Should Children Under Five be Forced to Take the Covid 'Vaccine'? (Exclusive Interview)

Pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson tackles coronavirus “vaccines” for children, early treatment & the Freedom Convoy in this RAIR interview.

The focus of this latest segment of RAIR Foundation USA’s exclusive interview with prominent pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson confronts an urgently important issue: “vaccine” mandates for children.

The interview took place in Ottawa during the Freedom Convoy. Occasionally, one can hear the sound of honking trucks in the distance. The pathologist also weighs in on the truckers fighting to stop coronavirus vaccine mandates, and how early treatment would have saved lives during the pandemic.

See the segment here, and read discussion below:

Numerous honest physicians have raised the alarm against injecting children with the experimental mRNA “vaccine.” In August, long time FDA leaders Marion Gruber and Phil Krause quit in the wake of intense political pressure to approve booster shots & vaccines for children, as reported at RAIR.

During an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt earlier this month, Joe Biden indicated that the coronavirus jab would likely be authorized by the FDA for children under seven (Biden obviously had no idea that the Pfizer jab was authorized for children over five in November). Shortly after Biden’s interview, Pfizer pulled their Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) request from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to give the injection to children under five.

Watch the MSNBC propaganda report:

Dr. Roger Hodkinson is also sounding the alarm against unscientific coronavirus vaccine mandates for children. He tells RAIR that one particularly vile statement by Dr. Eric Rubin, a Harvard professor and editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, “capsulizes” the unscientific mentality used to promote Covid vaccines for children.

During an October session of the FDA’s “Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee,” Rubin said that the side effects of the vaccine will not be known until children start getting it.

Eric Rubin said in part:

But we’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes. That’s how we found out about rare complications of other vaccines like the rotavirus vaccine. And I do think we should vote to approve it.

Rubin’s full statement is transcribed at LifeSite News.

Watch his remarks here:

“But this is children in the swing! You don’t do that,” Dr. Hodkinson said in disgust. “That statement will haunt him til he dies and may he may he riddle in everlasting hell because of the gravity of that statement,” he continued.

Dr. Eric Rubin represents the world’s most prestigious university (Harvard) and is the leader of the most prestigious medical journal (New England Journal of Medicine). His statement is further evidence that the most sacred institutions have become shockingly compromised by partisan ideology. “It’s not just big pharma that’s corrupt,” Dr. Hodkinson explains. “The journals are corrupt. The Lancet is corrupt. Not the BMJ in Britain, but the Lancet certainly is.” Referring to Eric Rubin, Dr. Hodkinson said: “Don’t forget that name.”

Magna Carta II

Dr. Roger Hodkinson believes that the “scale” of the measures ostensibly taken to stop the coronavirus pandemic are serving as a “final awakening” to those who have long been experiencing a trickle of eroding freedoms internationally.

“…this is not just about Covid. This is the point of the spear sticking at us representing the threat to democracy,” he explained. The pandemic will serve as “a focusing” of citizens across the globe on this “erosion” of freedom:

I don’t wish to overstate the case here, but the loss of freedoms that have happened over the last two decades – the erosion that we’re all aware of – the freedoms that were hard fought for, and that goes back to Runnymede. It goes back to the Magna Carta.

Dr. Hodkinson continues to explain that the “scale” of this is as impactful, potentially, as the Magna Carta II.

And I would like to say that the scale of what we’re seeing now; the ‘Final Awakening’ of the population – not just in Canada, but internationally – this could be termed ‘Magna Carta II’.

Obviously this is the “modern era,” and “very different methods are being used” to impose tyranny. But the Barons of the age of the Magna Carta put their lives and reputations on the line, just as the truckers in Canada are doing today:

But when those Barons famously confronted the king – not knowing, if they were going to go home with a heads on or off – those Barons are doing exactly what those truckers are doing right now.

Dr. Hodkinson believes that the truckers of the Freedom Convoy are “standing up in a very united way – [in a] fearless way with potentially, all kinds of terrible consequences if they fail.” Yet, the truckers are “determined”, just as the Barons were determined when they made their stand. And this movement “is not something that’s going to go away,” the doctor continued.

Early Treatment Would Have Stopped Most Coronavirus Deaths

During Senator Ron Johnson’s recent panel discussion titled “COVID-19: A Second Opinion,” Dr. Peter McCullough noted that early treatment would have saved lives.

Watch this brief clip:

“Absolutely. Absolutely categorically, correct,” Dr. Roger Hodkinson agreed. The pathologist endorses the concept of protecting the vulnerable, as promoted by the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration. Mass vaccination during a pandemic is “absolute dogma,” Dr. Hodkinson said. “Politics playing medicine is a very dangerous game,” he continued.

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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.



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