Shocking Injustice in India: Hindu Activist Kamlesh Tiwari murdered by Muslims; Police Rule Out Terrorism

Kamlesh Tiwari was a fearless fighter against the many injustices Hindus are facing in India at the hands of Muslims and the far left.

*Featured Image is people gathering outside of Kamlesh Tiwari’s office/home after he was murdered, via news18.

Before he was shot, stabbed 15 times, and had his throat slit on Friday, Kamlesh Tiwari, the national president of Hindu Samaj Party he founded in 2017, made his featured tweet a terrifying video of Muslims stoning Hindus who were on their procession to participate in the immersion of idols of goddess Durga.

Before he was murdered in his own home, while he was supposedly under police protection, Kamlesh Tiwari was a fearless fighter against the many injustices Hindus are facing in India at the hands of Muslims and the far left.

As context for his pinned tweet, there was shocking violence in many locations aimed at the spectacular Hindu faith tradition of the immersion of idols of goddess Durga and the procession to the immersion location, with some people getting killed in the fighting. According to the Hindu Post, internet services were restricted in the wake of violence in Jehanabad, Bihar, which is one of many places where Muslims attacked Hindus.

It is as if the powers that be do not want the world to know what is happening in India.

Durga Goddess Idol Immersion via India Today

In 2015, Muslims held rallies in protest of comments made by Tiwari in response to comments made by Muslim UP Cabinet minister Azam Khan, who referred to Hindu nationalist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) members as “homosexuals”. Tiwari shot back by saying “Prophet Muhammad the first homosexual in the world.” Tiwari was promptly imprisoned for “hate speech.” Muslims held “rallies” throughout India, “demanding death penalty for Tiwari.”

Kamlesh Tiwari via

See below for some images of the protests, which turned violent in some areas. According to a local report:

“Shani-temple, Durga Temple and other Hindu temples were also attacked at Baliadanga, a residential area behind the police station and other places. Around 25 Hindu houses and shops were also ransacked.”

At one point, “[O]ver two dozens police vehicles, including one belonging to India’s border-guarding agency Border Security Force (BSF), were torched. Malda’s Kaliachak police station was ransacked as an irate crowd went on a violent rampage at Muslim-dominated Sujapur area in the district,” as reported at India Today.

Burnt out police vehicles via India Today

One of the protests against Kamlesh Tiwari via Zee News.

Protest against Kamlesh Tiwari via Memri

Protest against Kamlesh Tiwari via

According to Kamlesh Tiwari’s widow, “In 2016, Mohammed Mufti Naeem Kazmi and Imam Maulana Anwar-ul-Haq had announced a cash reward of Rs 1.5 crore on my husband’s head. They have killed my husband by hatching a conspiracy.”

Muslim cleric Anwar-ul-Haq from Bijnaur offered 5.1 million rupees for anyone who beheaded Kamlesh Tiwari, as reported at Memri.

Watch this clip:

Three people are in custody for the horrific murder of Kamlesh Tiwari, according to UP Director General of Police OP Singh, who was quoted as saying “the detained were upset over the derogatory comments made by Tiwari in 2015.” According to NDTV, Tiwari “had been provided with armed security – two gunners and a guard – by a local police station. On the day of his murder, the gunners were absent.”

In India, devout Hindus are under attack. They are smeared in the left-wing press. Muslims and Communist Activists seek to dilute Hindu traditions. There is a media black-out on this fact, but it is this author’s fervent hope that Americans and the world wake up to the persecution of Hindus and all religious minorities at the hands of Muslims and the far left. 


Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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