Silencing Speech: Clinton-Tied Group Accountable Tech Fights to Eliminate Facebook Groups

Silencing Speech: Clinton-Tied Group Accountable Tech Fights to Eliminate Facebook Groups

  • Posted by Renee Nal
  • On December 30, 2020
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“One group has the resources to call out these subversive, unconstitutional initiatives: The Republican Party.” – Ed.

Accountable Tech, a Clinton-tied organization, wages war against Facebook groups that could potentially push back against the leftist agenda. Before the 2020 presidential election, they ran a campaign to “stop all group recommendations” on Facebook.

Accountable Tech still prominently displays the Facebook campaign on their website, claiming ominously that Facebook groups are “hidden breeding grounds for disinformation campaigns and organizing platforms for extremists.”

Further, Accountable Tech despairs:

“The potential to weaponize Groups to spread disinformation, suppress voters, organize intimidation efforts, or incite violence will only grow.”

RAIR has reported on Accountable Tech’s desire to silence dissent online, and their more recent effort to pressure Joe Biden to use the resources of the federal government to impose anti-speech campaigns ostensibly to fight “disinformation”¬†about the coronavirus, the coronavirus vaccine, abortion and other issues important to leftists.

RAIR has also reported on the horrific Trusted News Initiative, a coalition of massive news organizations, corporations and big tech who coordinate with each other to squash information contrary to their agenda.

Many of the organizations that scream the loudest about silencing dissent from leftist orthodoxy enjoy tax-exempt status and some even receive funding by taxpayers. Some of the loudest anti-free speech organizations, such as The Bridge Initiative, are housed in universities who enjoy massive grants from taxpayers. The anti-free speech groups very often receive funding from subversive leftist organizations such as the Tides Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and Open Society Foundations just to name a few.

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