin and the Netherlands mutate already lethal H5N1 Asian Avian Influenza Virus (Bird Flu) increasing infectivity.

    2013: Middle East Respiratory Virus (MERS) outbreak with 30-40% fatality in Saudi Arabia (2014) and South Korea (2015). Rhesus macaques show early treatement with interferon-α2b and ribavirin critical to treatment success.

    Baric***** and Chinese scientists isolate 3 coronaviruses from bats with HKU4 spike protein – unable to infect human cells.

    2014: CDC accidentally exposes workers to Anthrax; ships deadly flu virus. NIH finds 50-year old forgotten vials of smallpox. Obama Administration halts Gain-of-Function Research

    2015: Dr. Zhengli et al “re-engineered HKU4 spike aiming to build its capacity to infect human cells.” “To this end, we introduced two single mutations…mutations in these motifs in coronavirus spikes have demonstrated dramatic effects on viral entry into human cells.”

    Baric and Zhengli announce they can make a more dangerous, virulent and infectious virus. ******

    2017: Gain-of-Function Research Ban Lifted

    2018: Zhengli presents research at Shanghai Jiao Tong University on 14 Nov. 2018 entitled “Studies on Bat Coronavirus and its cross-species infection.”
    This presentation has since been deleted from the University website.

    2019: Summer deletion of Wuhan Institute of Virology Corona Virus data bank.

    December 31 Wuhan Municipal Health Commission report******* discussing COVID-19 pneumonia – deleted”
    * U.S. Provisional Application No. 60/206,537, filed May 21, 2000
    ** Complimentary DNA is Reverse Transcription (mRNA->DNA) frequently using Moloney murine leukemia virus.
    **** Huang Q, Cheng Y, Guo Q, Li Q. Preparation of a Chimeric Armored RNA as a Versatile Calibrator for Multiple Virus Assays. Clinchem 2006; 52(7):1446-1448 and Supplement A.
    ***** Yang Y…Baric RS, et al. Receptor usage and cell entry of bat coronavirus HKU4 provide insight into bat-to-human transmission of MERS coronavirus. PNAS 2014;111(34):12516-12521. Funded with NIH grants RO1AI089728 &
    ****** Zhengli S, Baric RS, et sl. Two Mutations Were Critical for Bat-to-Human Transmission of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus. J Virol.2015;89(17):9199-9123. Funded by NIH grants RO1AI089728, RO1AI110700.
    ******* Wuhan City Health Committee (WCHC). Wuhan Municipal Health and Health Commission’s briefing on the current pneumonia epidemic situation in our city 2019 [updated 31 December 2019, 14 January 2020]. Available from:

  • My 2 sisters share a home and both developed Covid in January 2021. One of them suffers from MS which affects her mobility, the other, younger sister, was fit and active. She worked full time, exercised regularly with dog-walking, and at the gym 3 or 4 times a week. They both developed similar symptoms, but the younger one collapsed 2 or 3 times and so my other sister called 999. Young sister was diagnosed with low blood pressure and taken into hospital. After a few days she was expecting to be discharged, but was given ‘a blast of oxygen just to give her lungs a boost’. From there it was all downhill. Within a very short time she was sedated and put on a ventilator. Then we were told she was suffering from kidney failure, then organ failure, and she never recovered consciousness.
    I read about the affects of Remdesiver after she died and strongly suspect that’s what she was given, because it just didn’t add up. Seemingly recovering enough to anticipate discharge to a sudden rapid decline? I firmly believe she would still be alive today if she hadn’t gone into hospital.


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