Shocking: Older Woman and Dog Pinned Against Wall, Cuffed, Arrested For Covid Insult (Video)

“Help, help, help… Why doesn’t anyone help me…This is bodily harm, what you’re doing? MY DOG, MY DOG”

On Saturday, an older woman with her dog was forcefully arrested and handcuffed on the street by German Police in Kempten, Bavaria. The officers attacked and arrested the terrified woman for hurting their feelings.

Police were clearing thousands of people from the city center, where a demonstration deemed to be “illegal” against the country’s excessive and “authoritarian” coronavirus lockdown measures took place. According to police spokesman Dominic Geißler, the woman taking her dog for a walk called the riot police “crazy.”

About 8 to 9 law enforcement officers, some of them holding batons in their hands, circled the woman and repeatedly terrified her four-legged friend.

The woman denies that she insulted the police but rather stated, “this is all crazy” while describing the situation in downtown Kempten.

The offended officers demanded the woman tell them her identity to record her name for criminal prosecution. When the woman could not produce her papers, officers pinned the grandmother and her pet against a wall as she cried for help, “This is bodily harm, what you’re doing. [MY DOG, MY DOG]”

During the incident, police continually yelled at passers-by who stopped to see what was happening to the woman and her pet. Authorities demanded that the citizens: “Leave the street, get on the sidewalk…”

A man shouts from the background: This woman could be your mother, haven’t you got any SHAME, dammit? This is an older woman. HELP… let her go…” as the woman cries out, “Help, help, help… Why doesn’t anyone help me?”

The footage was shot by a passerby who was unable to get very close due to the police instructing the crowd to stay back:

Demonstrators in Kempten Despite Ban

Despite a ban on protests by the city, thousands of Germans still attended the demonstration in Kempton. More than 300 protestors were fined for violating the mask requirement, and several arrests were made. Police issued nearly 180 violations to citizens for attending a prohibited gathering. 

Last week, Protests erupted across Germany when Chancellor Angela Merkel was granted unconstitutional powers to declare more paralyzing coronavirus lockdowns, curfews, and other freedom restricting mandates. The new legislation disempowers Germany’s 16 states and transfers political power to the federal government. States are no longer free to implement federal coronavirus guidelines as they saw fit but must adhere to Merkel’s demands.

As Alice Weidel, the leader of Germany’s only conservative party, the AfD, explained, citizens no longer have faith in a government that persecutes and physically threatens its own citizens. While Germans are arrested, harassed, and imprisoned for violating lockdown mandates, illegals act with impunity:

Citizens have lost confidence in a government that sends police officers with yardsticks to harass people seeking recreation in a park but tell police officers to stand by idly while [culture-enriching] clans celebrate large weddings.

Despite the meager mortality rate, German citizens have been particularly brutalized during the coronavirus pandemic. See a list below of the RAIR articles addressing coronavirus tyranny in Germany. Is Merkel using the virus to prepare the ground for a totalitarian dictatorship?

Read the following RAIR articles on Coronavirus tyranny in Germany

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