Shocking Glimpse Into Life After The Great Reset - World Economic Forum's Sinister Plans (Videos)

The Elites want to dictate every aspect of your life from what you eat, to where you go, down to how many times a week you are allowed to shower and wash your underwear.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) published alarming propaganda videos highlighting what life will be like after the Great Reset, the globalists’ radical plan to remake the global economy in the post-pandemic world.

The release of the videos follows a quietly held WEF and United Nations General Assembly summit in Switzerland on “sustainability.” In addition to the long-running issue of “climate,” they also discussed the transformation of the global tax system and the creation of new “legal” migration routes.

Their radical summit’s central goal was to reorganize the world on all levels until people are without possessions, pumped full of pills, eating their laboratory-created meat in hyper-technical, digitally networked “smart cities” and clothing.  

The WEF created short, bizarre, feel-good videos highlighting how people will help them redesign the world. The videos range from cows that no longer burp methane thanks to tablets, starfish created in test tubes to fight climate change, drones for reforestation in Africa, enzymes from human blood to stabilize concrete, and poor hygiene to save the environment.

The WEF also promoted new mRNA vaccinations against various diseases. In addition, they celebrated 24-hour surveillance, digital IDs for clothing, and artificial food and coffee.

‘Climate-Friendly’ Houses

In developing countries, where the “Smart City” is perhaps still a bit far off, one starts with “climate-friendly” houses made from the 3D printer. Who will benefit from this business idea? A little tip: the farmers in Africa will probably not.

It is humorous private jet owners, and frequent fliers like Klaus Schwab and his WEF friends are also concerned about the environment. However, it is noticeable that measures always start with the citizen first, and those who put forward all these suggestions and demands do not lead by example.

Washing Tips From Klaus Schwab

The recommendation of the Great Reset and now laundry pope Klaus Schwab is simple; you should not wash jeans more than once a month, sweaters once every two weeks, and pajamas once a week. The only exceptions to which citizens should be allowed are underwear, which, with Schwab’s blessing, can be washed after each use, reported Wochenblick.

Cows Are No Longer Allowed To Burp or Urinate Outside

The WEF wants cows to start receiving Bovaer, a feed additive produced by Dutch company Royal DSM NV. Just a quarter of a teaspoon of Bovaer per day will cut methane burps by a third for a dairy cow, claims the WEF.  That should make agriculture climate-friendly but also economically dependent.

More “Voluntary” Gene Injections

The WEF is promoting Moderna’s human trials for an HIV “vaccine” using mRNA technologyBragging that this is the same successful technology used in their “Covid-19 shot.” The WEF posed the question: “What other diseases could mRNA technology prevent?” Soon there could be a “voluntary” gene injection against every ailment, real or imagined.

Artificial Foods From Laboratories

Whenever you can play God, the WEF is on fire. Globalists are celebrating projects that specifically breed genetically modified starfish and corals in laboratories to “stabilize” the ecosystem in the ocean.

Now you can take sea urchins and use their innards as a delicacy to make sushi. Is that just a mirage? Because at the same time, WEF, Bill Gates & Co. are working on artificial meat that will one day feed the world. However, while waiting for our laboratory-created meat, we are encouraged to eat bugs.

The WEF is promoting lab-grown coffee to cut back on deforestation while destroying small farmers’ livelihoods.

In the WEF new world, animals consumed by humans should be fed food made in laboratories. They also believe your pets should consume lab-created food.

Self-Healing Concrete

The WEF is advertising a new miracle weapon for the construction industry – “self-healing concrete.”  The concrete contains an enzyme made from human blood.

Soon the whole world can drink fake coffee and eat phony meat and veggies. Does it almost seem as if the elites are trying to kill us?

24-Hour Survalliance

The WEF wants to deploy intelligent drones all over the world, ostensibly to save the planet. It is not coincidental that governments used drones to track down ‘corona violators throughout the coronavirus crisis.’ So they can be used to monitor people, as is already happening in China.

Tracing your clothing is going to save the planet, claims the WEF. If globalists can track everyone and everything they want you to believe your world is somehow going to be better? The Great Reset means the elites gain more control over your life.

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Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • For the homeless, and property owners with odd shaped lots, this sounds wonderful.
    Still talk about the ‘great reset,’ world economic forums and their plans affecting mankind, is rather hair raising. Folks need to take serious consideration as to what they are willing to tolerate from governing, because it will only increase. Home and property owners need understanding of the potential threats that such as the world economic forum are. Everyone is responsible to pay attention to what is happening around them. If they don’t, there is no excuse…

  • Sounds wonderful. Working on apps that record blood pressure…enough readings to diagnose if you are a liar and then rate you. Worthy or not. That sort of thing determined by AI with parameters that are not human reasoning. Some of this they are capable of doing today.

      • Living in the lap of luxury. Sure don’t need much of an app to figure him out.
        My main point I think is that they want to monitor everything about you and using the vaccine passport as one example, notice the use of medical tyranny from the outset.

  • Do the movies Omega Man, Soylent Green, THX1138 and Hunger Games come to mind? Do the many failed Socialist Countries come to mind with the most recent examples of Venezuela and Cuba? Why does not Klaus Schwab lead by example along with Bill Gates, and all the rest?

  • So it took them 10 years to come up with the “burp less” potion for cows but mere months for the experimental jab they want all of us to take. Oh vey!

  • Sounds like an abusive spouse: “You’ll wash your jeans WHEN I TELL YOU! And I’ll tell you what to eat and where you can go. AND YOU’LL BE HAPPY ABOUT IT!”

  • WEF stands for “World Evil Foundation.” These would-be “gods” think they are better than everyone else and deserve to be served by the “peasants” they so abhor.

    They are of their father, the Devil, and his works they will do. If you have no faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ to save you from your sins, you better start praying because it looks as though the end, as we know it, is near.

  • For this great act of selfless Schwab-love, we must build a temple to the sky and an alter upon which to worship him. For, daily, I can not decide which of my two underwear to don, or which to eat for my daily meal – 3D barley or 3D oat concentrate. Even though my wife’s programming is failing, I still trust the shots to right the lapses.
    Bless our Masters!

  • He wants YOU living in a tiny home, eating lab food, being tracked, while he on the other hand has many mansions, yachts, eats lobster and crab, changes his expensive custom made clothing every day, flies around on jets, and has a stable of gas sucking cars. But HEY, some people are MORE EQUAL than others, in his disease addled mind!

  • Empire of Darkness
    We live today in a context of generalized imposture in which the economic phenomenon has definitively replaced the political phenomenon. The States, in the political sense of the term, have become historical vestiges that the economic tenants want to make disappear as quickly as possible. It is still necessary to specify that by « economic phenomenon », it is necessary to understand the absolute domination of the economy by multinationals, whereas moreover these multinationals have common anonymous owners or of the same lineage (or filiation).
    Under cover of capitalistic anonymity, a few families oversee the entire global capitalistic edifice.
    Putting States in economic and legal competition with each other is in fact a judicious way of imposing on States the interest, clearly understood, of multinationals. Competition is, in reality, the technical means of imposing the law of the strongest. In this case, it is the strongest under the economic and capitalistic prism, this strongest being overseen by anonymity. It doesn’t matter that this strongest is a terrorist, an assassin, a thief and a liar, because he is, anyway, anonymous.
    History amply demonstrates that the various « qualities » of the ability to lie, the absence of a state of mind, the absence of any empathy and benevolence towards life, the hegemonic will to predation… are precisely those that define the « economically strongest ».
    What the « powers of money » and their vulgar henchmen like this Klaus Schwab, probably forget is another intangible law of humanity : the law of retaliation. Nothing assures them, a priori, that the suffering they have inflicted on the peoples through the ages will not turn against them, the day when the said peoples will have identified them as their only real « enemy ». There is no way for the biggest holders of capital to insure themselves with the help of any « financial derivatives » against a possible blowback that their presumptuousness and their violence will have provoked.
    The first condition of civilizational renewal, therefore, consists in bringing the reality, which shines through behind the anonymity of capital, into the light of day.
    Blog (French):


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